Ultimate Guide To Google Docs – How to Use Google Docs Like a Pro in 2022

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    There are too many options to cover in one Google Docs tutorial, but this will provide an excellent foundation to start. Once you’re more confident, you’ll come across new capabilities. Google is very active in introducing new features each year.

    The first step is to cover the basics and move on to touch on some of the higher-level Google Docs tips and tricks.

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    What is Google Docs?

    google docs
    google docs online

    You’re welcome to move on if you’ve been familiar with Google Docs previously. If you’ve not been aware of it, Here’s a brief overview of what you should be aware of. We’ll cover the basics and help you brush up on the details of what Google Docs is and how you can start using it from the beginning.

    Google Docs can be described as a no-cost web-based word processor provided by Google in conjunction with its entire Office suite, Google Drive. It is designed to compete with Microsoft Office. Other cloud-based services included in the suite are Sheets (Excel) with Slides (Powerpoint).

    Google Docs is available on every device and platform. It requires Internet access and a browser for the web (or, in the cases of smartphone devices, the appropriate applications). Google takes care of the rest and performs the bulk of the work while running the cloud program.

    Docs supports a variety of formats of files, including .doc, .docx .txt, .rtf and .odt It makes it easy to convert and view Microsoft Office files directly from Google Drive.

    How do you create a document?

    Create your blank document

    • Open Google Drive If prompted to sign in, log in to your Google account.
    • Click on the button in the upper-left corner of the window.
    • Move your mouse over the arrow beside the program that you would like to create the document on the dropdown menu.
    google docs
    • Select the blank document from the dropdown menu which appears.
    google docs
    google forms

    Create a document using a template

    • Complete steps 1 -3 in the previous section.
    • Select from Templates instead of a blank document.
    google docs
    Ultimate Guide To Google Docs - How to Use Google Docs Like a Pro in 2022 9
    • And Choose a template in the window that opens.
    google docs

    How do you create a folder?

    • Open Google Drive. If you are prompted, sign in to Google Drive. Google account.
    • Press the button in the upper-left corner of the window.
    • On the list of dropdowns that pop up, choose a folder.
    google docs
    • The prompt which appears, you will be asked to enter a name for the folder (A)
    google docs
    Ultimate Guide To Google Docs - How to Use Google Docs Like a Pro in 2022 10
    • and then click the create button (B).
    google docs
    • The newly created folder will be displayed on your My Drive page.

    How to Edit Google Docs Offline (google docs editors)

    If you want to edit Google Docs offline, you must meet certain fundamental requirements. The first requirement is that you be connected to set the offline access. Also, you must use Google Chrome outside of incognito mode, install and enable the Google Docs Offline Chrome extension, and then enable Google Docs Offline Chrome extension. Finally, you must have enough storage space to store your documents.

    After that, go to Click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner, then click Settings. Ensure the slider adjacent to the Offline is set to the On position (see the screenshot below).

    Every document you begin working on will be accessible offline on your PC, at least briefly. The cloud icon beside the document’s name indicates the document’s availability offline.

    When your internet connection stops and you’re unable to connect, you’ll see a crossed-out cloud with the text “Working offline.” Any changes you make will be saved when you reconnect via the web.

    If you have the extension Google Docs Offline activated, you will be able to review the entire list of your documents on even when you are offline. The documents that are available for offline viewing will have a checkmark icon. Use the menu with three dots to access the Offline access option.   

    Its Google Docs Offline extension will also store every document that you open. In the event of a loss of the internet, you’ll be able to gain access to documents that aren’t specifically available offline.    

    In this case, you’ll be able to enable the document offline, even if there is no internet connection. However, the documents that aren’t stored and unavailable offline will appear dull.  

    How to Check Your Spelling in Google

    Once you’ve got a handful of documents, it’s time to check that you’re grammar and spelling are in order. Docs is equipped with an automatic spell-checker that is ready to help you when you do not spell something correctly; you misspell; it will highlight the error with a squiggly line prompting you to change the spelling.    

    It should be enabled by default; however, you can check that it is on in Tools to Spelling underline errors.   ‘To view spelling corrections and suggestions, click the word and click the line beneath. Alternately, use the keys Ctrl+Alt+X (Windows) (or Command+Alt+X (Mac) to launch the Spell Check and Grammar tool.    

    Another method of accessing the spell-checker is clicking on the icon containing an A and a checkmark. This will allow the tool to analyze your document for grammar and spelling.    

    In addition to a spell-checker, Google Docs comes loaded with a built-in dictionary and a thesaurus. All you need must do is select a word and click right-click on it, and select “Define [word].”    

    How to Save a Google Doc    

    With Google’s Online Office Suite, you don’t have to keep track of saving a document because Google automatically saves the document on Google Drive. Google Drive. So, you won’t be able to find the Save button.    

    However, using the file menu, there is the option to create a copyEmail your Google Doc, or download the Google Doc. Google Doc.    

    How to Download Google Docs    

    Google keeps your documents on Google Drive. To download the contents of a Google Doc to your computer instead, click the File >> download and select your preferred document format.     

    How do I remove the content of a page?           

    In a web browser, All you have to do is locate your document’s URL on the Google Docs website, select the three dots button beside the document’s name, and then click Remove. Of course, you can also erase this document by opening it, then clicking the File, and moving it to the trash.     

    To eliminate the trash and then permanently erase the document, Go to the Google Drive Trash and select the files, then select the delete icon on the right-hand side of the screen. When the confirmation window appears, choose to delete forever and enjoy the free storage space.

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