How Instagram Highlights can Boost Your Business Followings in 2022

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    Instagram Stories are a fantastic way to engage your followers on Instagram. However, with stories lasting just one day, it can seem like a lot to produce content that will be accessible for a limited amount of time.

    This is the place where Your Instagram Story Highlights are available. Instagram Highlights lets you save and organize your Stories on your profile so that people who have followed you for a while can view and interact with previous Stories long after the first 24 hours are over.

    In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Instagram Stories Highlights and how they work, and also ways to use this feature to promote your business.

    What Are Instagram Highlights?

    Highlight is a feature on Instagram which lets you organize the stories you’ve posted in the past and showcase the stories to your profile. The Highlights section is under the bio section.

    Although Stories generally contain less polished content than posts, you might be satisfied with some of the Stories you’ve shared and appreciate seeing them displayed and posted on your page. This is the place where Highlights is into.

    how to create highlights on Instagram

    Before you start posting amazing Instagram Stories Highlights on your profile, you must master the art of creating the content! This is how you can do it:

    Step 1: Turn on Instagram’s Auto-Archiving Feature

    One of the major benefits of the brand new Instagram Stories Archive feature for businesses is removing the worry of losing valuable content.

    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier

    The archive will preserve (or “archive”) your stories to the cloud to ensure that they don’t disappear forever if you fail to backup them onto your camera roll.

    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier

    If you have the auto-archiving feature, You can save and share your most memorable Instagram Stories even after the time limit of 24 hours has expired.

    Go to your Instagram account, open your Settings, select Privacy and Security, then click Story Controls.

    You can switch on the Save to Archive option to on.

    After doing this, you will see your Instagram Stories should automatically save to your archive. Then, you can browse your archived posts by pressing your “clock” icon in the upper-left corner of the profile on Instagram.

    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier

    Step 2: Create Your Instagram Stories Highlights

    Once you have your Instagram Stories Archive set up, you can start creating your first Instagram Stories Highlight!

    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier

    Be aware that if you’ve recently switched off the Instagram Stories Archive, only your posts on stories will be saved in the last few days.

    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier

    To make your own Instagram Story Highlights, visit your Instagram profile and click the left-hand side right next to “Story Highlights,” and click the “New” or “+”  button.

    Then, choose the Instagram Stories that you want to include in your highlight.

    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier

    Step 3: Pick the Cover Photo for Your Instagram Stories Highlights

    Once you’ve chosen the stories you want to share, you’ll be asked to select a title and select your cover picture.

    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier

    You can choose an image from the stories you highlight or add an image to your phone roll!

    We highly recommend the other option. Making custom highlights covers can help keep the overall look and style of your Instagram profile page in line with your general Instagram design.

    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier

    You must ensure that you’re giving information your readers are attracted to but perfect in design to match your overall style!

    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier

    That’s it! You’re now ready to begin using Instagram Stories Highlights to market your business and share incredible content with your fans!

    How to edit your Highlights  

    After an updated Highlight is posted at the top of your page, you’ll have the option to edit it the way you want. For example, it is possible to add more Stories or take away Stories or even alter the cover image whenever you’d like.

    Here’s how you can edit the existing highlight:

    • Open Instagram.
    • Use the profile icon at the bottom-right corner of the page to open your profile.
    • Click the highlight you would like to edit.
    • Click horizontal dots located on the right-bottom corner of the page.
    • Select Edit Highlight.
    • On the next screen, you can choose “Edit Cover, unselect added Stories to eliminate them from your highlight, and add more Stories in your highlight using the button Stories and selecting which stories you’d like to include.
    • Finally, Press Done.

    How do you remove Highlights from Your Profile?

    Suppose you’d like to take out the highlight on your page. You can do this quickly and quickly.

    • Find the highlight you want to remove off the profile of your Instagram profile.
    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier
    • Press it for a long time until a list appears at the top.
    • Choose “Delete Highlight,” That particular collection of Stories will be removed completely from your page.
    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier
    • You can also remove particular Stories from the Highlight album. To do that, simply click on the Highlight bubble and locate the story you want to delete.
    • Make sure to tap on the three dots in the upper-right hand corner.
    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier
    • Select “Remove from Highlight” OPTION 
    • The story will be removed from the group. The story will be taken from the group.
    Instagram Highlight
    Source- Maketecheasier

    6 ways that businesses can benefit from Instagram Highlights

    1. Design Instagram Highlight cover photos

    Instead of using sloppy thumbnails for your cover photos, make sure you create covers specific to your brand to get a consistent appearance across the entire Highlights. It’s not like you’d add any photo or choose an unrelated font on your site, So why make the same mistake on Instagram? Highlight icons can give your profile a professional, neat appearance and showcase your company’s brand and design.

    You can design Instagram Highlights covers with Instagram’s built-in text in Instagram Stories, or you could take it one step higher using free image tools like Canva. To create an image that will be your cover image, just include the image in the highlight you want to Highlight as the first picture.

    If you’re making the Instagram Highlights covers, dimensions must be 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels in height with an aspect ratio of 9:16. It is also recommended to center every element so that your cover looks stunning when cropped.

    2. Promote events

    We all know that the social network is an ideal platform to advertise events and increase brand recognition, particularly since people are searching for information there. While we’re not able to gather in large groups at present, and your company might not be hosting events in person, you can use Stories on your website to showcase events. Stories feature to highlight previous events, highlight future ones, and increase awareness of other events. This allows followers to have a better understanding of what events that your company hosts will be like, and also increase their interest in the future ones!

    Suppose your business organizes events such as workshops, training, or other experiences (all can be digital also). In that case, you can dedicate your Instagram Story Highlight exclusively to events is a smart and fun way to showcase more of your brand’s personality and increase the brand’s visibility.

    3. Keep your audience informed

    Instagram Stories are an excellent way to share announcements. If you’d like to keep your most recent information in the hands of your followers, you can include it in your Instagram Highlights to include regular announcements.

    4. Present your products

    One of the most effective methods to advertise your business and connect with your customers is designing the Instagram Story Highlight that promotes your services or products. As per Instagram, 75% of users complete an action that includes going to a website or purchasing something, following a look at advertisements posted on Instagram. 

    No matter if you are active Instagram users who have previously engaged with your company, when they visit your profile and notice highlights that are devoted to “Products,” they might be more likely to scroll through the posts you’ve displayed in your highlight rather than scrolling through your whole feed. Your highlight can be an easy and quick method of locating details about your products, and it can lead customers to your website to subscribe to your newsletter or perhaps for them to purchase something through Instagram

    5. Show product tutorials

    Making an album specifically for information and instructions on using products or services will help build credibility and establish confidence in your business. A part of the album could be showing actual customers who use the product to show the ease of use of your product. It’s a great way to show how easy it is for customers. Instagram Story Highlight allows you to provide a thorough look at the features of your service or product and offers customers an insider’s view and a glimpse of what they can expect when you (hopefully) make an order.

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