How Google Street View Can Help Your Business

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    What is Google Street View 

    Google Street View is an attribute in Google Maps that allows users to look and navigate through 360 degrees of horizontal and vertical street-level panoramas of different cities around the globe. It is possible to use the Street View feature can be used to go on virtual walks and explore landmarks or locate restaurants, shops, and hotels.

    The images of Street View are obtained from specially-designed vehicles that pass through urban and cities with 360-degree panoramic footage of all they encounter and people doing their daily activities. To ensure privacy for people, Google has implemented technology that blurs users’ faces and allows users to report inappropriate or sensitive images to be reviewed and removed.

    google street view
    google street view cameras

    Benefits of google street view 

    1. Reach your target audience

    When it comes to your customer’s needs, Google Maps Street View is a fantastic way to connect with your ideal customer.

    Let’s say that you’re a sports bar that’s aimed at people who are fans of the college game. To draw your customers’ attention, you’ve put up football memorabilia and banners throughout your establishment. Displaying your decor is a fantastic way to get in front of your public. Google Maps Street View gives you the chance to show off your decor. Now college football fans will explore your restaurant and become enthralled by your interior.

    2. Provide customers with a unique experience of your business

    Make your business more visible by creating your own top-quality 360-degree interactive tour. You can show the many details your customers appreciate. This is ideal for any establishment that welcomes guests to its premises, such as bars, shops, gyms, salons, restaurants, and many more!

    3. Build trust.

    Today, we live in a time of distrust. Untrust in institutions, businesses, or governments as well as marketing. The majority of Americans have to be exposed to 4000 to 10,000 advertisements every day and don’t bet on advertising ads blindly. This means authenticity is more crucial than ever before.

    Street View lets you show your customers that you have nothing to conceal. Instead of declaring what you do, it is possible to show your customers who you are. This will help you establish confidence and is a fantastic method of distinguishing yourself from others.

    4. Stand out in searches

    These images will not only appear on Google search results, Google Maps, and Google+ Local; it is also possible to integrate panoramic photos onto your own websites or social media pages and much more!

    5. Passive marketing

    Word-of-mouth, user-generated content, and reviews are a few examples of reliable and efficient marketing.

    Give your customers Google Maps Street View access to the company. It will further increase the effectiveness of these promotional “strategies” as your advocates can now show their families or friends what they’re discussing.

    Imagine this scenario: one of your customers enjoys dinner with his friends and talks about his previous week’s trip to your restaurant. He raves about the food and waiters but also mentions the cozy ambiance. To show his guests what he’s discussing using his smartphone, he’ll grab it and provide them with a virtual tour of your space. The guests will likely think of your establishment next time they plan to go out because they know it’s great and is already happy about it, thanks to the virtual experience.

    6. Professional photography with affordable costs

    These tours have been professionally designed and include a variety of photos of points of interest that you can utilize however you wish. They are stored for free through Google’s servers. There are no annual fees.

    7. A comfortable and easy experience

    Google Maps Street View can be used at any time, from anywhere. Because today’s users are incredibly impatient and accustomed to getting answers to any question fast and effortlessly through Google, Street View is an excellent platform for giving them the answers they need.

    Studies show that the brain processes images sixty times more quickly than text, and images are 40 percent more likely to share via social media. In addition, there is the possibility that we are more likely to retain videos and images. Also, Street View Street View images will be processed quicker than an explanation of your company, increasing the chances of people recollecting your business. It is said that an image is worth more than 1,000 words.

    How to see street view on google maps

    • View Site is great if you’re looking to view an area immediately; however, you can change to Street View when using Google Maps.
    • Go to Google Maps on a web browser.
    • In the upper left corner, search for a specific address or place in the search box.
    • Choose the correct address on the map, then click to select the Pegman (individual yellow icon) in the lower-right corner.
    • If the Pegman isn’t visible, choose the street to the right of the place you’d like to utilize Street View, and then click on the pop-up window that appears. If you don’t see an ad, Street View is not available at that location.
    • Select any blue highlighted region on the map to display Street View imagery.
    • You can also select the picture in the upper-left corner to see photos of the area.

    Google Street View Using a Mobile Device

    google street view
    How Google Street View Can Help Your Business 4

    Launch the Google Maps app. 

    If you’re always on the move, Street View can be an excellent tool to help you locate the information you’re seeking. Utilize it to peek at the location you’re heading to before you leave so you’re aware of what you should be looking for or searching for a company in a different location.

    Street View can be used in all versions of Google Maps on any mobile device, as long as you have a reliable data connection.

    Mark markers.

     To use Street View, it is necessary to require an area marked placed on the map. You can put markers using a search for a specific location or tapping a marker for a business on the top map, or press and hold any location on the map using your finger.

    Scroll up. 

    When a marker is placed, the location will be displayed in the form of a bar on the lower part of the map as well as a navigation button. Swipe the bar up using your finger to launch your Save/Share window. If Street View is accessible at the place, a photo will show up.

    If you don’t choose an appropriate spot near your road, you might not be able to access Street View. Street View. Consider placing the marker near the nearest road.

    Open Street View

    Tap the image to open street View mode. The view will switch to display the 360deg panorama. This requires an internet connection to download the image.

    View around. 

    You can look at Street View by shifting your finger across the screen. The camera will be moving in the reverse direction to your finger. For example, if you swipe down, the camera will be pointed upwards. Zoom in and out by squeezing your fingers against the screen.

    Use the look-around icon to direct your phone to examine the image. This is a great option when you are close to your location and want to determine where you are. The icon is situated in the lower-left corner. It appears as two arrows pointing toward each other.

    google street view
    google maps with street view

    Move around.

    You can move to any point in the picture by double-tap. Street View will attempt to load the nearest location. It is also possible to move between roads by tapping on the Arrows that appear on the map. This can be useful in the simulation of a driving experience since turning arrows will be displayed at intersections.

    How Google Street View works   

    To get an impression of a particular place that makes us feel as if we are actually moving through the area, simply play with the red doll (Pegman) that appears near the zoom buttons on Google Maps and drop it onto the locations of the map. Blue lines immediately emerge. These lines are the locations that are included as being in Street View and where Pegman can go.

    The creation of 360o images is a challenge. Google engineers handle it after all images taken through the Street View vehicle have been taken. To record those locations which are not accessible via vehicles, the company offers a backpack that has built-in cameras that allow users to capture in real-time using the “Trekker. This device was initially used to record the beauty of the Grand Canyon of Colorado (USA).

    Another method for capturing photos of outdoor sights is to use snowmobiles as well as Google Street View scooters, while inside, the company employs modified carts. The latter is the method used in world-class museums or in iconic buildings.

    Final Thoughts

    If you think about your Google search results, It’s easy to overlook your company’s Street View and virtual tour; however, it’s not a good idea!

    Including these features can help create comprehensive Google profiles for your company and eventually improve your visibility and credibility.

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