Helium 10 Review: Best Software For Amazon Sellers ?

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    Helium 10 is an All-in-One software service trusted by over 1,000,000 e-commerce agents, entrepreneurs, and international brands to drive their expansion on Amazon. We employ a holistic approach to provide the tools you require to improve your sales pipeline, from discovering the right product to launching it and expanding your business. In addition, helium 10 allows users to manage, sell and analyze sales and product trends, including ranking keywords.

    What is Helium 10 ?

    helium 10
    helium 10 app

    Helium 10 is a software which intended to simplify and optimize processes within your eCommerce business. Ask any experienced Amazon seller, and they’ll say they think Helium 10 is a must-have because it performs a variety of the tasks you require at a minimum level. In contrast, the competitors excel at specific aspects, i.e., Sellics might be the most effective choice for Amazon PPC, and Jungle Scout is great for keyword research.

    Helium 10’s main selling aspect is that it does everything well and has specific attributes that make it the all-in-one option for Amazon sellers, especially sellers who’ve sold over $100k. Its features list includes research tools, keyword research, and marketing and analytics.

    Alongside the Chrome extension that works with Amazon, There are around 19 major features included within Helium’s Toolkit.

    Helium 10 tools

    Black Box

    helium 10
    helium 10 black box

    This tool lets you look for available products on Amazon to determine what kind of competition is available and the sales made for each product category.

    With the help of the algorithm created in Helium 10, the filtering employed in this program can be used to get information on strategic factors like monthly sales and the amount of competition that sells the same product in real time.


    It is a tool to study the trend in sales for an item. Like Google Trends, the Trendster system determines whether the sales of a product are steady throughout the year and are not seasonal.

    It all depends on the item you wish to offer through Amazon and the industry you’re in.


    helium 10
    helium 10 product research

    This instrument is the most frequently used for Keyword Research of the items you wish to sell on Amazon.

    The tool indicates a keyword. It is from this that come several high-quality keyword phrases, both to be used for SEO placement on Amazon and in Amazon Ads ads.


    helium 10
    helium 10 amazon

    Cerebro is among the most well-known tools of Helium 10 and facilitates the listing of keywords using which you can position a particular product, either your own or that of your competitors.

    It is as simple as copying your ASIN code of the product you wish to examine, and Cerebro creates a list with the keywords where this product is positioned.


    helium 10
    helium 10 software

    Frankenstein can create lists of keywords that drive sales based on the keywords in the list, like those that could be made using Magnet or Cerebro, for example. It is also possible to add lists of keywords not included in Helium 10.

    By altering the parameters Frankenstein provides, You can create an inventory of keywords for the seller, allowing them to better position their product.


    helium 10
    helium 10 scribbles

    This tool optimizes the listings available on Amazon. It is able to work with lists taken from Frankenstein however, you are able to import listings already in active status on Amazon.

    Scribbles automatically search for the keywords employed and the locations to provide data about the performance of these keywords. When these terms are used, the program highlights them to show their use.

    Keyword Tracker

    As the name implies, it’s a keyword tracker to track the keywords. By entering your ASIN code, you will be aware of where the particular keywords of a product are positioned.

    The tracker is used to monitor the products offered by a seller as well as the products their rivals have, which makes Keyword Tracker an essential tool for studying the market.

    Inventory Protector

    helium 10
    Inventory Protector

    This tool lets you restrict the number of items one person can purchase at a discounted price. By using Inventory Protector, sellers can safeguard themselves from selling too much in a launch or promotion offer.

    Index Checker

    This tool lets you verify if Amazon lists the terms being used. Amazon algorithm to locate.

    Index Checker allows you to complete this verification in a matter of minutes, which could require hours on the Amazon platform since it allows you to look over the indexing word-by-word. It also determines the keywords that don’t have any searches, stops indexing them, and prioritizes indexing the ones with the highest sales potential.

    helium 10 pricing & plans

    In 2022 Helium 10 can be found in the following:

    • Starter Plan ($24/mo)
    • Platinum Plan ($84/mo)
    • Diamond Plan ($204/mo)
    • Elite Plan ($399/mo)
    • Custom Plan

    How to Use Helium 10

    With a variety of tools available, beginning using Helium 10 can be a daunting job. However, don’t worry; we’ll help you understand how simple to start your journey using Helium 10.

