What is Google Voice and How To Get A Google Voice Number in 2022

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    In cloud-based phone systems, Google Voice is among the most popular. It has a great selection of features, a reasonable price, and the chance to carry your office or home phone wherever you travel.

    If you’re looking for an affordable method of getting an enterprise phone or are looking for a different option for your phone at home, Google Voice is an excellent option for it.

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    What is Google Voice

    Google Voice is an IP telephone application that permits users who are registered Google Voice website members to connect to their phones on mobiles, VoIP telephony applications, and landline phones to one Google Voice phone number.

    Google Voice calls made on smartphones use the phone’s service provider network. The calls made or received via the Internet via the integration of Google Voice with Google Hangouts use either the data network or wi-fi connection. Hangouts are accessible in Gmail and Google plus and as an independent mobile application.

    How Google Voice Works

    Thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), each of these options is possible. This technology lets you use an internet connection with broadband to make calls instead of an actual phone line.

    When you call using the Google Voice number, it converts your voice to digital signals that are transmitted across the Internet. So with the help of a VoIP service such as Google Voice, you can make calls right from your computer.

    An Internet connection is required to make any phone calls using Google Voice.

    How do I set up Google Voice?

    If you’re planning to get started with Google Voice for the first time, you’ll be glad to learn that the process is quite easy. This is how:

    1. Visit, click the Google Voice button, and sign in to Google

    3. If you accept the terms of service, click Continue to go to the page where you can select a phone number.

    4. From the options, choose Select when you’ve found your number and proceed to confirm your current number.

    5. On this page, you must confirm that you are registered with Google and that you already have a valid number. Note that the phone number you input on this page will be the first line that you’ll use for call forwarding via Google Voice to the number.

    6. After you hit the Verify button and enter your numbers, Google will text you the code you must input in Google Voice. Find that code and enter it here. Click Verify.

    7. After your phone number is confirmed, Google requires you to click Claim to take charge of the number. After that, you’ll be done.

    How to Make Google Voice Call

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    Making a call using Google Voice is a straightforward process that feels similar to calling someone using the phone. It is possible to make calls via your computer or smartphone.

    Go to on your desktop computer or launch the Voice app on your smartphone.

    Go to your “Calls” tab. If the person you’d like to contact us on your recent calls list, then hover over their name and number and click on the telephone icon to contact them. You can also contact anyone from your contact list to the right. Or, you can dial manually with the touchpad.

    For the Google Voice number to remain active, you must make one call or text every month. If you do not make that commitment, you’ll be unable to use your Google Voice number after 30 days without activity. In this case, you’ll need to register to get a new number next time you sign up.

    Google Voice Tricks and tips you must know

    Google Voice itself is free; however, you must have worked and paid numbers to use it.

    Google Voice can be treated as Google Voice, just like your regular phone. Block numbers, add messages to voicemail and use fun filtering techniques to simplify your life and make it more efficient. All of these can be found within your Settings menu.

    To make a phone call with Google Voice, simply go to “Calls” and type in the number.

    “Messages” and “Voicemail” within the same drop-down menu. There you’ll see the respective notifications, too.

    How to change your Google voice number

    1. log in to your Google Voice Account, and click Options

    2. Click the Phones Tab Next to your phone number, click change

    When you click “Change,” You will be presented with the information required to change your number. This includes the cost of the change and information that your old number will be active for three months or more. Enter to continue to search for your new number.

    3. Enter the form with your Area Code, then enter a word or several letters or numbers.

    4. To change the number, simply click Go to Payment

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    How can I delete my Google Voice number?

    1. Connect to the Google Voice account.

    Open your web browser, navigate to, and log into your account.

    2. Open the main menu

    Click on the three bars in the upper left part of the page’s main area. That’s an option called the main menu button.

    3. Go to Google Voice settings.

    When the main menu is displayed, select the Settings button when the main menu pane opens.

    4. Ask to delete your Google Voice phone number.

    You’ll be automatically directed by default to “Settings” in the phone section in the “Settings” menu (click it on the menu in case you’re not). Then, underneath your Google Voice number, click Delete.

    5. Once Legacy Google Voice has transferred you, ask to erase your number.

    You’ll get to the older Google Voice version. Google Voice. Again, click to delete beside the Google Voice number.

    6. Go to “Proceed” to delete.

    A pop-up window will open, which will inform you about the consequences of eliminating your Google Voice number. If you’re happy with this information and certain you’d like to remove your number, simply click Continue.

    After your Google Voice number is canceled, it is impossible to obtain an alternative number until 90 days. In that period of time, you are able to claim your old number back should you want to. If not, another person can claim the number.

    Use the Phone App

    google voice
    What is Google Voice and How To Get A Google Voice Number in 2022 4

    Through using the Google Voice app, you can utilize the service to send visual voice messages. It is also possible to use Google Voice as a telephone number for outgoing calls on your mobile, which means that anyone you call will see the Google Voice number on your caller’s caller ID.

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