Ecommerce Packaging: Choose Best Packaging For Your Business

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    The market for online goods has seen a dramatic shift in the past decade. As a result, the demand for packaging solutions to manage logistics and shipping and create a unique customer interface has increased. As a result, it is expected to reach a market worth $61.55 billion anticipated in 2025.

    For companies that operate online, shipping and fulfillment is the most direct point of contact and interaction with customers. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least utilized marketing opportunities.

    What is eCommerce Packaging?

    eCommerce packaging is the way you ensure your product is safe for shipping and establish your brand’s identity, and control the cost of shipping. In addition, attractive packaging can enhance your customer’s experience and increase profitability.

    The existence of COVID-19 pandemic increased the need for online shopping. As a result, several eCommerce retailers are moving to online stores to lower operating costs and gain access to an increased customer base.

    Therefore, shipping boxes and other elements have become crucial components of the process of packaging eCommerce.

    Today more than ever, it’s crucial to come up with impressive designs for your packaging that can differentiate you from your competition and enhance the customer experience.

    Types of eCommerce packaging

    1. Cotton

    The most commonly used and used textile can also be used as packaging. Eco-friendly brands typically employ cotton bags as a packaging method for their goods. Because it is soft and gives an impression of high-end elegance, it is often used to make high-end products like glassware, jewelry, and designer clothing. Additionally, it can be reused, adding to its ecological appeal. It can also be dyed easily and imprinted with logos appropriate for the brand or other designs. However, one disadvantage is that it does not offer much protection against outside elements.

    2. Paper Bags

    Paper Bags
    ecommerce packaging for clothing

    “Paper or plastic?” In the case of plastic, the former is quick, simple, affordable, and customizable; so what’s not to like? Paper bags have been used to pack food to fulfill these purposes; this is why they’re an essential item in most supermarkets. Eco-friendly people also view paper differently than plastic, and this allows companies to showcase their environmental impact.

    3. Rigid Boxes

    This kind of packaging is popular with many high-end brands. It’s not cheap, as do the products you’ll typically discover inside. Some examples comprise Tiffany & Co. jewelry, Jimmy Choo shoes, and the most recent iPhones.

    The reason these boxes are distinctive? The rigid boxes are constructed of highly compacted paperboard. This makes it four times stronger than regular paperboard. Unfortunately, they’re also not designed to be able to collapse, which makes them more costly to use and transport.

    Although small-scale eCommerce companies may not be ready to pay for the cost of a rigid box, it’s something you can aim towards!

    4. Bottle & Cap

    Selling personal products for personal care like lotions, cosmetics, or creams? Maybe you’re focusing on pharmaceuticals. In any case, “bottle & cap” packaging is the best way to take it. They’re not just a source of convenience for both the manufacturer and the end-user but also cost-effective when bought in bulk. A good fulfillment center will also design the bottle’s labeling for you.

    5. Jute

    best ecommerce packaging

    Also known as burlap, Jute is extremely popular with environmentally conscious companies because it’s 100 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The fibrous material is comparable to cotton in that it can be printed on and colored. Although it’s not as regarded as premium as cotton, it’s also more affordable and is characterized by the appearance of a “thick skin,” so it can withstand more abuse. Nowadays, it is used to pack agricultural products like coffee sacks and personal care products such as soaps made by hand.

    The importance of packaging design for products

    ecommerce packaging
    branded ecommerce packaging

    Online stores are less prone to physical touchpoints that can provide pleasure compared to traditional retail. The benefits of online shopping may be a drawback to the physical and tactile experience when interacting with the product before making a purchase. It’s the reason it’s essential to pay particular attention to the points of contact you can use to make your brand memorable for your customers and make yourself stand out from the competition.

    Packaging is now integral to the brand’s image in online retail. Consider Apple as an example. Apple is a brand known for luxurious, high-end, and sophisticated products, just as the packages it sends. Although many business owners do not have the money to buy Apple, it is possible to incorporate various, cheaper methods to impress customers at each phase of their journey.

    Seed is a direct-to-consumer store offering probiotic supplements; it utilizes beautiful and simple packaging made from mushrooms that dissolve underwater, which is a great touch for its intended audience of environmentally conscious buyers.

