How to Hide Instagram Likes in 2022

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    Looking to hide Instagram Likes?

    One complaint often made concerning social media is how it creates an obsession with engagement. Take a look at Instagram, for instance, to see the number of likes a post receives right beneath the image. Instagram has a solution for this; however, you can block likes on Instagram, letting you and your followers focus on the content and not on how popular it is.

    There are a few methods to hide likes on Instagram. For example, you can conceal likes on your posts when you write or later on and conceal the number of likes from your view when browsing other accounts.

    Why should one hide likes on its post?

    If you want to conceal your Instagram followers’ likes is a matter of personal preference. In general, hiding your likes can be a way to inform your followers that these metrics don’t matter to you. This is one less thing you must think about when you share your photos.

    It is possible to keep your Instagram Like numbers visible if you want to use your account to be an influencer or work with brands. However, since brands are looking to see an ROI from their investments, they’ll probably only be working with accounts that will share the number of likes a post is receiving.

    How to hide likes on Instagram

    Disabling visibility for Likes and comments on Instagram is simple and is easily accomplished within an application on your phone.

    To hide all like count on your posts, follow these steps:

    First, log into the profile page on your Instagram account, then click the three lines at the top of the right.

    Choose Settings in the menu that appears.

    On the Search bar located on the right, type”posts” in the top search bar “posts” and select the first result that appears. It should say “Posts.”

    Use the slider to select one of the options, “Hide Likes and View Counts.” This will mean that posts on Instagram do not display like counts beneath them!

    Hide Instagram Likes After Sharing a Post

    You can also deactivate likes on the posts you have already made. Simply go to the specific post and switch on the hide function. Unfortunately, no feature permits mass hiding, so you’ll need to do this manually for each blog post. Here’s how:

    1. Locate the Instagram post you wish to block likes.

    2. Use the menu with three dots from the post’s upper right-hand corner.

    Instagram Like
    Source how to hide likes on instagram after posting

    3. Choose the “Hide Like Count” option.

    Instagram Like

    It now says ” Liked by [username] and others” beneath the post. However, you can still find out those who liked it by clicking on “others.”

    How to Hide Likes on Other Accounts

    If you don’t wish to see views and likes on other posts, follow these steps:

    First, tap on your profile icon.

    Tap Menu(the three horizontal lines).

    Tap Settings.

    Instagram Like
    how to hide the number of likes on instagram

    Tap Privacy

    Top Posts.

    Tap Hide Like and View Counts.

    Instagram Like
    How to Hide Instagram Likes in 2022 5

    How do you disable likes on an Instagram post before posting it

    To turn off likes for an Instagram post prior to sharing it is as simple as tapping a few times on your smartphone. Here’s how:

    Make your Instagram post as you would normally.

    When you arrive at the final screen prior to posting, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Advanced Settings.

    At the top of the page, you can tap switch on the button above hiding Like and View Counts for This Post.

    Click the back arrow, and click Share to share your picture or video.

    Is there any effect on the engagement of hiding likes on Instagram 

    From Instagram’s end, it doesn’t actually. It is possible to hide your likes from other users. However, Instagram will continue to track liked posts and make them a rank indicator to determine algorithms (for more details, you can read this deep review of how the Instagram algorithm operates in the present).

    In simple terms, the algorithm determines what content you will see first (on Stories posts, articles, or the Explore webpage). The way in which the order is decided is unique to each individual and is based on what you enjoy watching, reading, and even commenting on.

    The one person who is always talking your brand’s name in your posts is likely always viewing your posts regardless of whether or not you conceal your followers. Also, your Instagram lover’s hilariously bizarrely mesmerizing but uncool video clips of cups stacking are bound to appear on your feed even if you hide his followers, and you don’t think about how many likes you have or what is cool, and you’re cool.

    On a social/emotional/mental health level, hiding likes might be–as Instagram says– “beneficial” or “annoying” for you. If you’re obsessed with your number of likes and notice it’s hindering your ability to share authentic content, you can try to hide likes for a week or two. If it improves your experience, leaves the toggle turned on.

    In a business sense, a business level, like counts be used as a method of social evidence. Anyone who comes into contact with your brand through Instagram will immediately sense how large or small your company is in relation to your likes. But in the end, high-quality content, consistent design, and intelligent interactions with your followers in the form of comments are more important than the number of followers your posts have.

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