The Beginners Guide To Pinterest ads: Types, Costs, Examples in 2023

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    Imagine blending the best features of social media and search engine advertising. Imagine the possibility of showing your advertisements to people actively looking for similar products to yours and the ability to advertise your product to those browsing their feeds.

    It’s what you’ll receive with ads on Pinterest, previously known as Pinterest ads.

    Pinterest ads has incredible sales power, and you’ll understand why many famous companies regularly utilize the platform for advertising campaigns.

    How Pinterest Ads Work

    Pinterest Ads appear to be regular pins (pictures videos, images, or collections) that are pinned by a business on the home page of a user’s profile.

    Advertisements can be targeted to the exact audience you want to reach on their feed on their home page and results from searches.

    It’s crucial to be aware of the different types of ads and understand your options prior to making (and spending money on) the promoted pin campaign.

    Regarding strategy, any format can be better than the others. It all depends on your target audience and the best format for them. Test different types of ads to determine what gets is most effective for your audience.

    pinterest ads
    How Pinterest Ads Work

    Why Advertise on Pinterest

    The reach is astounding. If your content is interesting, worthwhile, and valuable, it could be pinned repeatedly to various boards of users and keep driving people to your site.

    Pinterest has a longer life span than tweets or Instagram posts. This longevity makes them a powerful asset. They can appear in users’ feeds for months after the initial posting.

    Pinterest is the main reason for the purchase. According to Pinterest’s Feed Optimization Playbook, 83% of the weekly “Pinners” have made a purchase based on the content they found on Pinterest.

    All of this is to say that the use of paid ads on Pinterest isn’t an awful idea. On the contrary, it can help boost your organic visibility by increasing potential customers and improving your brand’s visibility.

    Types of Pinterest ads

    Video ads

    Video pins are like promoted pins. They only differ because a static image on the pin replaces the video.

    The video will begin playing once it’s reached 50% of the way in view. This is an excellent method to get the viewers’ interest. To make this work make sure you concentrate on videos that do not rely on sound to attract the attention of viewers who browse in silence (which is the majority of people).

    Idea Pins

    pinterest ads
    Idea Pins

    Idea Pins (sometimes known as Story Pins) are video clips of short duration or a set that can include up to 20 images designed to draw Pinners in with resonant educational content. They’re usually used for brief demonstrations or how-to videos.

    In terms of format, they’re comparable in format to Instagram Stories. They provide more ways to convert than traditional video or graphic pins, for example:

    • User tagging
    • Topic hashtags and interactive stickers
    • Graphic overlays and text
    • Optional voiceovers

    Option to include detail pages, for example, the steps to take or other materials needed.

    The “TikTok-ey” creation process right on your smartphone

    This new and engaging format gets 9 % more responses than normal Pins. Because Pinners are already eager to develop new methods and learn about brands through Pinterest, Idea Pins perfectly connect to the idea of using Pinterest to share step-by-step DIYs and create a story about a brand.

    Products Pins

    pinterest ads
    Products Pins

    Test out the products. Pins mix your content with Augmented Reality to create an immersive “fitting room” experience on Pinterest. Whoa.

    It is particularly effective for cosmetic and accessory brands and accessories brands, it lets users visualize how a product appears when they use the camera of their smartphone.

    The Try On Pin feature isn’t available in all countries; they’re only available to those with a Pinterest Business account and an uploaded catalog of products. In addition, making Try on Pins Try on Pin is currently only accessible through the Pinterest administrator for your account.

    Pinterest collection ads  

    pinterest ads
    Pinterest collection ads  

    Collection ads show exclusively to mobile users, 82 % of the total users.

    A collection ad comprises one big image, a featured video, and three additional images; if someone taps your ad, show up to 24 images on the ad’s detail page.

    These advertisements are perfect for e-commerce companies, especially in the fashion, home decor, and beauty categories. But, everyone can benefit by implementing a creative plan.

    It’s particularly powerful to mix video with lifestyle or product images. Consider, for instance, using an editorial-style, lifestyle-oriented video for your featured asset, and then support it with detail and product images to create secondary assets.

    Pinterest carousel ads

    Carousel advertisements look similar to organic Pins but are composed of images that users can scroll through on mobile or desktop. You can tell it’s an actual carousel from the tiny dots beneath the image.

    When users save it, the entire carousel will save to their boards. You can save 2-5 images for each carousel.

    Carousel ads on Pinterest are excellent for showing different perspectives of the same product, related accessories or items, or even lifestyle photos of the item in use.

    pinterest ads
    Promoted Pins

    These are the most straightforward ads you can use on Pinterest because you’re “boosting” an existing Pin. Promoted Pins consist of a one-time video or image on the feed’s home page. The only difference against natural Pins is a tiny “Promoted by” label.

    Suppose a user clicks on an organic Pin and opens the Pin details page. If you’ve promoted Pins they’re directly taken to the URL you’ve specified.

