Different Ways Google Workspace Can Help Businesses in 2022

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    Google Workspace is a collection of collaboration and communication apps designed for employees of organizations. The main Google Workspace communication apps, including Gmail and Google Meet, are widely utilized worldwide, as are the collaborative apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. Collaboration apps were created from the beginning to allow multiple users to edit documents, spreadsheets, or presentations simultaneously.

    google workspace for education fundamentals

    What is Google workspace?

    google workspace
    google workspace subscription

    Once known as G Suite, Google Workspace offers a robust, elegant collection of collaboration and office apps suitable for education, business, and other establishments. It’s a subscription-based update from Google Workspace, a free Google app available to everyone with a Google account. It’s it is by far the most effective cloud-based available office suite. Google Workspace is the best choice if you’re looking to move the entire business on the Internet and eliminate desktop-based apps. Many like Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 comparable power, but with the security of desktop-based storage.

    What apps are included in Google Workspace?

    This app list is within the standard offer for all versions in Google Workspace. For more information on every app available, click the link to access the appropriate Google Workspace page.

    A key aspect of Workspace applications is their speed. Google provides .new shortcuts that, when entered into the URL box of modern browsers, create a brand new item of the specified type. For instance, creates a fresh Google Calendar event, while creates a new Google Doc.

    google workspace
    google workspace sign up
    • Gmail: The world’s most used email service
    • Calendar: Scheduling solution
    • Meet hardware Audio and video conference
    • Spaces / Chat Teams and project locations
    • Drive: Cloud storage for private use that lets shared drives and files
    • Docs : documents that collaborate (
    • Sheets: spreadsheets for collaboration (
    • Slides: Presentations that are collaborative (
    • Formulas: Forms and surveys that can be customized (
    • Notes to Keep: Collaborative Notes ( and
    • Sites: Collaborative websites (
    google workspace
    google workspace sites

    These apps aren’t typically featured as core Workspace applications, but they are typically available, depending on the version you use in Google Workspace. In certain instances, they require additional purchases.

    Benefits of google workspace for business

    1. Accessibility at any time, from anywhere.

    It is a cloud-hosted service; Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for businesses can be accessed 24/7 anywhere. In addition, because Google Workspace apps also work with any browser, you can utilize all devices to connect to google Workspace services and information regardless of Mac or PC, Android phones, and Apple tablets.

    Thanks to G Workspace’s offline capabilities, it is no longer necessary to depend on the Internet to complete work done or access your files. G File Stream can transfer your most recent G Drive content to your device if you prefer copies of your files stored locally to ensure peace of mind or offline work. By doing this, Google ensures you’re always working with the most current data and don’t have to spend time moving or re-copying assets.

    2. Industry-leading enterprise security

    enterprise security

    One of the primary reasons to use Google Workspace is that the platform does its best to keep your data safe. Google utilizes strict and industry-leading security protocols in its data centers in physical locations and cloud-hosted operations.

    3. Unlimited data

    In contrast to the free Gmail accounts (which offer users access to up to 15GB of data for free), With Google Workspace for a business, you receive unlimited data on all of your resources such as apps, files, images, documents, documents, and emails.

    Google Workspace also provides you with an intuitive set of data Migration instruments and tools that aid you in the process of moving data safely from your computer or office server to store and manage all your files and data on one central hub.

    If the idea of relying on cloud storage to keep your data secure makes you anxious, do not worry about it, Google Workspace has several options to protect your data. For instance, you can control searches and exports of your company’s email and documents to local devices and set retention guidelines for any archive materials through Vault. Google Backup and Sync also lets you keep a copy of all cloud-hosted data stored on your computer or server at work.

    4. Simple admin Governance

    The Google Workspace Admin Console is an effective tool that allows administrators and owners greater control over business activities. For example, utilizing the Admin Panel, users can set restrictions or restrictions on employees’ accounts, devices, data, verification settings, and apps to ensure they’re using them correctly.

    It is also possible to view reports on user activity. Console’s Reports panel also produces reports on user activity and gives administrators important information on how employees use Google Workspace for business. In just a few clicks, administrators can collect useful data like the amount of content being produced, who is benefiting from productivity-enhancing features, and who’s device might pose a security risk.

    5. Cost-effective solutions

    There are numerous ways Google Workspace can save your business money. Purchasing and maintaining your company’s servers and equipment is no longer necessary. Google handles security protocols and checks. Collaboration tools allow you to reduce travel time or even office space; if you’d like scaling up and down can be easy to do. It is as simple as paying for a second Google Workspace account rather than additional software or storage.

