Google Search: Secret hacks you didn’t know

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    Google search is typically employed in its non-advanced form. You simply type in the search term into the box and press enter. After that, Google performs the rest of the magic. You may have heard about the most polite user of Google, sweet Nan, who puts “Thank you” and “please” in every search. Google even gives kudos to an elderly for his polite Internet search results.

    There is a faster and more advanced method of getting your search results without being rude to Google. In addition, there are sophisticated methods, tricks, and tips within Google that can be utilized to create personalized or filtered searches.

    In this post, we’ve given you around 15 tricks with which you’ll be able to find the secret information quickly and easily.

    Google search tips & Tricks for effective search results

    1. Use the tabs

    The first suggestion is to make use of the tabs of Google search. At the top of each search is various tabs. Usually, you’ll see WebImageNews, and More. With these tabs, you’ll be able to identify the type of search you’ll have to conduct.

    If you need images, go-to to images and click the images tab. If you’re searching for an article from the past, you can use this News tab.

    It’s basic, and most users are already using the tabs. However, if you’re not already you, you are strongly recommended to be involved with these tabs. They can speed up your search drastically if used correctly.

    2. Fast Calculations

    google search
    Fast Calculations

    Calculators that are handheld are intended meant for mathematicians. The address bar of the browser (omnibar) and Google will instantly display the results in the search results.

    You can also find calculators directly through the results of Google’s results for searches. For example, you can search for the calculatortip calculator, and mortgage calculator to find the calculator you require on the first page of the results.

    3. Use quotes

    If you are searching for something specific, try using quotes to make it easier using Google search. When you include the search parameters within quotes, it instructs Google to search for the entire term.

    For example, if you type in puppy dog sweaters, The engine will seek out items that contain the three words in any order.

    But, if you search “Puppy Dog Sweaters,” it will search for the exact phrase you entered. This will help you find certain information hidden under other content if not sorted out properly.

    4. Currency Converter

    google search
    Currency Converter

    If you want to convert currencies, it is possible to do so through both the omnibar and search results. To calculate the conversion within the omnibar, follow this formula.

    You can also type “currency converter” to populate the conversion results. It will show dozens of currencies that can be converted.

    You could also use the program to convert several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, and Litecoin. If you know what these are.

    5. Search with your Voice

    google search
    Search with your Voice

    Google lets you make voice search queries. For example, suppose you’re surfing Google using the Chrome web browser or the Google application for Android or iOS. In that case, you can press the microphone button and speak directly to Google about the information you’re seeking, and then it will display the results once it has received the information from you.

    6. Make use of hyphens to exclude words

    Sometimes, you’ll be looking for a term with unclear meaning. For instance, Mustang. If you search for Mustang, you might get results for the automobile made by Ford or the horse. If you’re looking to take one of them out, you can use the hyphen to inform that the engine to not associate with using the other. Check out the following example.

    • Mustang -cars

    The search engine is instructed to search for mustangs but to filter out any results that contain”car” in the “car” in it. It is extremely helpful in finding out information about something without obtaining details about another.

    7. See World Time

    google search
    World Time

    You can use Google to search for the time in [citycity to find out what time is happening in a different city at the moment or look up [citytime] to [city] to find out the difference in time between where you reside and elsewhere.

    8. Use Advanced Search for filtered results

    google search
    google search console

    Are you not interested in learning the various modifiers? You can utilize them to enhance your Google search. On Google’s search results, you can click on the gear icon, then select advanced search to open an advanced page.

     This feature lets you search for keywords or phrases in particular fields rather than using specific modifiers. Results can be narrowed further by region, language, the last update date domain, location of term explicit content, file type, and usage rights. In addition, images can be narrowed down by the size of the image dimensions, proportions, colors, and even the image’s type.

    While you cannot do an advanced search using mobile devices, you can use filters to narrow your search results by image. For example, use the slider in the upper right corner of the search to filter it by latest GIF, HD images, pictures of products, colors, and usage rights.

    9. See Weather Forecast 

    google search
    Weather Forecast 

    Enter the word "weather" to view the current temperature on the omnibar as well as the weather forecast for next week. Search results will display. If you’d like to see the forecast for weather in an area you’re not currently in, enter weather [locationlocation.

    10. Google Reverse Image Search

    Google allows “backward” image searches on all browsers. This allows you to upload an image and get information about the image. For instance, if you upload a photograph showing the Eiffel Tower, Google can recognize the image and provide information about this Paris monument. Google also recognizes faces and will direct you to sites where the image is displayed, help you identify the work of art, or show pictures of works that look “visually similar.”

     Visit Google Images and just drag and drop an image onto the bar for searching. You can also click on the camera icon to upload an image or paste the URL of an image.

    Also Check : Guide to Google Reverse Image Search

    11. Check Flight Schedule

    You can check the flight status by searching for its flight number. Plus, if anyone has written to you regarding the flight, the search will also populate with the information.

    12. Define Words in Google Search

    Use Google search to help you define unfamiliar terms (or 2-word words) by entering the word followed by the definition. This prompts Google to provide you with a card that includes the definition, pronunciation, and if there is one available, a full etymological explanation. Sometimes Google will define the word in the autocomplete box before when you click search.

    13. Get Tourist Spots

    google search
    Tourist Spots

    Google will list tourist attractions of any location anywhere in the world; if you begin your search by using the keyword ” attractions,” you give details about the location, such as the city name or postal code of the place. For instance: “attractions New Delhi” or “attractions in New Delhi” include the most popular places within New Delhi, and “attractions 10001” provides a list of tourist spots located in New York.

    14. Search for Sunrise and Sunset

    google search
    Search for Sunrise and Sunset

    Do you want to know when the sun is setting or rising in your region? Find for sunrise or sunset, and Google will provide the information you need depending on the device’s current position. You can search for sunrise/sunset time in other places also.

    15. Find My Phone

    If you own an Android device, Google makes it simpler to identify your gadget by visiting Google’s Google Search page. Simply type in “find my phone,” assuming you have logged into your Google account. It will immediately locate your device. You can call your phone, lock it, and log off your Google account. If you believe your device has been stolen and want to erase it, then do so. This can all be accomplished right on Google’s Google Search page.

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