Guide to YouTube Comments: View, Hide, Delete, Enable & More

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    Guide to YouTube Comments: View, Hide, Delete, Enable & More

    The YouTube channel is a great platform for interacting with your customers and keeping the conversation going. However, it could as well be a source of criticism.

    In its best form, it can create a sense of community. However, it may damage your brand and divert viewers away from your content in the worst case. It is crucial to understand how to handle your youtube comments in this regard. Find out how to delete or disable comments and how to fix the most common issues.

    How to comment on a YouTube video on a smartphone or tablet  

    Visit YouTube and click on the lower-right-hand corner (if you’re not registered with the YouTube account). If you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be able to log in to YouTube. YouTube application.

    Click the video you wish to comment about.

    In the middle of the video, you will find a section that allows comments. Then, tap on the logo to the right, which appears as two arrows pointing both ways, like the image below.

    Tap the area that indicates comment publically, which is shown in the box with red; you can type in any comments you enjoy. Make sure that the comments are positive, even when giving negative feedback. For instance, “This sucks” isn’t very helpful. On the other hand, “This video cuts out at the end” is an effective comment because it informs the creator of what needs to be fixed.

    How to view your YouTube comment history  

    If you’re in the mood for an excursion down YouTube memories (oh, you were young! ), reviewing comments you’ve posted on YouTube is simple.

    Go to Comment History.

    YouTube Comments
    Guide to YouTube Comments: View, Hide, Delete, Enable & More 5

    Tap the content to go to the place you posted your comment.

    Be aware that if you’ve posted a comment on a video that was deleted or your comment was deleted for violating YouTube’s code of conduct, you won’t see it listed on this page. So your trolling will be lost in the sands of time. Sorry!

    How To Turn Off Comments On YouTube?

    Step 1. Go to YouTube Creator Studio. 

    YouTube Comments

    Step 2. On the left-right side of your dashboard, choose the “Content”  option. The videos you’ve uploaded on YouTube will show on the screen.

    Step 3. Go to the video whose comments you want to remove. The tap pencil icon is on the right side of the thumbnail video.

    YouTube Comments
    Turn Off Comments

    Step 4. In the “Audience” section, choose “No, it’s not made for kids.”

    Step 5. Continue scrolling down to see “SHOW MORE” & click on it.

    YouTube Comments
    YouTube comments section

    Step 6. Go to the “Comments and ratings” section. Select the drop-down in “Comment visibility” in the “Comment visibility” section & choose “Disable Comments” from the drop-down menu

    Step 7 Once you’ve completed all the necessary adjustments, select “Save” from the top right-hand edge of your dashboard. This will save the modifications.

    NOTE: In Step 4, when you click “Yes, it’s made for kids.” The visibility of comments will be automatically changed at “Disable comments,” and you will not be able to alter it.

    How to turn YouTube comments on mobile

    Launch YouTube Studio. Open the YouTube Studio app and tap the menu in the upper left corner.

    • Select Videos.
    • Click the video you want  to enable comments for
    • Click the pencil symbol located near the very top.
    • Click on the Advanced Settings tab.
    • Tap down until you find the option to comment that lets you turn comments on in the videos. Tap Save.

    How do I disable comments on YouTube?

    1. Go to Settings>Upload Defaults Section
    2. Go to Advanced Settings Tab
    3. Visit the Comments Section and click Disable Comments.

    Every video you will upload will have comments disabled by default.

    How to enable comments on YouTube?

    You decided to reconsider your decision after you had turned off comments on YouTube videos. Now, you want to learn how to allow the comments feature on YouTube. Follow these steps to allow commenting on YouTube.

    1. Launch Your YouTube Creator Studio. Choose “Settings” from the left side of the dashboard panel.
    2. Click “Channel” from the settings window. Then, choose the “Advanced Settings tab from the top.
    3. In the “Audience” section, choose “No This channel should be set as not suited for children. I don’t upload content designed for children.”
    4. Select “Upload defaults” from the left side panel and then click on “Advanced settings” from the top 
    5. Click on the “Comments” section, click on the drop-down menu and choose “Allow all comments.”
    6. Finally, click “Save” from the bottom right corner to apply the modifications.

    As you figure out how to allow comments on YouTube, Be aware that you have the option to change your preferences if you prefer to keep some unsuitable YouTube comments for feedback or should you prefer to keep all comments indefinitely to be reviewed.

    How to delete all YouTube comments

    It is easy to delete the comments that you’ve posted on YouTube. You can remove comments you have left on your YouTube channel. The only exceptions are comments posted prior to when Google assumed control of YouTube back in 2006.

    How do you read and edit your comments? Two approaches could use.

    Use your comment history.

    To see every comment you have posted on Youtube, access your Comment History page here:

    • To erase a particular comment, you must do the following:
    • First, find the comments in your past.
    • Select More (Three Horizontal Dots Icon).
    • Select Delete.
    • Make sure you confirm that you wish to permanently delete the file.

    Unfortunately, there’s no option to delete all remarks from your account’s history.

    Deleting comments made by other people

    If you’re an author, It is a great option to use YouTube’s comment moderation features. You have certain control over the type of comments you accept to your YouTube channel. For instance, it’s possible to remove any comments that contain an outgoing link or hashtag.

    What happens if you wish to erase a comment from someone else’s in your YouTube channel?

    Just click the three dots that are next to the comment. You may choose to report the user for content that is inappropriate or block your comments on the page.

    Click Delete to delete the comment. Note that this causes any responses to the comment to vanish as well.

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