How Selling on Amazon is Different Since Pandemic

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    Many people are selling on Amazon as Amazon is a successful platform as it allows for visibility, promotions, and taking the payments. Kevin David, an entrepreneur, and Amazon seller who talks heavily about using Amazon has explained that Amazon has a few new rules regarding the pandemic.

    Kevin David says that for those who want to make money online, it’s important to understand that there are two primary ways of selling on Amazon. The first is FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon. It means that sellers are able to sell what they want online and Amazon ships it. It involves the merchant sending in inventory to be stored inside of an Amazon warehouse. The second, Kevin David explains, is FBM or Fulfilled by Merchant. This is when the product is sold on Amazon with the merchant being responsible for shipping the product.

    In light of the pandemic, Amazon has changed some of its rules. FBA is being used, temporarily, for items that are deemed “essential.” This includes several different categories to include healthcare and personal care items. If a merchant has products that aren’t identified as essential, they will have no choice but to use FBM.

    Kevin David has held a number of courses about being successful on Amazon. He believes that it can provide a positive source of income. Further, he says that it can offer an alternative for people who are over the standard 9 to 5 job. Although FBA offers a number of benefits, there are benefits to FBM.
    As Kevin David explains, those who were already using FBM weren’t affected by some of the new rules that were put into place during the pandemic. No one had to worry about where their inventory was or how they were going to sell products. It allowed people to move forward without having to figure out how to get their inventory back from Amazon, either.

    Kevin David also explains that there’s a common misconception that “fulfilled by merchant” means that the individual seller has to pack and ship all of the products. Particularly with sellers who have a high level of movement, this can be impossible. It simply means that Amazon won’t be responsible. There are plenty of third-party companies that will store inventory and provide packing and shipping services.

    Anyone who is going to sell on Amazon needs to consider a few things. Particularly within the pandemic, they have to identify if there is a need for a product. Then, they have to look at whether the product is deemed essential to determine if FBA is even a possibility. From there, they may have to decide whether to use a third-party for shipping or to do it on their own.

    Selling on Amazon
    How Selling on Amazon is Different Since Pandemic 2

    With so many work-at-home jobs that are capable of paying the bills, many people are intrigued by the idea of selling on Amazon. To be successful, it means putting in the research. Kevin David recommends getting into the “GIN mentality,” otherwise referred to as “Google it Now.” He suggests that many people can learn more about not only what’s involved with selling on Amazon but where to find the products that they can sell.

    Kevin David has said that he hasn’t looked back since making the move to sell on Amazon. He explains that it’s not just about passion but research. Although the pandemic has changed some of the rules, sellers who are motivated can still be successful.

    Kevin David continues to offer various courses and videos to ensure people are making money online as opposed to working in dead-end jobs that they hate.

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