Top graphic design trends to inspire Amazon marketing in 2022

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    Graphic design is a crucial aspect that can’t be understated. It helps establish the brand’s identity and goes beyond the brand’s visual appearance. Because of excellent graphics, brands can provide education, information, or even convince people using different pictures, shades, and forms. It is essential to recognize that trends frequently change in graphic design. It’s challenging to keep up with these changes now and then. Therefore, designers must research current trends for 2022 carefully and apply these in their daily activities. In the following article, I will talk about the latest trends for 2022 that are relevant to several years to come.


    Colorful minimalism

    multicolored stairs handrail
    Colorful minimalism

    Following the old beliefs, the concept of minimalism is to combine black text and white backgrounds; However, in general, the images do not have brightness and vibrancy.

    Over the last year, modern designers have completed many things, and today it can be stated that the idea of minimalist design has changed completely. The new minimalists are appearing in the contemporary world. The minimalist style combines two styles by utilizing significant components that bring sense to the user. Global giants such as Apple have already adopted subtle and neutral color schemes into their marketing campaigns.

    However, a variety of colors isn’t an obstacle for designers of the present. They can create stunning combinations of contemporary design and minimalist design. Color and innovation are the main features of many well-known brands, which have eliminated unnecessary elements and paid attention to the visual effects.

    Attention to inclusion

    The Black Lives Matter movement has been a catalyst for a review of prejudices against black people around the globe. The movement continues to inspire people of all ages, especially graphic designers.

    It’s evident in the diversity that is evident in a variety of designs. A renewed interest in this subject can be seen in the way graphic designers present diverse perspectives while striving to create positive change through vibrant images and stock photos.

    The changing times have impacted the designers, who have gained recognition by depicting blacks in beautiful pieces of art. It’s anticipated that this inclusion will be incorporated into graphic design, aiming to emphasize the diversity of cultures, skin colors, and convictions.

    Geometric shapes

    graphic design trend
    Geometric shapes

    A growing number of geometric shapes appear throughout the graphic design in the coming year. Anywhere you look, you’ll see designers employ geometric shapes in their work as well as replace abstract designs that were used to define graphic designs earlier.

    They can be paired with any other image to create a unique blend of unique features. They gained popularity with businesses like Rivet, Zendesk, and Venngage. Beyond these images, they can also use shapes to depict data points, display information, or even represent your brand. Plus, these shapes, together with muted colors, can create visually appealing text that is user-friendly and has attractive effects.

    Simple data visualization

    graphic design trend
    Simple data visualization

    Why do we visualize data? One answer is that we want to make data easier to be understood by reducing the complex data sets. To help them be more effective, graphics designers simplify the method of showing information.

    A successful outcome is obtained since a person can easily be able to see the conclusion the author is trying to get to by using pictures. With the amount of information, users have had to deal with in recent times, user-friendly images are crucial. Designers create images that keep the attention of viewers. Keep in mind that complicated information is typically ignored because users are trying to save energy and time scrolling.

    Information can be made simpler using the aid of pie charts or bubble charts. However, if you’re an artist or desire something that is more appealing, creating infographics is the ideal choice. You must ensure that you have all the relevant information you need to display graphically and that it is well-visualized.

    Monochrome effects

    graphic design trend
    Monochrome effects

    Image source –

    Today, many graphic artists are trying out creating images and using monochrome effects. In the context of a trend in two colors of 2017, monochrome effects are becoming more popular among graphic designers. Apply a monochrome filter to your design, and you will get an unexpected result is certain.

    Classic serif fonts

    Serif fonts that are dated back to the fifteenth century. They are among the oldest styles that are still being used. Don’t confuse san and serif fonts mixed up. Be aware that traditional serif fonts contain tiny embellishments located at the letters’ top and bottom (or at both ends). Our ancestors couldn’t communicate in a conventional manner, even when writing.

    Serif fonts, no matter how old they may appear they aren’t simply black marks on the paper. They convey a sense of nostalgia and elegance with every word they compose. Certain companies have profited by using serif fonts to enhance the look of their websites.

    Serif fonts aid entrepreneurs in advertising their brands, establish the tone for their websites, and make their presence felt through the layout. The simple nature of fonts can create a sense of authenticity and is extremely popular with the people who use them. In addition, serif fonts can be used on both blogs and social media that draw the attention of users.

    Text-heavy videos

    The COVID-19 virus is still causing havoc all over the globe; the makers of video content aren’t likely to get back to normal soon. Making the original content for video has turned out to be not just difficult but totally impossible.

    Things that organized teams were known to do, are no longer be (at most for the time being). People are bored by regular videos that display the talking head in a short amount of time. It is inevitable that people will miss interesting videos which were used for educational as well as entertainment.

    In these circumstances, the concept of using animated images as well as text when creating videos isn’t a bad idea. Many businesses have embraced this trend and have filled their social profiles with videos that contain text. The videos include the content of their users as well as product explanations and even announcements of a simple nature.

