Logo Design: How much does it cost in 2022

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    A logo is an integral element of a brand’s identity. It’s usually the first thing that an interested customer sees, and it’s crucial to have one that stands out from other brands. What’s the best price for an effective logo design cost? Like any other expense for business, it is important to consider the price of the logo against the value and quality that you’ll get.

    The Benefits of Professional Logo Design

    1. Recognition

    Our memories are shaped so that we first remember an image followed by a name; that’s why we recall someone’s face, however not the name. Therefore, a strong logo and statement is vital to be different from the rest of your competitors. The most effective logos remain in consumers’ brains and create repeat customers.

    2. Consistency

    Logos can give an air of uniformity and can also have a significant impact on the perception of your business. A timeless and timeless logo can make your business appear more professional, have credibility, and create a trustworthy image for your business and reliable even if you’ve been operating for a brief period.

    3. Representation

    The logo you choose for your business must convey what is the core of your company’s identity. A logo representing your business is crucial to let customers know what you offer. This does not mean that your logo for a car has to display a car, but the style and design must reflect the company’s overall image.

    4. Beating Your Competition

    If you examine every market, the number of brands available can be overwhelming. That’s why a professional logo can make your brand make a mark in a competitive market. With the rise of online marketing, it is becoming increasingly essential and effective visually appealing logos that look great on your website and social media and marketing materials can be a major boost to your company’s professionalism and marketing capabilities.

    How much a logo design cost

    Option 1: Make it yourself

    logo design
    Make it yourself

    If you’re looking to show off your creative muscles and get creative, you may consider taking a shot at designing your logo. However, making a logo that is consistent with your brand’s image and can be utilized across different channels can be a daunting task.

    The most expensive cost is your time designing a logo for paper and deciding on the appropriate software for bringing the concept to life.


    Sketch is only available on Mac OS X, Sketch costs $99 for a year-long license. The design software based on vectors allows you to save your design in various formats like PNG, PDF, SVG, JPG, and EPS.

    Adobe Illustrator

    Access the software with the Adobe Creative Cloud membership for $20.99 per month for an annual subscription or $31.49 per month for the monthly subscription


    The Free (but fundamental) graphic editor for vectors, Vectr, may be installed onto your desktop or online. It offers useful tutorials in the app. Exporting files is possible to vector and raster formats, such as AI, PNG, JPG, and SVG.


    Canva’s paid subscription is $149.00 annual CADor $12.95 for CAD, paid per month.

    Option 2: Buy and customize a logo template

    logo design
    Buy and customize a logo template

    Templates made from pre-made templates can cut some of the time and effort required to design the logo from scratch.

    Since you’ll need software for customizing the design, most templates logos can be used for use with Adobe Illustrator. Also, you’ll require an annual subscription to this software. Then, it takes some time to change colors and alter the generic text to match your company’s.

    The templates may include much more than just the logo, including branding options as well as social media design. Be sure to go through the description of the template to be aware of what you’re receiving and the types of files provided.

    Creative Market

    There are more than 49,000 logo templates available on Creative Market to explore, ranging from $2,000 to over $5000. Most of the templates cost priced between $29 and $39CAD.

    Adobe Spark

    You’ll find a variety of templates for logos in Adobe Spark that are promoted as free. But you’ll have to purchase Adobe Spark software for editing them for $9.99 per month.


    With more than 58,000 templates available, GraphicRiver carries low-grade templates priced at around 10 dollars. High-end bundles that may hit the 200 USD mark. The majority of non-exclusive logo packages available on the site will cost between $30 to $50 and include vector-based templates.


    On Etsy, many logo designs to pick from that range from $15 and up to 250 USD. Certain sellers will allow the customer to alter your design at an additional cost.

    Option 3: Use an online logo maker

    With no need to buy or master designing software, the logo maker may be the least expensive alternative available. Certain sites cost nothing to access the service. You only pay once you’re ready to download the logo file.

    The Online logo creator can produce hundreds of logo variants by using the basic information you provide about your business and preferences for design. Then, you can modify and edit the mockups that you like.

    Be aware that although logo designers are within a budget and are of a high standard, the quality of the logos can vary. While there are no-cost options available, a premium option will be more likely to provide you with the proper images you require to utilize your logo. In addition, you’ll probably get more customer service with an option that is paid for any issues you might have.

    Looka is in this category, providing a basic PNG logo pack at $20 dollars or $65, which includes a premium logo package including EPS, PNG SVG, PDF, and PNG documents (more information on pricing below).

    Option 4: Crowdsource the design

    Imagine crowdsourcing as a contest in which you submit a full logo brief to a group of designers and include the amount the company is willing to offer for a logo. Freelancers can submit their own designs to be selected.