    Costing the cost of a monthly subscription of just $12 per user for Google Workspace Business and $25 per user for Google Workspace Enterprise, these are just a few of the affordable Google Workspace benefits for small firms and big corporations alike.

    6. Third-party integrations

    Third-party integrations are a further great advantage that comes with Google Workspace for business, as it is a platform that works well with other applications, such as CRM tools and template management platforms like Templafy.

    How Much Does Workspace Cost?

    google workspace
    Workspace Cost

    Google Workspace isn’t cheap. Its Business Starter edition costs $6 per month for each user. It includes 100 video-based meetings per month (with no recording) and 30GB of memory per person. Its Business Standard version doubles the price to $12 per month, offers up to 150 video-based gatherings (with the option of recording), and extends storage up to 2TB per person. The more expensive Business Plus and Enterprise plans provide more security features. Google provides free versions to educational institutions and non-profit organizations However, larger institutions should opt for the Enterprise version.

    The similar Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan costs $5 per month per user, and the Business Standard tier is $12.50 per month per user. The more expensive business Premium and Enterprise plans may also be available. Microsoft’s Business Basic plan, like Google Workspace, is only available online, either through an internet browser (Chrome is the most compatible) or as feature-limited smartphones Android app and iOS programs. Microsoft’s Business Premium plans and any above plans with desktop applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, along with the main applications available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.

    Google workspace updates

    Google has announced new improvements to the Google Workspace platform based on the insights that machine learning has provided.

    The company claims to have utilized AI for some time to improve user experience, and the most recent changes are intended to enhance the hybrid tool’s work.

    Updates are built-in summary summaries for Spaces and meeting transcriptions that are automated and summarization. Also, Portrait restoration with portrait light, as well as other features.

    Google workspace vs Office 365

    google workspace
    Google workspace vs. Office 365

    Ease of Use

    In the case of Office 365 vs. Google Workspace, Google stays true to its principle of simplicity. Google generally prioritizes user-friendliness over design which is why the tools it offers aren’t designed to appeal to the eyes like Microsoft’s. But they can seamlessly function on the backend, resulting in efficiency improvements.

    For example, Google Docs documents are automatically saved to Google Drive without even having to name the document before.

    Google Workspace focuses on the essential tasks that allow users to collaborate and become productive. It isn’t equipped with certain of the advanced and complex features available in Office 365 and compensates for the simple ones.


    Google Workspace offers 30 GB of storage per user on the most basic plan. This storage is pooled over Drive, Gmail, Chat, Docs, and other Google services. It also lets you set up your company’s web domain and all the advantages of Gmail. Gmail lets attachments as large as 25MB in email. Users can also transfer larger files using Google Drive.

    Gmail is less expensive than Microsoft’s Outlook. In addition, users can make up to 2000 email messages and receive more than 86,000 emails daily. Although both Gmail and Outlook provide two-step authentication as well as integrated anti-spam features, Gmail also lets you check when and when it was used the last time, this is one distinctive safety feature.

    Google Workspace Apps

    Google’s apps, such as Docs Sheets, Docs, and Slides, are accessible as web browser-based apps and mobile versions. Google does not offer desktop versions of these applications; however, users can mark their files to be offline accessible for working on them without an internet connection.


    A quantitative study commissioned by Google discovered that “while both suites have a positive impact in the area of collaboration, Google Workspace consistently drove bigger impacts, and sometimes by a sizable margin.”

    For example, 84 percent of Google Workspace users edit and review the same document in the course of a meeting, as opposed to 69 percent of Microsoft 365 users who do the same.

    Similarly to that, 95 % also of Google Workspace users easily collaborate with multiple users in the same document; in contrast, 84 percent of Microsoft 365 users.

    Information illustrating the importance of team cooperation


    It’s widely known that being able to work from any location and from location increases workers’ efficiency and job satisfaction. Data is a strong argument to show that Google Workspace offers a more user-friendly and efficient mobile experience that allows workers to do more while on the move.

    76 % of Google Workspace users accomplish tasks using mobile devices, in contrast with 61 % of Office 365 users. This includes various activities like editing, reviewing, or providing feedback to Docs and Sheets, scheduling meetings and taking part in them, and answering emails.

    Working while on the go can dramatically impact an employee’s productivity and ability to work. Google Workspace leads the industry in this regard.

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