What are Influencers : How they can help Generate Million For Your Business

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    An influencer is someone within your industry or field that has influence over your intended audience.

    Influencers possess specialized expertise of authority, or have a deep understanding of particular subjects. Their position in the field is a great launchpad for brands seeking credibility. Marketing professionals engaged 85% on influencer-based marketing during 2017 90% of them said the campaigns they ran were successful.

    An influencer can assist companies with ” influencer marketing,” which is a type of marketing that creates brand authority on top of the reputation of another individual.

    What Are Social Media Influencers?

    What Are Social Media Influencers?

    Over the last 10 years the last decade, we’ve witnessed the growth of social media in importance. Over 3.4 billion users are active on social media, which is nearly 45% of the globe’s population.

    Inevitably , people depend on the influencers of social media to help them in their decision-making.

    Influencers on the social media are individuals who have gained a reputation for their knowledge and experience in a particular area. They regularly post about this topic in their social media platforms and build huge audiences of enthusiastic and engaged users who are attentive to their opinions. Social media influencers are popular with brands as they can help generate trends and help their followers to purchase products they recommend.

    Types of Influencers

    It is possible to distinguish different kinds of influencers using a variety of methods. The most popular methods is to look at follower numbers, by type of content, and the influence level.

    By Follower Numbers


    By Follower Numbers

    Mega influencers are those with an enormous amount of fans on their respective social platforms. While there aren’t any fixed limits to the various kinds of followers, a popular opinion is that mega-influencers are those with more than one million followers on at least one social platform.


    Macro-influencers are a step back from mega-influencers and could be more accessible influencer marketers. It is possible to consider those who have followers that range between 40,000 – 1 million on a social media platform to be macro-influencers.


    Micro-influencers are everyday people who have gained fame for their knowledge of a specific area. They generally have gained a substantial social media following, especially among those who are devoted to of the particular niche. Of course, it’s not just the amount of followers that determines an influence level; it’s the relationships and interactions that an influencer with a micro-level has with followers.


    The latest type of influencer that is gaining notoriety is the “nano-influencer. They have only few followers, yet they are known to become experts within a nebulous or highly specialized area. Nano-influencers can be thought of as the large fish in a tiny pond. Most of the time, they have less than 1000 followers. However, they will be active and engaged followers and will be willing to interact with the influencer and to listen to their opinions.

    By Types of Content


    Influencers and bloggers on the social networks (predominantly micro-bloggers) have the most genuine and engaged connections with their followers. The brands are now acknowledging and encourage this.
    Blogging has been linked to influencer marketing for quite a while until now.


    By Follower Numbers

    Of course, blogs are not the only kind of content that is popular on internet. Another type of content that is popular is video. In this scenario instead of every creator of video having their own website the majority create channels on YouTube. The brands often work with well-known YouTube creators of content.


    podcasting is a fairly recent kind of content on the internet which is gaining popularity. It’s made many famous names, perhaps the most popular example being John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire. If you’ve not yet experienced the podcasts you love, Digital Trends has put together an extensive list of the top podcasts of 2019.

    Social Posts Only

    Of of course bloggers, podcasters and YouTubers don’t rely entirely on their existing audience to visit their website, hoping that they will find new content. They typically promote new content or videos extensively via social media. This means that a majority of these content creators micro-influencers , too.



    The celebrities were the first influencers and still have a place to play however their significance as influencers has diminished.

    How to work with an influencer  

    Once you’ve identified your influencers, it is important to convince them to join with you. Since influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular, demand for influencers is growing. There are a variety of ways to reach out to prominent figures include:

    • Offering them products and services: Find those who have the same values of your brand and offer them free versions or products for reviews. Review your product and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and on your website.
    • Sponsored posts: Search for bloggers who have a significant impact on your field and then pay writers to create a blog or write an article on your industry. This is a less labor-intensive method to collaborate with influential people.
    • Guest posts: Request people to contribute to your site or ask them to put the content on their site in lieu. This can help increase your brand’s impact.

    The benefits of working with influencers  

    Influencers are beneficial since they can provide immediate access to the credibility that a business growing needs. 70 percent of the millennials tend to be guided by recommendations from their peers. Influencers are a bridge between businesses and their targeted market. When working with an influencer

    Brand recognition increases: Get exposure to your influencer’s current followers. The market is already active and is waiting for content that is relevant to them.

    The benefits of working with influencers  

    Build trust: Consumers already believe in the opinions of the celebrities they follow. Influencersinstantly increase your brand’s credibility.

    Enhances customer relations: Build relations with your clients by strengthening the personal connections that influencers share with them.

    Improves your brand’s reputation : The strong connection that influencers already have with their customers can create an “halo effect” which strengthens your company’s image before the customer.

    Improves SEO by working with influencer can lead to link-building. More links result in higher rankings in search results.

    How to identify an influencer  

    Influencers are credible voices in certain niches.

    •  Utilize tools such as BuzzSumo to discover current content and the writers who wrote it.
    • Explore LinkedIn for authoritative individuals with years of experience in your field.
    • Use hashtags on Twitter to discover micro-influencers
    • Make use of Google to search for blog posts that are related to specific keywords in your field.
    • Utilize a tool such as The Sprout Social to find popular hashtags and topics for your business.

    Where to Look for Your Ideal Influencer

    Social Media Monitoring

    Advocates for brands are the loudest influencers that your brand can have. They not only have a large following follow them since the content they write is in line with your brand’s values as well, but they also speak in a loud and active manner on how they love your business. When they follow your social media posts and blog posts on your company, you’ll discover influencers and advocates that you didn’t know you had.

    Monitoring social media also lets you to discover influencers that promote the niche or genre you mentioned in step 1. For instance, a person may blog and tweet frequently on yoga gear, but not mention your site as a great site to purchase yoga gear or other equipment. That’s a good sign that this is someone you should engage with and promote your brand.

    Google Alerts

    Create alerts for specific keywords that relate to your company’s name to discover those who write regularly about subjects that are relevant to your field. Also, you should develop alternatives for your company so you can search for articles and posts that contain your brand’s name and also identify those who have already been established.


    Mention lets you input the name of your business to see mentions of your company on various websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook just to mention just a few.

    Blogger Outreach

    Bloggers may be the strongest hub of influencers. One advantage that comes with targeting blogger is that they are active on multiple different social networks.

    If you are looking for influential bloggers to promote your company, start by searching for blogs that fit your area of expertise and identify their niche(s) by reading the blog posts to see the relevance of their posts topics. After completing an inventory of the contextually relevant bloggers, you should look up their SEO metrics and social media profiles to determine which ones provide the greatest impact for your brand.

    The process of manually sorting through blog posts to discover the requirements you set out when you sent your influencer a photo can take a lot of time. There are plenty of effective tools for blogger outreach that can assist you in this process. There’s a tool to be used for every aspect of the range.

    Influencer Marketplaces

    Influencer marketplaces such as AspireIQ as well as Famebit connect brands with influential people in their respective fields. They usually help monitor the impact of campaigns, monitor the payment process, and keep track of the engagement of influencers. However, they do charge a fee therefore make sure that they are the right match for your campaign prior to making the investment.


    Influencer marketing has developed since its beginnings as an effective digital marketing strategy but the strategy remains effective for numerous brands. I have tried to explain as easy as possible, hope you apply all the tips in your next influencer marketing & achieve your goals

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