How Often Should You Post on Instagram in 2022

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    How often should you post on Instagram?

    Is posting frequency on Instagram important?

     With estimates of more than 1.2 billion people around the world in 2023, Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms, and is it is the 2nd most popular in the world, after Facebook.

    The Instagram user base is a fan of visual-rich content, and features such as Stories, Reels, IGTV and Live will help your company expand its reach and convert customers faster and present your company’s core brand with a unique manner. Instagram’s array devices and its primary audienceof millennials, the largest spending age group, has drawn companies regardless of size.

    The average time to live for posts on Instagram is typically one day, you are able to increase the life of your post by being attentive to specifics such as hashtags and responding to comments, or using trend filters and stickers.

    Although businesses do have the potential to get in front of a lot of people using Instagram without having to spend money on advertisements, the algorithm of Instagram is shifting to the pay-to-play model for companies. While the organic reach of Instagram is decreasing keeping your profile up-to-date and posting high-quality content is essential regardless of whether you depend on ads to increase your reach.

    As we’ve already discussed the frequency with the time you post posts could influence your profile in various ways. A text of Neil Patel sums it up quite nicely:

    “If you don’t post often enough your followers will lose the memory the existence of you and you disappear into the dark recesses of their brains. But, if you’re posting frequently it will be an unwelcome nuisance to them and they are likely to be frightened of the thought of seeing your posts clogging up their feeds.”

    Let’s explore those two scenarios a little deeper.

    Posting too little

    Posts are the mainstay for your accounts on social media. A large portion of your followers, Social media will be the sole method they are informed of announcements, updates and news on your products. Social media also provides an efficient way to handle customer concerns or queries. 33% users aged 18-34 have reached out to the company’s customer support through the social network.

    If your Instagram account is not active and people cease to care. In addition to losing followers, but the algorithm will look at the absence of engagement and label your account insignificant. This means that your account will not receive additional organic reach. In the end, being not active for a while on Instagram is a denial of service for your company’s profile.

    Post on Instagram
    Image Source: HubSpot

    Posting too many times

    Also, posting frequently is a huge no-no. However, is it feasible to make it too frequent?

    We all know the term spam. When your followers see your business as spammy, they can’t go back. There’s a problem: numerous accounts share excessively without realizing they are doing it. Users of social media are extremely strict about their personal online space. If you’re clogging their feeds with irrelevant content or content that could be excellent, you’ll be able cause your users to become annoyed. The constant bombardment of content can lead to the feeling of being tired from content which is not an ideal situation to find yourself in. Naturally the number of posts you’re posting can differ by the industry you work in.

    For instance, news outlets such as The New York Times share up to 6 posts every day.

    The first rule to follow on Instagram is the consistency. If you adhere the same schedule of posting, you’re giving your audience a clear idea of what they can expect and when to be expecting it. This boosts engagement and puts your profile to the attention of new viewers. One thing you must be wary of is sharing multiple pieces of content in quick intervals, and before deciding to not post for a couple of days. If you’re looking to share multiple images simultaneously make use of Carrousels instead of static posts. Distribute your posts in a uniform manner throughout the week, and stick within a manageable timeframe.

    It’s true that keeping the same publishing schedule can be easiest task. Life can get out of the way, and that blog post was scheduled to be released on Monday? The post is being pushed ever further to the weekend.

    If you’re in search of an easy solution, think about making a schedule for your Instagram posts using tools such as Kontentino. Kontentino is a tool for managing social media specifically designed for teams. Edit, plan and schedule content, while making sure your team is in sync.

    How Often Should You Post on Instagram

    Post on Instagram
    Image Source: Tailwindapp

    It is recommended to post on your Instagram feed 2-3 times per week and not more than once every day. Stories can be shared more often.

    To keep track of your competition (or your enemies!) It’s likely to be helpful to know that businesses add 1.56 posts on their feeds per every day. This might seem as a lot, however the use of a calendar of social media content will help you make regular posting easy!

    How often to post on Facebook

    It is generally advised to post only once each day, but not more than two times every day.

    Average Facebook Page has 1.55 posts every day.

    “Daily posting can increase followers 4 times more quickly when compared to posting less than once every week. This makes sense, more visibility = more followers.

    To ensure that the regular content keeps being published, it’s a great idea to make a calendar of content to ensure you’re organized.

    The best time to post on Instagram.

    Post on Instagram
    • Best time to post to Instagram on Mondays: 5 AM
    • Tuesday: 6 AM
    • Wednesday: 6 AM
    • Thursday: 5 AM
    • Friday: 6 AM
    • The best time to post an Instagram post is Instagram Saturday at 6 AM
    • Sunday: 6 AM

    How To Know The Best Posting Frequency For Social Media?

    Each brand will have its specific ideal time for posting, which is suited for each social network. If you want to establish the ideal frequency for you it is necessary to use a mixture of experimentation and the most effective time to post.

    A trial and error approach to determine the ideal frequency of posting and the best time for posting goes with it. You have to test and error in order to figure out the most effective time to post as well. In the beginning it is to figure out the best time to post and in those intervals. So, you’ll not be missing out on engagements or reach as you go through the trial-and-error process.

    Review the information for a week , and note the amount of engagement that you’re getting in each slot of posting. For example, if , for instance, you have three of the most popular posting times for Monday and you are posting at three different times, you receive almost the same amount of engagement. It suggests that your ideal frequency of posting is at least three times every day.

    If you notice that it’s only one specific time that you’re getting the most engagement compared to the other times, it means the ideal frequency for posting is once a day. This way, you can compare the results of every day of the week. Take out the median, which will determine the ideal frequency of posting for the platform you are using.

    How Do I Keep Up With Consistently Posting?

    Here are some suggestions to help you start your routine.

    Begin with the things that can be done easily.

    Instead of diving in the water immediately You should instead focus on a consistent schedule of posting that works for your business and at the moment. It could be 3 feeds per week or three stories every week.

    Make a schedule

    No matter how many posts you’re making it’s important to distribute them. One good option is to plan your days. As an example, perhaps you publish a feed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then a Story on Thursday, Tuesday and on Saturday.

    Posts are distributed out over time, which is not just pleasing to the algorithm but also gives your users an expectation of when new content will be released and also gives each post breathing space, so that they aren’t competing with one another for likes and comments.

    Streamline using apps

    To make it easier, use Instagram management applications such as Sked, Later as well as Hootsuite to plan posts ahead of time. So you can write your posts ahead of time, and not need to be concerned about making sure you’re up to date with new content every single day. Also, if you stop posting for a few days or weeks isn’t anything to worry about however, it could lower your Instagram’s ranking since it rewards the most recent content.

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