What is Google Trends: How to use it for Keyword Research

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    As marketers, our task is to make the most of the popular trends within the “here and now.” One way to find out what’s trending is to use Google Trends.

    This tool will help you identify most of the current and upcoming trends in search marketing. It is then possible to apply what you’ve learned to use it in all (and every) method you employ to market.

    This article will help you in understanding how to utilize Google Trends and the specific actions you can take to get the most out of your time.

    What is Google Trends

    google trends
    google trends daily

    Google Trends is an important trending search feature that displays how often a specific keyword is searched for in Google’s search engine compared to the overall volume of searches over a specific time. Google Trends is a great tool to conduct comparative searches on keywords and find spikes caused by events in the volume of searches for keywords.

    Google Trends provides keyword-related data such as search volume index and information on geographical locations of the users of search engines.

    How Does Google Trends Work?

    When you first start using it for search patterns, one of the things you’ll see is Google Trends is based on an index scale of zero to 100 instead of the volume of searches.

    To determine the search volume for the search terms you want, utilize keyword tools to find what they are: You could use Google Ads’ Keyword Planner tool from Google Ads, for instance, to check the search volume of popular keywords phrases.

    A score of 1 indicates the lowest level of relative popularity, while 100 indicates the reverse, the most popular point of relative fame. A score of 0 informs you that there’s not enough information available for the search term.

    While search volumes can influence popularity in a particular way, they aren’t the same.

    The advantage of the system of the relative score is it allows users to find diverse trends, including unrelated ones, to make comparisons.

    This score will always be based on the other terms you choose to look up.

    The scores let you examine unusual combinations on the fly, which analyzes specific answers possible. It also allows for innovative analysis.

    Where Does Google Trends Data Come From?

    google trends
    google search trends data

    Google Trends data is sourced in five diverse Google sources:

    • Web Search
    • Image Search
    • News Search
    • Google Shopping
    • YouTube Search

    How do you use Google Trends?

    1. Use Google Trends for Market Research

    Can you gauge the demand for your product or service before you be launched in a brand new market?

    Google Trends Explore can assist you in understanding how the seasonality of your location and seasonality could impact your product or service.

    If you click on the Country drop-down selection below the query, you can narrow it down to metropolitan areas or select the options displayed on the map. You can also alter the date to increase or reduce the history, aware that the sample may alter if you choose an interval within the seven days.

    It does not contain a “search term” underneath it is a Topic. Topics are aggregated categories, while search terms concentrate on keywords. Similar to “Related Topics” and “Related queries” tables. Begin by broadening your search to a subject before narrowing it down to specific search terms as you look through the results.

    2. Using Google Trends to Find Niches

    Google Trends is an excellent tool for identifying a growing niche. However, when trying to find a new market, it is important to ensure that you switch your search range from “Past 12 months” to “2004-present.” Doing this allows you to see if the number of searches is growing or decreasing. However, it also lets you observe seasonal trends in one simple snapshot.

    3. Test Out Google Trends for News

    google trends
    google trends data

    If so, you must consider google trends subscriptions. Subscribe to receive the most popular, top of all search trends either daily, weekly, or when they happen.

    4. Create Content on Current Trends

    On the homepage of Google Trends on the Google Trends homepage, you’ll see an area dedicated to the most popular search terms. The most-searched-for topic at the moment. You can explore the latest trending searches daily, live trending searches, and search by the country of your choice.

    Although most of the most popular search results are about celebrities, you can discover some newsworthy stories related to specific areas.

    5. Use Google Trends for Keyword Research

    A lot of keyword research tools display an estimated monthly volume of searches. However, if you’ve not been keeping track of this data month-to-month, it’s difficult to know whether the searches on the subject are trending either up or down. Google Trends can give you the directional data to match your monthly searches.

    When you’re looking at trends for your keywords, you will find related questions trending upwards to consider adding to your keyword list.

    If you’re unsure of what people might be looking for, look up the subject provided by Google in auto-complete, if possible, and then look through your “Related queries” that are filtered by the Top queries. When you’ve identified diverse terms within the related queries, Add up to five to be able to compare the results.

    6. Get Ideas for Blog Posts

    Google Trends is a great option for searching for fascinating and fresh ideas for writing about. If you’re a writer, you’re aware of how difficult it can be to write writing that your readers will enjoy and that will rank highly on Google. Google Trends provides a certain method of identifying excellent topics, as they will tell you what’s the most popular.

    They give you specific subjects and questions around popular search terms. For example, let’s take the bass fishing illustration and scroll down just a to. There are related topics, and the other one is related questions.

    7. Track Competitors’ positions with Google Trends Compare

    google trends
    google trends graphs

    With Google Trends, you can also monitor your competitors and check how they’re doing against your own brand. Since the Captain Marvel movie is out, let’s make a Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics comparison see how both brands have performed over time.

    This feature lets you can evaluate the results of up to 5 search phrases or your competitors. If your company is growing and gaining a greater search reach, it is possible to use Google Trends compare to ensure that you’re always above your competition. On the other hand, suppose you discover that your competitors are growing more quickly than you do. In that case, you’ll know you must begin to analyze their marketing strategies in order to figure out the ways to increase your effectiveness.

    8. Get Ideas for Social Media Campaigns

    Google Trends search results aren’t just used for organic search marketing; you can also use them for social media. Growing a follower on social media and continually creating new and interesting content to promote is an enormous task. Google Trends can help.

    It is possible to use the related query section to find the most popular topics and then create creative copies around them. For instance, we can see some searches that relate to the bass pro fishing tournament. If we own an online store for fishing, Perhaps we’d like to launch an online campaign around this subject. The tournament could be used to highlight our brand and perhaps even make mention of professional fishermen using the equipment we provide or the lures we sell.

    How to Turn Off Trending Searches on a PC

    To stop trending searches within Google on your computer, Follow the steps below:

    • Open your browser, type “,” and then hit “Enter”
    • Select “Settings” at the lower right of the screen.
    • Choose “Search Settings” from the menu.
    google trends
    Turn Off Trending
    • Choose “Do not show popular searches” under the “Autocomplete with trending searches” section.
    google trends
    google trends youtube


    Making use of Google Trends for market research is a good idea as an element of your marketing plan; however, it’s only one tool within a large arsenal of tools to improve search visibility as well as bring more traffic to your site and gain more customers.

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