    The great thing about video text is that businesses can keep their distinctness by using their company colors as well as fonts and voices throughout the videos. This helps them create the same brand image across all their channels for marketing.

    Additionally, because video recording is not as frequent or even possible, it takes less time to manage these videos. Not to mention being aware that these videos cost less cash than standard ones. If it’s difficult for you to create new videos from scratch, you could actually give old video clips new life by using this method.

    Psychedelic  Design

    yellow green and purple abstract painting
    Psychedelic  Design

    Abstract psychedelia that traces through the hippie times of the 60s was a form of graphic design that stems out of drug abuse and social tension. The artists considered this form of art as an opening of the mind and, therefore, distinct from traditional art. This is why the majority of artwork created during the past was suffused with chaos.

    Certain designers believe abstract psychedelia is set to return in the year ahead. It will feature complex abstractions as well as a variety range of colors in a design. However, the use of bizarre and confusing images will be supported through symmetry and create the illusion of order in chaos.

    Symbols and symbol

    They are an extremely effective tool in the realm of communication or attempts to trigger emotions. For example, flags and banners can affect people, while road signs aid in keeping chaos in traffic on the right track. Another characteristic of symbols is their universality in their nature, as they cross-cultural and language boundaries.

    Designers will employ symbols to create distinctive and adaptable web designs by 2022. Medieval crests or symbols of divinity and other visual effects from the past, illustrate. In some way, designers employ them to prevent the disappointments that are bound to be the case in the year ahead.

    Muted colors

    graphic design trend
    Muted colors

    Images source-

    This trend was prevalent in the last year when muted colors palettes took over graphics for the very first time. We can expect to witness more of this trend soon. Simply put, muted colors are bright shades stripped of their edge by a fusion of white, black, or a complementary color.

    The days of bold and bright hues have come to an end and now increasing numbers of people are choosing subtle colors. Numerous large corporations have pointed to these colors, one instance being LinkedIn which has stopped using vibrant colors in a jiffy. It has also stuffed social media with messages that appear light and genuine.

    In addition to the effects mentioned above, muted colors also convey natural vibes, making them ideal for brands that promote health and wellness. The other representatives of the leading brands around the globe will be able to learn about the benefits of muted hues in design and will begin adopting a new style soon.

    Another advantage of muted colors is that they mix nicely with text (a lighter or dark one). Using these colors as backgrounds makes text pop out from any Internet web page or social media website.

    The Value of Graphic Design in Marketing

    Before we go into the current trends, we should have a moment to highlight the importance that graphic designs play in marketing. Marketing goes beyond publishing content or reaching out to customers through ads and SEO. In essence, it is a method used by an organization to reach out to its customers.

    In the past few years, research has revealed how brands are more likely to reach this goal by using design as their primary method to communicate.

    From branding and packaging design, web design, and storefront designs, The value of design is in line with the content’s value. Therefore visual marketing, the methods of design, which help to communicate your message and is expanding at a rapid rate.

    Our customers have repeatedly demonstrated to us that design is key to unlocking doors of opportunities worldwide. For instance, the study from 2019 states that people aren’t interacting with websites with poor design. They also create a negative impression of a company based solely on its design of the website’s first appearance.

    Design can also give you an advantage over your clients. You can select who you want to are attracting and what impression you create about your company by selecting the right font, color, and design style.

    This is why knowing the trends in graphic design for 2022 can give you an edge not only on the new year’s marketing but also on your competitors.

    2022 will be a year of  Pragmatic creativity

    Pragmatic creativity is the primary trend in graphic design in 2022. We’ll witness bold, expressive, but purposeful and thoughtful design. As a graphic designer and communication designer who’s survived the thrilling rollercoaster experience this year, I’ll sketch a visual (with visuals and words this time!) of what I consider to be an expression of pragmatism that is creative.

    How do you stay up to date with the latest trends?

    As you can observe, the trends in graphic design change constantly. Layout and visual hierarchy are changing to meet modern consumers’ requirements. Furthermore, a system of visualizing elements is evolving as designers strive to improve user interaction.

    As explained in this article, the trends in graphic design for 2022 have had a huge impact on the field of graphics and design. However, certain trends will disappear while new trends replace them. The most well-known designers will continue to challenge graphic designers’ boundaries. Looking at things will change however it’s difficult to determine which direction.

    If you’re an artist, graphic designer, or even a photographer, you must learn throughout your life to stay on top of the ever-changing course offered by the design community. You must constantly grow or modify your expertise to remain relevant and flexible.

    In the beginning, If you’re just beginning using a platform such as Adobe could be expensive. Consider the possibility of buying one of the alternatives to Adobe Photoshop CC.

    Final words

    Graphic design trends for 2022 align with our quest to discover meaning and joy even in the midst of hardship and remove the barriers that hold us back. Designers from all over the world are able to develop their skills with an open mind to design captivating designs using vivid colors, motion, perfect imperfection, and futurism. The coming year is certainly something to be excited about.

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