    After a logo is approved, The designer will send your logo to you in various file types to begin your company.


    99designs hosts seven-day contests divided into two rounds: qualifying and final. There is the opportunity to provide feedback to designers and two weeks to go through the submitted designs before picking winners.

    The four different logo design cost range between $399 and 1699 dollars. The most pricey option is reserved for what they refer to as “top-level” designers. It is necessary to pay for the design contest in advance (before you receive any logo designs). However, it is backed by a money-back guarantee.


    You can decide on the three, five, or 10-day period for the deadline of your design competition on DesignCrowd and submit a thorough brief for your design. Then, start the competition for $29USD and anticipate receiving up to fifty ideas from a few designers. They also provide a money-back assurance.


    Through DesignHill, Crowdsourcing logo design cost $249, and the top designers will cost you 699 dollars. Although you can decide the length of the contest according to your requirements, you’ll need to pay the fee upfront.

    Option 5: Hire a freelance logo designer

    logo design
    Hire a freelance logo designer

    Hiring a freelancer means that you’ll be working with an expert in creating professional logo designs. There will be a variety of ideas that get realized. Based on the skill of the designer and experience, a new logo design cost anywhere between $250-$2,500. When choosing a freelancer, remember to consider the amount of experience they have and how they charge (hourly or. per project).

    A freelancer with less experience is likely to charge less; however, you may not receive the seamless experience you’re hoping for.

    On various channels, there are numerous online communities of designers to find one that will meet your requirements. However, remember that this may require some time!


    Although it offers a no-cost basic membership, which allows you to find designers available for the hiring market, Dribbble charges $299 per month for a basic designer search package or one hundred dollars each month to get the basic package of designer search.

    Using the website, you can decide the amount you’re willing to pay, the kind of work you’ll need, and the experience level you’re looking for. Designers decide on their hourly rates that range between $150 USD- $200 an hour depending on their previous experience.


    You decide on the design, style, file format, price range, and design deadline with Fiverr. Then, you’ll have to pay the designer in advance to complete their task. The typical logo design cost for this is within the $15 to $150 per hour(subject to your chosen currency). Fiverr offers three basic, standard, and premium plans, each with its own set of design and download options for files. For the first basic logo designs, packages usually range between $50 and $100.


    As the largest freelance marketplace worldwide, most designers cost between 10 and $200 for an hour. A basic account is completely free with a 3% transaction cost.

    When you sign up for a professional account, Upwork will select freelancers who will pay a one-time fee of $500 plus an additional fee of 20% for transactions. You can also store your funds in escrow so that freelancers must complete their tasks to be paid.

    Option 6: Hire a logo design agency

    five person by table watching turned on white iMac
    Hire a logo design agency

    The most expensive option to design a logo available is hiring an agency to complete the job.

    Agency fees can be up to the amount of $2,500 for logos, and some even surpass the $5,000 up to the 10,000 dollar mark. It’s a bit expensive for those looking to turn in an additional source of income to supplement your 9-to-5.

    If you’re thinking about a particular agency, here’s what you need to be aware of:

    • Deposit: Expect to pay up to 50% of the total cost for a logo before an agency can begin the design process.
    • Contract: The contract: Not every agency will require you to sign the contract. If you sign one, you’ll be legally responsible for paying the entire amount when the work is completed.
    • The time: Backed by a design team, an agency will create your logo. It should take at least one week before you can see any sketches.

    What do I get for my money?

    Whatever direction you pick for your logo design, it’s essential to be aware of what you will get from your investment. If you choose to hire an independent designer, start an open design contest, or opt to an agency, be sure the following checklist is part of the agreement you signed:

    • Your final logo design in multiple formats
      • High-resolution, vector format for printing
      • Web-optimized format optimized for websites, social media, and other digital requirements
    • Legal copyright in full
      • This will ensure that your logo is solely yours

    What logo files need to be delivered?

    Logo design (color) in vector format

    • Logo design (black & white) in vector format
    • Vertical logo lockup
    • Horizontal logo lockup
    • Square lockup (for social profile images)
    • Different file formats (Ideally JPG, PNG, EPS)
    • Stationery design files + any other designed files
    • Style Guide (outlining fonts, colors, etc)


    Logo design is not an easy task in 5 minutes like some think. Yes, it appears easy, but it’s not an easy task to design the simple logo. The process takes patience and energy to create a truly effective logo.

    In the case of branding, it’s important to truly get what you get for your money.

    Whatever your budget It might appear expensive to you however, it is a good idea to put your money into building an established brand. A design that can help you expand your business faster by using a high-quality, professional design.

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