Facebook Ad Size: Create High Converting Ads in 2022

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    Facebook Ad Size: For a Perfect Ad Campaign in 2022

    With more than 2 billion active customers worldwide, Facebook remains a dominant platform for companies to promote their items and products. The first step in designing an appealing ad that seamlessly showcases your offerings is to use the right Facebook size for the ad.

    In addition, when advertising on Facebook, you’ll have the possibility to choose multiple ad types.

    The current ad formats on Facebook are ten Facebook ad formats (not including Instagram ads) ideal for a specific Facebook advertising campaign. Therefore, it’s very useful to know the seven different ad layouts and when to utilize them.

    In the final section of this post, you’ll know the right Facebook advertisement dimensions ratio, accepted file formats, requirements for technical use, and more for a variety of Facebook formats for ads.

    Facebook Ad Size 2022

    facebook ad size
    facebook ad size in pixels

    Most likely, the most viewed advertisement is on the feeds of users. It’s also the most highly debated. You might find that your rivals are looking for the same spot. It is possible to think about it in terms of Main Street social media real property.

    You can choose to use an image-based ad or a video advertisement. However, Facebook has rules on the image or video and the text you include in your advert.

    Be aware that these are ads directly in line with the user’s primary feed, not the less typical right-column ads, which are entirely separate.

    Facebook Feed Image Ads

    facebook ad size
    facebook ad size

    While the video is quickly growing in popularity, most Facebook advertisements still use only one photo. This won’t change since it is much simpler to use photos than create a video.

    Facebook has always had a concern about a text in images. If your photo contains more than 20 percent text, you’ll be granted “reduced delivery” (according to the official Facebook specifications for ads). Be aware that Facebook doesn’t consider the text in the body of the ad’s copy when it comes to the 20 percent calculation. Facebook provides a device to ensure you don’t overfill your ad with text in your photo.

    There are a few exceptions to Facebook’s text rules:

    • Album and book covers
    • Images of the product (showing the whole item (not zooms of text or logos in the package)
    • Games
    • Event posters

    Beware of a logo that is based on text. Any logo predominantly composed of text is considered text regardless of size or the alignment. Like watermarks and numbers, they are all considered text for these calculations.

    The formal dimensions that are required for Facebook Feed Image advertisements are:

    The recommended image size is 1200 628 pixels (1080 by 1080 for an image in 1:1 format). There are no size limits on maximum sizes.

    • Image ratio: 9:16 to 16 (no link is involved), 1.9:1 to 1:1 (if there’s the link)
    • Images that do not exceed 20 percent text
    • Types of image files: .jpg or .png (Note Animation GIFS must be uploaded as video ads)
    • Text: The text should be 125 characters (if there isn’t a link)
    • Headline at least 25 characters (any more will appear to be truncated)
    • Link Description 30 characters

    Facebook Feed Video Ads

    facebook ad size
    Source- Wordstream

    Video has seen a rise in popularity over the past few years, so there’s been an enormous rise in Facebook video feed ads. Be aware that these are distinct compared to Facebook Videos in-Stream (which are limited to a 10-second video duration limit).

    In essence, Facebook Feed Video ads are the same as Facebook Feed Image Advertising. However, they employ video instead of an image still.

    The official dimensions, as well as specifications of Facebook Feed Video advertisements, are:

    We recommend uploading the highest-resolution source video with no boxing in the form of letters or pillars (no barred black lines).

    • Minimum dimensions of 600 315 (1.9:1 Landscape) or 600 (square) x 600 (square)
    • The recommended aspect ratio is 9:16 and 16:9 (Horizontal 16:9, Square 1:1 Vertical 4:1 or 2:3 or Full Portrait 9:16)
    • There are a variety of acceptable formats for video. Multiple acceptable video formats .MP4 or. MOV is recommended.
    • Maximum video file size 4GB
    • Max video length: 240 minutes
    • Audio captions and video captions are not required but are highly advised
    • Video thumbnail image with no more than 20 % text
    • Headline 25, characters (any more characters will appear as truncated)
    • Link Description 30 characters

    Facebook instant article videos

    • Resolution minimum 1080×1080 pixels
    • video ratio 9:16 to 16:9
    • Size of video files 4GB maximum
    • Video length minimum 1 second
    • The maximum length of a video is 240 minutes.

    Facebook in-stream videos

    facebook ad size
    facebook video ad size Source

    Resolution minimum 1080 x 1080 pixels

    Video ratio recommended 16:9, or 1:1 (but allows from 9:16 up to 9:16)

    Size of video files 4GB maximum

    Minimum length of video 5 seconds

    The maximum length of a video is 10 minutes (the limit can vary based on the goal)

    Facebook Marketplace video advertisements

    facebook ad size
    facebook ad size

    Recommend Resolution: The highest resolution that is possible (at at least 1080x1080px)

    The ratio of video 4:5 (but 9:16-16:9 is accepted)

    Video size Maximum size: 4GB

    Video length minimum 1 second

    The maximum length of a video is 240 minutes.

