Selling Jewelry Online: How To Sell it & Where to Sell It in 2023

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    Selling Jewelry Online: How To Sell it & Where to Sell It in 2023

    The jewelry industry in the United States is valued at $71.3 billion, which means it’s been simpler to get into this lucrative market. In the past, companies often required large budgets for advertising to get their brands prominently featured in national publications and commercials on TV. Nowadays, all you need are an online shop and an Instagram account to start the creation of a new collection of necklaces and earrings. Utilizing new channels such as influencer marketing, you can place your brand’s name to a wide audience at no cost.

    how much money can you make selling jewelry online

    Selling Jewelry Online: How to Sell It

    Step 1. Think About Your Niche

    selling your jewelry online

    One of the most important aspects to consider when selling something online is your niche; selling jewelryjewelry isn’t any different. What is a niche exactly, and what are the best ways to determine your own?

    It’s not just about identifying your specific market segment, though it’s a crucial first step. It also focuses on who you’ll sell to and how you’ll initially create the products. The general idea is that choosing your niche will be like putting together your business plan.

    Check out the parts below. Each is a closer look at the most important points to consider in determining your business’s niche and preparing your business strategy.

    Step 2. Find jewelry suppliers

    tips for selling jewelry online

    If you’re not creating the jewelry yourself, you will likely have to locate a trustworthy jewelry manufacturer. How do you find one? It’s relatively easy to locate jewelry manufacturers; however, finding a reliable one you can be confident in is difficult. In the beginning, you must determine if you’re searching for a dropshipper, jewelry wholesaler, wholesaler, or manufacturer. Although the process of getting them is the same, there are some minor distinctions.

    Finding suppliers

    • Google Search: Start with Google. Just search for “jewelry supplier + [area/country you want]” and check out what results appear. The most popular suppliers have reasons, but they could not be the most costly. It is a time when you could want to look into the 2nd or 3rd page in Google. Google search.
    • Marketplaces online: A lot of companies are located in China. One way to find these suppliers is to look at sites like Aliexpress and Alibaba. Many suppliers post their products available for sale on these sites. It is possible to search for similar items to those you are hoping to sell and then reach out to the suppliers directly. Make sure you do your due diligence. Check the details of their website, request samples, and perhaps visit the company in person.
    buying and selling jewelry online
    • The trade shows It is possible to determine whether there are any jewelry trade shows in your local area by looking them up online. Trade shows are an excellent alternative if you wish to meet with suppliers face-to-face and discuss your product requirements.

    Step 3. Set up an online store

    Knowing how to create an eCommerce site is crucial knowledge if you’re looking to sell your product on the internet. It’s not difficult to accomplish.

    It could help you save time and money: You won’t have to pay an expert web designer or developer.

    Furthermore, creating your online store lets, you have the flexibility to build it in a way that is perfect for your brand. You’ll be in complete control of the settings and features of your store as well.

    It doesn’t require any design or programming skills to start your store online and begin selling online.

    Many website builders are accessible to anyone with stunning web templates and useful and scalable eCommerce features.

    Step 4. Set Up Payments and Shipping

    When you’re looking to accept payments, People appreciate having several choices. Some platforms have integrated payment systems, such as Etsy and Shopify. Other platforms support a variety of payment gateways.

    The payment gateways available will depend heavily on your location and the currency of your choice. The most popular payment options include PayPalApple Pay along with Stripe.

    Examine the transaction charges for each payment processor and pick the most appropriate option. Ensure your website supports HTTPS protocol to safeguard your customer’s payment information and personal information. This is done with the help of the SSL certificate.



    Unless you’re operating an online dropshipping company making jewelry available online is a careful consideration of the shipping method.

    Certain eCommerce platforms offer shipping rates that are already in place. However, others require input from the owner of the business. Here are the most frequently used shipping options:

    • Free shipping. A popular marketing strategy to attract customers and drive additional sales for jewelry. You can set free shipping on all your items and specific collections or purchases that exceed an amount.
    • Flat-cost shipping. A simple way to pay the cost of shipping. There is a chance of losing cash on larger purchases; however, you’ll earn more money on smaller ones.
    • Calculated shipping costs. Some platforms support third-party apps which provide real-time rates for shipping. This is the most accurate method to ensure you’re not charging your customers too much and losing money.

    Step 5. Examine the competitor

    Once you’ve identified the type of jewelry you wish to sell and the market you want to reach, The second step would be to comprehend competitors’ approaches and discover ways to distinguish your products from others.

