Top 10 tips & Tricks to using Google Translator

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    Top 10 tips to using Google Translator

    In this ever-more global and connected world we live in; we are used to connecting with people from across the globe. Global communication is now an integral aspect of daily life for all people across the globe. But, one of the major aspects of this growing globalization of communications is the need to be able to hear more languages than we have ever. Today, however, if someone talks to you or writes you a word in a language other than English, it is possible to use online translators to understand the meaning.

    For many using translation tools, the first preference will be Google Translate. This is now one of the leading translators available and has a large crowd who want to reach out to people across the globe.

    In this post, we’ll look at the basics of Google Translate and how you must be aware of concerning Google Translate.

    Google Translator Tips and Tricks

    Translate Images

    google translator

    Another interesting feature is the possibility to translate text within an image using the camera on your phone. Google Translate offers live translations; however, some languages require downloading a language pack. Choose the source and destination languages and then tap on the camera icon. Your camera should be pointed towards the menu, sign, or document written in the origin language. When the app has had an opportunity to read the language, the translation is superimposed over the image and can be viewed directly on display.

    If you have an iPhone, it is possible to take a photograph of the image that has been translated to select the text, then listen to it being spoken out loud, or forward this to the Translate application.

    For your Android device, snap an image of the picture. Next, press the Scan icon to take a picture, and then tap each section of text to view the translation. Finally, click the Import icon to translate the photo you’ve captured using your smartphone.

    Transcribe Speech

    It is possible to speak in one language, and the app will translate the words you speak into another language. Press the microphone icon near the bottom of your screen, and talk your words or phrases into the application. Google Translate then translates your words into the target language. Click the Speaker icon to listen to the translation.

    Another alternative is to tap the Transcribe icon before you begin talking. Then, when you’re done, tap the microphone icon. Then, you can select and duplicate the transcription to copy it to another location.

    Download Translations For Offline Use

    google translator
    google translator

    Google Translate is a great tool to use Google Translate to download various languages onto your device, so it can be used offline to translate, too. This is extremely useful since it allows you to translate different languages even if you do not connect to the Internet.

    This feature allows the app to function in foreign countries. in cases where it’s blocked due to a reason.

    • Open The Google Translate app on your device.
    • Tap the hamburger icon located in the upper-left corner.
    • Choose the option that says Offline Translation.
    • On the next screen, you’ll see the list of languages you can download onto your device to use offline. Click “download” next to each language you wish to download.

    Now you can do translations using your languages downloaded without the Internet.

    Real-Time Conversations

    The Google Translate app helps you have a conversation with another person who speaks another language. Select the two languages you want to converse in and click on the Conversation icon. Then you can continue the conversation either manually or automatically.

    The manual method requires you to tap on the icon for the language spoken by the present speaker. If you choose the automatic route, pressing the Auto icon instructs Google to identify who is using the language based on the one they’re speaking.

    Save your favorite phrases and words.

    google translator

    If you are constantly searching for the correct translation of specific words or phrases, You can save them to ensure quick access. Tap the star button on the right side of a search result, and it will be added to your saved list. To view your saved entries, press the Save button at the lower right of your screen.

    Make use of the app as a dictionary.

    The app can be set to change the language from English to English (or whatever language you are speaking). In addition, it will provide dictionary definitions rather than translations, making Google Translate a great pocket dictionary and thesaurus.

    Google Translate App does real-time voice translation.

    Install Google Translate. Download the Google Translate App on your smartphone. After it is open, tap to speak; choose your preferred language and one you’d like to translate. Then, tap the microphone again. You can start talking, and it’ll translate for you!

    Translate Any Website

    google translator

    If there’s a foreign site that you’re required to translate, simply type the URL into the box for translation, then select the language to translate, and it’ll open an internal browser for you to browse. If you remain in that browser, you’ll be able to view it in another language.

    Offer Alternative Translations

    If you want to provide another translation option, just go ahead by clicking “Suggest an edit” or the “Suggest an edit” button on the right-hand side of the page. The information will be forwarded to Google and then added to their database.

    Make use of the handwriting tool within the application.

    Sometimes, it’s best to write the word to find the translation. Luckily, the Google Translation Google Translation app has you covered in this regard. Pressing the handwriting option on the right of the app allows you to write the words you require to translate using your finger. Simple and easy.


    While it’s still being developed and improved, Google Translate is already one of the complete translators available on the Internet currently. Consider that it’s free to utilize, and you’ll realize that this tool is among the most innovative ideas that could be used to get faster, easy translations at any time.

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