    Step 1: Sign Up For Your Helium 10 Account  

    Sign up for an account to begin using the various tools. Note that this service is free and does not require any information about your credit card.

    To sign up, click”sign-up for free,” click the “sign up for free” button, enter your email address and password and then follow the steps to verify your email.

    After registering, you’ll be directed to Helium 10’s dashboard. Helium 10 Dashboard.

    It could appear complicated at first; however, on this page, you’ll see a top bar on the left sidebar and details about Helium 10’s tools in the middle of the screen.

    The left sidebar shows you the tools for selling that you’re looking to employ to fulfill specific tasks like:

    Product Research

    This list also includes Black Box, Helium 10’s most powerful Amazon tool for searching products, and a niche discovery tool.

    Keyword Research

    The key to having your site’s listings appear prominent on the search results of Amazon is to do your research and select the appropriate keywords. This list contains Cerebro Helium 10, the reverse ASIN search tool.

    Listing Optimization

    Create product listings that are keyword-rich using Scribbles. It is the most effective Amazon listing optimization software on the market today.


    The Profits tool is also included in this listing. Like the name suggests Profits makes it simple to manage your Amazon company’s revenue flow.


    Improve your ROI and cut down on time by simplifying your marketing processes. It also contains Adtomic, which is Helium10’s Amazon marketing platform.

    Step 2: Set up the chrome extension

    Helium 10’s extension for Chrome is also available for free without cost. It functions as a pop-up guide that auto-pops up that you can enable as you browse your favorite items on the Amazon marketplace.

    The extension offers you vital information about the product, including daily sales statistics, quick information summaries, pricing updates rankings, product review analysis, keywords for search terms, and much more.

    It is also possible to use the extension’s Profitability Calculator to determine possible margins of profit and the sources of your products on

    Step 3: Increase your knowledge with training videos

    Find out more about the sales tools of Helium 10 by looking at the detailed tutorials for each. You can also access numerous videos explaining different Amazon selling methods and tasks for sellers.

    Watching the instructional videos, you can better understand the way Helium 10 works and how you can use its tools to increase your sales.

    Step 4: Take the freedom ticket course

    For the first time Helium 10, we recommend following the 8-week Freedom Ticket course, which includes every detail of how to set up and run the operations of your Amazon business.

    Helium 10 is offering this course at no cost for the first two days of this course.

    Helium 10 Pros & Cons

    Here are the advantages and drawbacks of Helium 10. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of Helium 10.


    • It’s an all-in-one solution that allows users to switch between plans.
    • It includes some of the most effective optimizations and reverses ASIN and validation of product tools.
    • It comes with a no-cost plan, which grants you the ability to use a few of the options.
    • The ability to access the most effective Amazon FBA courses called Freedom Ticket.


    • It is not able to provide details on suppliers since it doesn’t have a database of suppliers.
    • The learning curve associated with using Helium 10 is very steep.
    helium 10 reviews

    Helium 10 alternatives


    JungleScout is most likely the most similar alternative to Helium 10 currently available. It also grants access to a tracker of keyword rank as well as tools that deal with product tracking, listing creation review automation data analytics for sales, suppliers database, and a product database.

    If you require assistance with your business operations or process management of inventory, Helium 10 beats JungleScout in the end.


    Sellics is focused on optimization and advertising strategies specifically for Amazon sellers. This tool aids you with managing marketing, AI optimization, profit and SEO, revenue tracking, and review management processes.

    Compared to Helium 10, However, Sellics only offers a few features and is also more expensive.


    DataHawk offers solutions to Amazon sellers that require assistance in the areas of optimization, analytics, and data-driven insights.

    Viral Launch

    Viral Launch includes tools for conducting product research, Keyword research, competitor tracking, keyword tracking, Amazon PPC, and advertising.


    A2X is an accounting tool created to assist you in organizing your business’s transactions. For example, it tracks your company’s sales and refunds, fees and reserve accounts, gift cards, and tax payments.

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