    Seed utilizes eco-friendly, custom boxes to package its products. Image courtesy of The Marketing Geek Tweet

    In the end, people love sharing good experiences they’ve had. Find “unboxing” on Google, and you’ll see many blog posts, photos, and videos. Many of these articles were written by customers, helping the company launch and getting its name known to many more people.

    A long-lasting, sustainable brand is about bringing customers back every time. Customers who return will be more likely to stay with your company, and using retention to build loyalty will take away from the acquisition treadmill, where you’re constantly looking for new customers.

    Exploring E-Commerce Packaging Materials for different products

    Material Thickness Options

    ecommerce packaging

    Typically, manufacturers will make suggestions regarding how thick the papers are in relation to the weight of their products and the size of the box.

    It’s still a good idea to be aware of the definition of these terms and how they could help your product.


    ecommerce packaging

    The thickness for E-flutes is 1.2mm.

    Length x width x height = 570. Anything smaller than this dimension is known as E-Flute.

    This kind of fluting is great for packaging

    • Software
    • Retail
    • Beauty
    • Food
    • Etc.


    ecommerce packaging

    The B-flute’s average thickness is 3.0mm.

    L x W x H = >570 Anything more than this sum total dimension is called B-Flute.

    This kind of fluting is perfect for packaging

    • Shoes
    • Industrial products
    • Furniture
    • Etc.

    How packaging can benefit your eCommerce business

    1. Keeps the product safe and damage free  

    It is vital to ensure that the product is delivered to the buyer in the same condition as it was in perfect condition, with no damage or wear and wear and tear. In addition, it is essential to choose the right structure, material, and packaging style that is based on the product and the type. It is always possible to reach out to an experienced packaging designer or a manufacturer of packaging that can help you determine the best solution for your product as well as the market.

    2. Customer attraction

    A well-designed and innovative packaging design can help create a distinct product from other merchandise available. There are many brands that offer the same products, and it’s essential to make it easier for the customers to select your product over other brands. A well-planned and well-designed packaging design can help to attract recognition.

    3. Communicate & provide information  

    The packaging includes all the essential and reliable details that are essential for the consumer to be aware of, such as pictures of the product, information about ingredients and instructions for use, benefits, features, offers, and much more. This helps the customer be aware of the product and to make an informed decision about the purchase.

    4. Generates demand & Recognition

    Well-designed packaging is always in a position to draw your customers’ attention and increase the likelihood of selling your product. Creatively constructed packaging is crucial in achieving your objectives. It helps build an identity easily identifiable through logos, colors, and design on the box, with a consistent brand image. The most effective example is Apple.

    What is eco friendly packaging?

    Eco-friendly packaging refers specifically to the styles and materials used for mailers, boxes, and other packaging materials to minimize their impact on the world. This may differ depending on the type of business but generally considers the following factors:

    • Reduces the amount of waste
    • Maximizes recycling and biodegradable materials
    • Makes use of renewable energy in production
    • It is safe for customers and the natural environment over its lifetime
    • Performs as per cost and performance specifications.

    Types of eco friendly ecommerce packaging  

    From cardboard to biodegradable material, here is a list of the various recyclable shipping packaging materials that you can choose from.


    ecommerce packaging
    ecommerce product packaging

    They are typically made from plant-based substances like wheat straw and corn starch and biodegrade in less time. They produce 70% fewer greenhouse emissions in landfills than traditional (petrochemical-based) plastics, making them well-suited to composting. But, they can’t be typically recycled as they may cause contamination to traditional plastics.

    Biodegradable plastic packaging     

    Biodegradable packaging is a type of plastic that is altered to break down quicker due to light or heat. However, because they are still contaminated with petroleum-based chemicals, they produce toxic residues, which render them unsuitable for composting.

    Plant fibers

    Jute and cotton are excellent sustainable packaging materials that can be used in the form of recyclable bags to cover your product with and give as a gift when you purchase your product to show your appreciation and promote eco-friendly practices within your clients.

    Corrugated bubble wrap     

    If you require cushioning for something that is fragile, An eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam or plastic bubble wrap packing peanuts would be a corrugated wrap. It’s typically made of recycled cardboard, which is made from post-industrial and post-consumer waste. Corrugated bubble wrap is either composted or recycled.

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