    News Feed Single Picture Facebook ads size and specs

    Facebook Single Image ads are the most popular type available for a Facebook advertisement. It allows for a short write-up with headlines, a headline, and a single image that includes a link. This ad can be used to achieve all your advertising goals, apart from those related to videos.

    Image specifications

    • The recommended Facebook advertisement size: The most suitable size for a Facebook advertisement is a minimum of 1080×1080 pixels; however, selecting the highest resolution that can meet the ratio requirements is recommended since there’s no limit to the resolution.
    • Facebook Ad dimension ratio: 1.91:1 to 1:1. In general, ratios of 1.91:1 to 4:5 are accepted. However, if you use an external link, run an Offer ad, or use photographs from the stock market, you’ll be restricted to an amount of 1.91:1.
    • Minimum Facebook ad dimensions: 600 x 600 pixels.
    • The most recommended file types such as PNG or JPG.
    • Maximum file size: 30 MB.
    • Aspect ratio tolerance: 3%.

    Panorama & 360-degree photos

    If you want to use panorama or 360 images, the aspect ratio must be at least 2:1. Whatever the size, the image must not exceed 30000 pixels. The total Facebook image should have not more than 135 million pixels.

    Specifically, 360 PNG images can be as large as 60 MB, and JPEG up to 45 MB. Also, the suggested size for 360 images should be under 20-30 MB, and the format that is recommended is JPEG. These are the maximums for directly Graph API and uploads to websites.

    Facebook Carousel Ad Size

    facebook ad size
    facebook ad size in inches

    Facebook carousel ads come with an image resolution recommended 1 x 180 pixels. News Feed and right Column Instant Articles Marketplace Native Ads and Messenger Inbox ads. Advertisers can put between two and ten images on a carousel.

    Carousel ads on Facebook allow users to navigate through an animated “carousel” of images, all designed to expand on special offers offered by the company that pays for the advertisement. They appear in many of the same locations as regular Facebook advertisements: in users’ News Feed and the right column sidebars, Instant Articles, and even within a person’s Facebook Messenger inbox.

    Standard Carousel Image Specs

    facebook ad size
    Source- Wordstream

    Common Facebook Carousel ads like those designed specifically for News Feed above -let you display up to 10 images that rotate in one ad. Images must be uploaded in JPG as well as PNG.

    • Maximum headline: 25 characters
    • Maximum text: 125 characters (excluding Right Column)
    • Image resolution recommended: 1,080 x 1,080 pixels
    • Maximum link description: 20 characters
    • Maximum image file size: 30MB
    • Maximum length for video: 240 minutes per card on an auto-carousel (excluding Messenger Inbox)
    • Maximum video size: 4GB (excluding Messenger Inbox)
    facebook ad size
    Source- Wordstream

    Instagram Carousels Stories

    Instagram Carousels Stories use to display up to three pictures or videos within the one story on Instagram.

    • Image resolution recommended: 1,080×1,920 pixels
    • The maximum duration of video: 15 seconds per carousel

    Instagram Feed Carousels

    Similar to Facebook’s Carousel dimensions for ads, Instagram can support between 2 to 10 cards per carousel, displayed on the home page of a user’s Instagram feed. Images must be uploaded as JPG as well as PNG.

    • The maximum text is two rows (the remainder will be cut off)
    • The maximum number of hashtags that can be used in Text: 30
    • Image resolution recommended: 1,080 x 1,080 pixels
    • Maximum image file size: 30MB
    • The maximum length of video: 60 seconds per carousel
    • Maximum video file size: 4 GB

    So many advertising specifications and so little time. Keep this Facebook advertising key for future reference, and begin creating your next eye-catching ad specifically designed to appeal to your customers.

    Size of Facebook Collection ads

    Collections are an advertisement kind that makes it easy for customers to search and buy items directly from Facebook’s Facebook feed. Collections are a type of ad that collection typically has either a cover photo or video, followed by various images of the product.

    You can play your video automatically when users scroll through your collection. When you click on the video, it will bring up the Instant Experience, a full-screen experience created to bring users directly to your product pages. You can include images, buttons, carousel videos, text, and images in Instant Experience advertisements. In addition, audio and video will play as you scroll through them within the app.

    Facebook feed collections size

    The first media asset you will see in Your Instant Experience can be your cover photo or the movie that pops on your collections advertising.

    All vertical images could be cropped to a maximum 1:1 ratio.

    Resolution Minimum 1080 pixels

    Maximum aspect ratio 1:1

    Types of files: JPG, PNG MP4, MOV GIF

    Maximum image file size: 30 MB

    Maximum video file size: 4 GB

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