Constant Contact Email Marketing Solution for Small Ecommerce Business in 2022

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    Constant Contact is revolutionizing how small-sized e-commerce companies reach their customers via inexpensive marketing via email that has been demonstrated to produce results. Constant Contact Toolkit Constant Contact Toolkit makes it easy to develop your marketing campaigns and determine the reaction of your audience so that you can determine the next step in your marketing plan. Constant Contact has a unique combination of online marketing tools and individualized coaching that can help you in achieving your business goals and developing stronger relationships with your clients in the current world of social media.

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    What Is Constant Contact?

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    Constant Contact is an online marketing firm founded in 1995 which caters to small-sized companies. The platform allows business owners to start and track email marketing campaigns in the form of websites and shops online and use social media and other offerings.

    Constant Contact is a great way for businesses to use email marketing as a cost-effective and economical marketing strategy that could help since the number of worldwide email users is growing and is predicted to hit 4.3 billion by 2023.

    How Does Constant Contact Work?

    According to a study for 2020 carried out by email marketing software firm AWeber, 66% of small-scale businesses said they use email marketing for advertising their business or communicating with leads or customers. The study shows that 79% of small companies considered email marketing important, and 60% reported that their email marketing has proven to be highly effective. efficient. 

    Constant Contact’s marketing tools for email let eCommerce businesses promote their brand, notify customers of new developments, help them to increase sales through discounts, and create real-time, trackable results from their marketing campaigns via email.

    How to Create an Email in Constant Contact

    After you’ve created your contact list, You can now create an email to send to the list. Start by clicking on the Campaigns tab, then selecting Make, after which you can choose email.

    There’s a wide selection of email templates, including specially-designed templates for restaurant holiday promotions. If you have found the one you prefer, click the thumbnail to edit the template. To view how the template appears on mobile devices, you can click on it to preview the icon.

    In the template, parts within the emails are split into blocks. You can include text or images and change the backgrounds and color. You can alter the layout of your email by moving and dropping elements. In addition, there are options to create calls-to-action hyperlinks to text, clickable image hyperlinks, social media icons, and Social sharing icons.

    In the upper-right corner of your screen, a pencil icon lets you give your email a recognizable name on your account. This name is only for only your eyes. Your contacts will only be able to see the subject line you write and the contents you send out.

    After you’ve created your email, you’ll be able to test it by examining it and then send yourself a sample version by clicking the Check and View dropdown menu near the bottom of the screen.

    How to Schedule and Send an Email in Constant Contact

    constant contact email marketing

    Constant Contact lets you send emails right away or plan them to be delivered at a later time. In the Campaigns tab, you can choose one of the emails to send using the status dropdown menu.

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    You’ll then be able to select individuals or lists of email recipients you’d like for your mail to go to. The next step is to create the subject line for your email. Next, apply a From the name, select the email address the email is sent to, and then include a reply-to email address. Then, you can choose to “Send Now” or Plan for Later.

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    If you select to schedule your email for the future, you’ll be asked to select the date and time when you will send your email. If you do not set a new date and time, it will default to one hour from when you click the scheduling button.

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    How to View Analytics in Constant Contact

    To assess how effective your email marketing campaigns Are, check your reporting tab on the homepage of your account to better understand the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. From there, you’ll be able to look at a variety of top-level data:

    The most popular subject line shows unique openings you receive from an email sent.

    Opens device open by the device will show you which contacts are looking at your emails.

    Below that, a visually appealing graph will show your emails’ performance when compared with each other. If you scroll your mouse over this graph, you’ll be able to see the statistics for each campaign shown. You can also filter them by the name of the campaign, the period, and the contacts list to see the statistics for a particular email campaign. When you click on hyperlinked numbers on the chart, you can explore your report more deeply and find out more details about which people are receiving your email and in what manner.

    Each report can be exported to an Excel or CSV file format.

    Constant Contact Features & Pricing Overview

    Choose between two plans

    Constant Contact offers two pricing plans based on the number of contacts. It does not count active subscribers towards the total, so unsubscribes will not make your plan more costly. The primary difference between these two plans concerns advanced automated email marketing features, which I’ll explain in the next paragraph.

    Although there’s no free option, you can enjoy the generous 60-day trial (if you are within the US) that’s more than double the duration of trials for other email marketing solutions such as SendResponse. There’s only one restriction: you can only have 100 contacts in the trial period, and while it’s great to try out features and get familiar with the platform, you’ll most likely need to sign up for additional subscribers quickly.

    Constant Contact Email Plan

    This is the most basic model of Constant Contact, suitable for those just starting to explore the world of email marketing. It comes with basic features such as customizing templates, tracking, reports, as well as automated resending, which I examined in depth during my review of Constant Contact. In addition, in contrast to other service beginning plans, it comes with A/B testing built-in with only subjects.

    Constant Contact offers more than 300 mobile-responsive templates available on the Email plan.

    Monthly costs begin with the price of Rs 373 with 500 members or less. Each time you upgrade to a higher pricing level that is higher, the price goes up quite some. In the end, even the cheaper plan is quite an expensive choice. There’s an additional 10% discount when you purchase the first six months up front and 15% off when you buy all of the initial 12 months in advance.

    How do you cancel the constant Contact?

    To end your subscription through Constant Contact, follow these steps:

    • Log in to Constant Contact. If you’re hoping to get an amount back under the 30-day money-back guarantee, you’ll have to export your contacts right now in order to get them out of the way. Constant Contact closes your account immediately if you request an amount of money back.
    • Contact for the company’s billing line. Call 855-229-5506, and follow the instructions given by the virtual assistant. You’ll then be connected with an expert in billing.
    • Request closure of your account. If you’re eligible to receive an amount of money back, you’ll need to request it explicitly. It’s common to receive an offer to retain at this point.
    • Check for confirmation emails. You should receive two confirmation emails A cancellation confirmation within one hour of making the call and an email with a refund confirmation within two working days.

    Constant Contact Forms-

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