Google Forms: The Ultimate Updated Guide For 2022

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    Google Forms is part of Google’s free suite of instruments (Google Workspace). It’s simple to use and is one of the most simple ways to collect data and instantly save it to an Excel spreadsheet. So let’s dig deep into What it is, how to use google forms, its advantages and ,much more

    What Are Google Forms?

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    google forms addon

    If you’re already familiar with Google Forms, feel free to skip ahead. If not, then here’s a quick overview. First, we’ll review the fundamentals and help you brush up on what Google Forms is and how you can begin making use of it immediately.

    Google Forms is a free survey tool part of G Suite, Google’s entire office suite (although some people refer to it as Google Docs). The other major services offered with the G Suite suite, which is cloud-based, include Sheets (Excel), Docs (Word) as well as Slides (PowerPoint).

    Google Forms allows you to collect information from users through personal questionnaires or quizzes. It allows you to connect the information to a spreadsheet using Sheets to record responses automatically. The spreadsheet is then updated with responses to the survey or quiz. This makes Google Forms one of the easiest methods to save data directly to the spreadsheet.

    Through Forms, it is possible to gather RSVPs, begin surveys, or design questions for your students using simple online forms. In addition, it is possible to share the form via email, hyperlink, or social media and invite all participants to take part.

    Advantages of using Google Forms

    Easy to use interface  

    Google provides an Interface for Google Form integration that is almost easy to use and user-friendly. In addition, other survey-creating tools are easily accessible online. If you look them up and contrast them with Google Forms, you can verify their authenticity.

    If you’re an aspiring newbie, it is easy to learn the basics of designing a form. The options included, like customizing, adding a name and description of your form, observing the responses, and sharing, are easy and accessible. This is why online activists from all over the world choose this tool over other tools for taking surveys.

    Google Forms Is Mobile-Friendly

    google forms
    Google Forms: The Ultimate Updated Guide For 2022 6

    The most significant aspect of Google Forms usage is its cross-platform compatibility that spans from phones to computers. In addition, every template is responsive, meaning that multiple-choice questions, checkboxes, and text fields are simple for the users regardless of the device they’re using it.

    Free to use

    It is worth noting that Google Form is a free application that speeds up an enormous online process, such as distance learning, survey-making, aiding online retailers in gathering opinions from consumers, and more. Moreover, since it’s free, even small online businesses can benefit from it to reduce costs.

    There are many other surveys making tools that demand the payment of a monthly or yearly cost to utilize. Even though these paid tools offer much more than Google Form, why invest a bit more money when you can make it effective for free. If you feel that google form is not suitable for you, it is possible to use other paid survey-making tools available online.

    Make as much as you need to

    With Google Form, you can design as many pop quizzes, polls, surveys, surveys, and other forms you like. In addition, to help you save time, Google Form provides templates that you can use to easily manage surveys if they are in line with your requirements.

    There are additional survey-making tools that only allow some trial trials for users. This isn’t enough, however. They are merely used for large corporations’ goals of data management. But, to my mind that there is nothing better than Google form for small-scale businesses.

    Great for Your Business

    google forms
    Google Forms: The Ultimate Updated Guide For 2022 7

    In addition to being an excellent tool for teachers, Google Forms is a great tool for business. For example, if you’re using G Suite for Business and you’re running a basic online store, you can make use of Google Forms to gain customer feedback or complete order forms.

    If you employ workers, Google Forms can also be used to submit “time off” requests.

    Create an Awesome Survey

    You might be wondering what the disadvantages are of using Google Forms. The simple solution would be “no.” Except if you have a specific attachment to a different survey-making tool or are against Google, Google Forms is the most effective option, given that you don’t have to pay for anything.

    How do you create a Google Form?

    There are several ways to create a Google Form through the Forms site, from Your Google Drive, via Google Sheets, or using any mobile device.

     Creating google forms from website:

    google forms
    google forms online

    1. Go to and sign in to your Google account, if needed.

    2. Click the blank form with the plus sign (or select the template).

    From Google Drive

    1. Go to and sign in to your account. If you need to.

    2. In the menu located in the upper left corner, select “New” and then click Google Forms.

    Add a new Google Form. Devon Delfino

    From Google Sheets:

    google forms
    google forms app

    1. Go to and log in to sign in.

    2. Open the desired spreadsheet.

    3. Click Insert to insert, then click Formula.

    How can you edit a Google Form?

    If you’re looking to improve your form, there are a variety of choices. You can, for instance, alter the form’s questions, include pictures or video, include sections or titles, and modify the settings for the form.

    Edit and add questions:

    1. Open your form.

    2. To edit a query, just click to access the editing options and edit the question to the extent you wish.

    3. To add a question, you need to select the plus (+ icon on the menu on the right-hand side of the form. Then choose the question you’d like to add and create your question.

    5 Google Forms Add-Ons You Must Have

    • Email Notification
    • Booking Calendar
    • Form Limiter
    • Form Ranger
    • Pictograph

    Google forms alternatives

    1. Survey Monkey

    The name says it all, SurveyMonkey is one of the most renowned online polling and survey platforms. What’s unique about SurveyMonkey is its capacity to allow you to gather not only data but also conduct market research with integrated tools such as Audience.

    SurveyMonkey features 21 different types of questions (vs. Google Forms, which includes 11). In addition, it can monitor those who respond to your surveys and convert your survey data into custom reports and charts to show your survey results.

    2. HubSpot Form Builder

    The Form Builder from HubSpot makes up the complete marketing platform that includes Marketing via emails, CRM, and more sales features.

    It is possible to easily design a form that seamlessly connects with HubSpot CRM to gather the data you require.

    3. Wufoo

    Wufoo began in the mid-2000s and was an intuitive method for building online forms. A great option for small to mid-sized companies, Wufoo is renowned for its user-friendly interface templates, design and layout, customizing forms, and numerous third-party integrations.

    The paid Pro plans offer the collection of payments, which isn’t integrated into Google Forms. Being one of the SurveyMonkey Enterprise (SurveyMonkey acquired Wufoo in 2011), It has strong security and resource and customer service to ensure that your information is handled with care.

    4. Zoho Forms

    Zoho Forms is a well-known form-building tool on the market and comes with various features that aren’t available within Google Forms.

    There are numerous forms available that cover a variety of sectors and business units. For example, Zoho offers templates for construction firms, businesses, medical institutions, eCommerce sites, HR departments, educational institutes, and much more.

    5. Typeform

    The tool is famous for its minimalist and style-conscious form maker. Typeform is web-based survey software that’s simple to use.

    The free plan restricts the number of questions you can ask or 100 answers per month Typeform provides multi-branching logic (in other words, based on the answers provided, the form is able to take users on different routes). This is something that Google Forms currently does not.

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