    Promoted Pins aren’t difficult to use, but they’re also extremely efficient, particularly when paired with automated bidding (covered in the next article! ).

    Shopping ads

    pinterest ads
    Shopping ads

    Shopping ads are like collections Pins since they’re pulled directly from your catalog of items. A lot of platforms, such as Shopify provide an immediate connection to Pinterest to facilitate this.

    As opposed to Collection ads, these contain only one video or image.

    The greatest feature of the ads is how simple they are to set up. Anyone can set them up in a matter of minutes. Pinterest uses the information you provide about your product’s information and your industry to tailor your ads to those who are most interested.

    It is also possible to set up your targeting options and advanced audience retargeting methods; however, this is among the more “set it and forget it”-friendly advertising types available.

    How much do Pinterest ads cost?

    Due to the auction mechanism, there’s no set price for the Pinterest advertisement. You’ll decide on the price you’re prepared to spend for a specific campaign’s objective (driving the user to click through to your website and impressions). The price you’ll pay is based on the keywords you’re targeting, the categories you’re targeting, the type of ad you’re targeting, and their size.

    With CPM as an example, you can anticipate paying $2 to $5 per 1000 impressions. Engagement could range between 10C/ and $1.50 per interaction, and driving traffic can range from 10C/ and $1.50 per visit. However, these broad ranges could alter based on various aspects (including the pricing model used by Pinterest’s base). Of course, you can learn more about pricing throughout the process of setting up ads.

    How to create Pinterest ads

    Getting Started

    pinterest ads
    pinterest ads manager

    For your first advertisement, go to Your Ads Manager dashboard to start under “Ads” and click “Overview.”

    You’ll be able to track the entire campaign by visiting this page. Select “Create ad” to get going.

    pinterest ads
    The Beginners Guide To Pinterest ads: Types, Costs, Examples in 2023 13

    Then, select the goal of your campaign in relation to the result you would like your advertisements to achieve:

    There are six goals to select from based on whether you wish to create awareness about your products and brand or generate interest to make people take specific actions, such as visiting your website or downloading an application:

    • Brand recognition
    • Video views
    • Traffic
    • App install
    • Conversions
    • Catalogs of shopping

    Setting your budget & ad group

    Once you’ve completed this, determine your budget, and then decide if this campaign is paused or ready to go live.

    pinterest ads
    Setting your budget

    The next step would be to provide the details of the advertisement group.

    Begin by selecting an existing ad group, or make a new one:

    Next, select your audience.

    pinterest ads
    select your audience

    Based on what it is you’re advertising for, this is the place you’ll be able to ensure that only the most relevant leads view your advertisements:

    Of course, to create your first advertisement you’ll have to build an audience first.

    After you’ve selected and created the audience you want to target, decide who exactly you intend to advertise to.

    Setting up additional targeting

    Be aware that you can make multiple groups of ads, So be as precise as you can to ensure you get the right people to see your advertisements. Segmented ad campaigns tend to yield better outcomes, even though they require more management.

    pinterest ads
    additional targeting

    Then decide on ad placement.

    You can schedule your ad to show when users browse their feeds or browse similar Pins.

    Your ad will appear on search results when people look for specific keywords.

    It is also possible to display your advertisements in both locations to get the maximum exposure for your company and its products.

    To make your ads more relevant, input the interests and terms that relate to your brand or product:

    Keywords will be extremely important for you, and Pinterest isn’t as reputable as Google, where it’s suggested that you maintain extremely strict keyword groups.

    Set your budget

    Budgets for a day are the highest amount you’d like to invest in the ad group, and an annual budget is a total amount you’d like to allocate for the duration of the ad running.

    You may also include a maximum bid regardless of the fact that you’re paying for impressions or installs, clicks, and actions.

    Choose your pins to add to your campaign.

    The final step of making your campaign and advertising groups is choosing the Pins you would like to display in your advertising group.

    pinterest ads

    These saved Pins are then the promoted Pins that your customers see.

    The review should not take longer than 24 hours; therefore, plan your campaign accordingly to ensure that you’re not waiting on review while your advertisement is in place.

    Pinterest Ad Examples

    1. Ulta

    Pinterest is a fantastic platform for beauty companies to promote their products. This video advertisement from Ulta utilizes seasonality during the months leading up to Mother’s Day, creating an engaging and relevant advertisement.

    2. Ruggable

    In this advertisement, the image is clear and compelling. This is in keeping with the aesthetic nature and aesthetics of the Pinterest platform. The rug is placed front and center in an appealing interior that grabs the attention. It comes with an appealing tagline, “Back to Homeschool.” For who would need a back-to-school sale to buy cool items?

    3. Love Sweat Fitness

    A huge following on Pinterest is foodies who enjoy finding recipes to share. Love Sweat Fitness, a fitness-focused brand, appeals to those who are looking for simple and healthy dishes for the holidays. The commercial’s most impressive aspect is the mix of high-quality images and beautiful typography.

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