    Conduct extensive market research and study your competition’s offerings, pricing, and social media channels. Also, look at reviews, coverage in the press, and any other information you can think of to achieve strong competitive leverage.

    Businesses can identify ways to gain a competitive advantage based on this data. For example, they could ask themselves what they can do to improve their product, fix any shortcomings, get the most value for money, and offer new products or services tased on competitor research to provide value for their business and customers who purchase jewelry.

    Step 6. Pricing your Jewelry

    One of the most difficult choices you’ll face is the price of your jewelry. A common rule to adhere to when beginning your journey is to begin with, four times the materials and packaging.

    Most consignment and wholesale opportunities comprise 40 % to 60% of the retail price. Starting your price at four times the material costs, you will be able to keep from working for nothing (or, more importantly, even losing money).

    Consider whether you’ll be charging customers shipping charges, as well. If yes, mention the amount they’ll be charged before they close their shopping cart when they check out.

    Step 7. Promote your products and brand

    selling jewelry online
    Promote your products

    When your online jewelry shop is running, you’re ready to be a little fun, and make sure you promote it. Here are some marketing strategies to help you get started:

    Advertising on social media. With more than 3.8 billion users who use social media in 2020, promoting your brand across various channels will earn you more customers and boost the recognition of your brand.

    Paid advertisements. This is a great way to expand your audience, especially if you don’t have a large audience yet.

    Influencer marketing. Collaborations between brands and influencers, as well as celebrities, can be great for creating brand awareness.

    Step 8. Establish your customer support

    Customer support is essential to any jewelry company’s success, just as they do in real life.

    Customers often inquire about your product that isn’t covered in the product description, specifically regarding the size of materials, materials, and company guidelines.

    Employing open-book customer service processes will aid your customers in making more informed decisions before making purchases.

    Here are the best places to sell jewelry online.  

    1. Etsy

    It was obvious that it would be one of the most effective websites to sell jewelry, did you not? I’m talking about Etsy is regarded by many people as the no. one website to sell handmade products!

    Etsy boasts that it’s got 30 million customers across the globe, which is quite a large number of buyers for a start-up like yours. In addition, a lot of people are aware of the name Etsy and believe in the site as a source to buy handmade goods.

    There aren’t any monthly costs to keep your products on Etsy. After you’ve paid the cost of listing, your items will remain in your store until you decide to sell them. (At most, up to the date at the time of writing.)

    2. eBay

    selling jewelry online

    This may not be a factor for you because most people think of eBay as a place to sell their old and collectibles. But eBay is for more than just selling old electronics or the Christmas Barbies you’ve collected since you were ten years old.

    You are able to list up to 50 items per month for no cost for listing. After that, you’ll have to pay pennies for each listing.

    Another site boasts a large number of active users -more than 160 million. 

    It’s important to remember that the pros and cons listed above only pertain to listing your jewelry on the Auction Platform. You may also make buy-it-now offers or pay additional costs to set up your own online store.

    3. ArtFire

    The marketplace based in Tucson lets users put up “wanted” ads for items they’d like commissioning, possibly opening up a new source of income for jewelry designers who take custom orders.

    It’s only a few dollars to advertise your products for sale in a traditional shop, and you could keep up to 250 listings active.

    There aren’t any ads on the shop pages, and there are no advertisements on the product pages.

    4. Bonanza

    selling jewelry online
    selling fine jewelry online

    Based out of Seattle, this business also ranks on the top list of sites to sell. Bonanza is a website that has the 85,000-dollar piece of jewelry that has been haunted as well as a variety of other jewelry that is not haunted.

    No listing fee and no monthly storage costs. There is a commission charge when your items sell. What is the amount of commission? Look at my cons for the answer to that question.

    You can import listings of your items via eBay or Etsy.

    5. Zibbet

    Our 5th pick for top sites to sell jewelry, Zibbet, is based in Sydney, Australia. It allows artists to sync the inventory they’ve listed on different sales channels, such as Pinterest and other online marketplaces, to get increased visibility.

    There’s not as competitive as Etsy or eBay. So, so there is a greater chance that your creation will get noticed by those who appreciate jewelry.

    You will get your own customized domain and website that stand on its own to market your products. You pay monthly to manage your virtual store and sell up to 50 items each month in the starter package. (If the upgrade is to the pro or unlimited plans, you can list an unlimited number of products.)


    Jewelry-related businesses are expected to expand in the coming years, creating an ideal way to earn some money on the internet.

    If you’re looking to create an effective business, it will take some work. Luckily, we have you covered.

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