Google Pay: How To Use Google Pay in 2002

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    Google Wallet was the first mobile payment system developed to work on Android devices in the year 2011. In 2015, the system was renamed Android Pay, with Google Wallet changed to only peer-to-peer ( P2P) payments.

    In 2018, Google introduced Google Wallet that helps other payment services that are under the Google Pay brand. 

    Google Pay is available for contactless payment using Android devices. The peer-to-peer features and access to accounts are available for iOS. If you’re using the Apple Watch or an iPhone Apple Watch for NFC payments, only Apple Pay is allowed to use this feature.

    What is Google Pay

    Google Pay is a digital wallet and payment platform provided by Google. It allows users to pay for transactions using Android phones in retail stores and on websites that support its mobile apps and Google services like Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

    Users connect their debit or credit card into accounts on their Google-Pay account, which is used to process transactions that are used for online or in-store purchases. Google Pay uses near field communication ( NFC) to communicate with payment terminals in Android smartphones. If logged into one’s Google account on Google’s browser, Google Pay is available. In addition, the user can perform transitions with Google Pay on sites that offer the service.

    Google pay app download IOS & Android

    How to set up google pay

    Set Up Google Pay From the Android App

    Google-Pay already comes with most Android devices, which means you don’t need to manually connect and download it. If you need to, it is possible to download Google-Pay by visiting Google Play(It opens in a new browser). But, Google has a problem offering two variations of their app: an older version and a brand new version. Both versions are identical, but the more recent version comes with more options, so it’s the version Google would prefer you to use. If you try to launch the old version on your smartphone, you’re prompted to download the new Google Pay app.

    google pay
    google pay support

    After opening the app, ensure you’re logged in to your Google Account. Google Account. The app will ask you to connect the app to your phone number via a text message. The app will then prompt users to create privacy settings. Following that, you may choose to be added to a Google-Pay search option so that others can locate your name. The next step is that you may opt to benefit from cashback reward points.

    If you’ve already added a debit or credit card through Google-Pay, have a credit card on the Google-Pay website, or have data stored in Chrome, the application will show the current payment options. If you don’t, it prompts you to create one. Press the button to add an account. You can select either a credit or debit card, loyalty card, gift card, or transit card on the next screen. Choose the option credit or debit card, and choose either the card option or PayPal. Finally, choose the type of payment you’d like to add.

    google pay
    google pay settings

    If you’ve already established the payment method you want to use and wish to set up a new one, click the button “setting” to set up Contactless and pay with contactless. You’ll then be able to select the new credit or debit card or opt for PayPal. If you choose PayPal, you’ll be taken to the PayPal website to sign up and verify your account.

    After initial setup, you’ll be brought to the Pay screen in the app, in which you can learn about various options and control your account.

    Set Up Google Pay on iPhone

    For those who have an iPhone, install Google-Pay. Download the Google-Pay app from the App Store(Opens in a new tab). On the app’s main page, you can sign in using the details of your Google Account, if necessary, or verify the account you’ve listed. Enter your mobile number, then confirm the message sent to you.

    google pay
    google pay limits

    You’re asked to create your privacy preference. Next, decide if you would like friends to be able to find you when they seek your name or phone number. Select if you would like to earn cashback as well as discounts. Finally, decide if you’d like to enable personalization on Google-Pay.

    google pay
    Source- PCMAG

    In the final step, the application asks you to use the Face ID or Touch ID to verify the Google Pay payments. You’ll then be brought to the screen for pay, where you’ll learn about various options and control your account.

    How to use google pay

    Pay and send money using Google Pay.

    However, Google Pay isn’t just about using your phone instead of cards. You can also send and receive cash to family members and friends as you do using Venmo and Zelle.

    1. To transfer cash, you must open your Google Pay app.

    2. Press the Request or Send Money buttons.

    3. Pick an individual to pay funds to or to request funds from.

    4. If someone you’re writing to or asking for information from isn’t listed in your contact list, enter their phone number or email address.

    5. If they’ve got Google pay on their phone, you can give them the Google Pay QR code with you (or reverse).

    Google Pay: With Google Pay, you can also transfer money or request it via your web browser.

    1. Go to and log in.

    2. Next, choose next to the Send and Request Money tab.

    3. Tap Send Money or Request Money.

    4. Enter the amount you wish to transfer or request. Then enter the recipient’s telephone number, email address, or name to get information on their credit card.

    5. Finally, tap Send or Request.

    Make use of Google Pay on websites and applications

    It is also possible to use Google Pay at checkout on websites and apps like Caviar, Starbucks, and Airbnb. If you notice Google Pay, whether it’s on a Google Pay icon on a website or an app, just tap it when you are at the checkout.

    How do you remove the card on Google Pay?

    Removing a credit payment card from Google Pay is even simpler than adding one. To take out a card, simply go through these instructions.

    On Google Pay’s Google Pay, tap the card on the main screen. Then, tap the button on the right.

    Click on the credit card that you wish to get rid of. Further information about it will be displayed.

    Click on the three dots at the top-right left corner, then select “Remove payment method.”

    A pop-up will be displayed to confirm that you can do this. Click “Yes, Remove.”

    Does Walmart take Google Pay?

    Walmart doesn’t accept Google Pay in its stores. Instead, it uses its own payment program named “Walmart Pay,” which allows customers to pay for products at the checkout counter or self-service checkouts. In addition, it operates using a QR code system instead of the nearfield technology that Google Pay uses.

    Where is google pay accepted

    Google Pay is accepted in several major stores and is supported by a variety of banks and even countries. American Eagle Outfitters, Barneys New York, Bloomingdale’s, Brookshire’s Food & Pharma, Crate & Barrel, and Foot Locker are some of the largest US retailers accepting Google Pay.

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