How to play the “Google Snake” game for free in 2022

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    What’s Google Snake?

    Google snake is an arcade classic that is played with the vertical axis. The goal for game’s objective is to devour the most apples you possibly can without being consumed by snakes.

    There are two options in the game. Classic mode as well as Arcade mode. In the classic mode, players must be able to move upwards and downwards to avoid being devoured by snakes. When playing arcades, gamers must use a joystick or arrow keypad to regulate their character’s movements.

    How do you play the google snake game with Google Maps?

    google snake
    play snake on google maps

    1. Download and then open Google Maps.

    It’s probably a matter of the obvious, but to make sure it’s all clear, It is necessary to have Google Maps or the app installed on your phone to use “Snake.”

    It’s possible to have it on your iPhone or Android smartphone — “Snake” is available on both versions of Google Maps.

    2. Select the menu icon on the left upper corner.

    3. Choose “Play Snake.”  

    4. Select the city overlay you’d prefer to use or pick the entire globe.

    google snake
    google doodle snake game

    5. You can play “Snake” to your heart’s satisfaction.

    How do I get mods for Google Snake?

    Here are seven steps on how to modify this game. Google Snake Game:

    1. Download the Google Snake Menu Mod

    • Initially, it is necessary to install the Google Snake Menu Mod in Chrome.
    • Firstly, go to the GitHub page of the Google Snake Menu Mod by clicking on this link:
    • When you’re on the page, there will be several assets.
    • The list comprises “MoreMenu.html,” “Source code (zip),” as well as “Source code (tar.gz).”
    • Hit “MoreMenu.html” to download the mod.

    2. Visit your bookmark manager.

    • After downloading “MoreMenu.html,” you need to save it in your bookmarks.
    • Before that, you’ll have to log into the bookmarks manager in your browser.
    • To do this, click on the three dots in the top bar of navigation in Chrome.
    • The menu will appear with a variety of options, including “New tab,” “New window,” “New incognito window”, and many more.
    • Select “Bookmarks” to open the “Bookmarks” menu.
    • Now click on “Bookmark manager” to navigate to Your Bookmark Manager.

    3. Just click on three dots

    • After clicking on “Bookmark manager,” you’ll be able to see a list of your bookmarks.
    • Then, you must add this Google Snake Menu Mod to your bookmarks.
    • To do this, click on the three dots in the upper navigation bar.

    4. Hit “Import bookmarks.”

    • After clicking on the three dots and you’ll get various choices.
    • The list comprises “Sort by name,” “Add new bookmark,” and “Add new folder.”
    • You can export and import bookmarks.
    • To import bookmarks, click on “Import bookmarks.”

    5. Open “More Menu.”

    • Once you’ve clicked “Import bookmarks,” the File Explorer will open.
    • The next step is to find that “MoreMenu.html” file.
    • Select “Downloads” to see your most recent downloads.
    • Then, click “More Menu” and “Open” to import it into your bookmarks.

    6. Open “More Menu Stuff.”

    • Once you’ve added “MoreMenu.html” to your bookmarks, You can utilize it.
    • First, open the Google Snake Game by typing “Snake game” on Chrome.
    • Click “Play” to play the game.
    • After you’ve got yourself in the game, click on the three dots in the top navigation bar in Chrome.
    • Second, click on “Bookmarks” to display your bookmarks list.
    • Then, click on “Imported” to view your newly imported bookmarks.
    • The fourth step is to Click on “More Menu Stuff” to enable Google Snake Game Mod.
    • Then, click on the gear icon to start the Mod menu.

    7. Utilize the mod menu

    • Once you’ve clicked on “gear,” the menu for mods will be displayed.
    • You’ll have more options available after you’ve activated your Google Snake Game Mod!
    • This includes additional food items, maps, animals, and cool things!

    Is there an end to the Google Snake Game?           

    The Google Snake Game is not going to disappear anytime soon. There are many reasons this fun game will not go away. It’s enjoyable for certain players but addicting for some; too simple to play!

    It’s been quite a while since the time the Google Snake game was introduced in 2004. Then, it was announced that the game was downloaded over 1 billion times on Android.

    With the number of downloads and the new generation of players, it’s hard to determine if there’s any end in sight for the sport. It will be fascinating to see where the game can take us in popularity and endurance.

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