Google Merchant Center: A Goldmine for Ecommerce Brands

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    Google Merchant Center (or GMC) is one of Google’s solutions for retail; it lets you upload your store’s name, brand, and product information to make it available to Google Shopping and other services.

    By using Merchant Center, you can control the appearance of your company’s online presence by deciding how your company’s products and information appear. Using this data, it is possible to create ads and develop shopping campaigns. In addition, maintaining an account with the Google Merchant Center account will enable potential buyers to find current, accurate information on your products.

    What is Google Merchant Center ?

    Google Merchant Center provides an online platform that lets businesses manage their online presence across all Google online products and can modify their listings on the internet as they need to.

    The main goal of the Google Merchant Center is to let businesses upload and store information about their products, including pricing and pictures, which will then be displayed on pertinent Google Shopping searches. It also allows businesses to upload and maintain their product information, including pictures. Google Merchant Center can also be integrated with other Google services, like Google My Business and Google My Business, to provide robust monitoring and control over advertising and marketing using Google and e-commerce.

    5 Benefits of Google Merchant Center for Ecommerce Brands

    Google Merchant Center is useful for businesses of all sizes. However, the platform offers advantages that are especially beneficial for small companies.

    1. Grow your audience

    Making your items available on Google enhances your search engine visibility. Through product listings, a potential client may be able to see that you’re offering the right product to meet their requirements. Companies with a physical storefront can also attract local customers with local inventory ads that inform people that there is a product in stock nearby.

    2. Create trust

    google merchant center help center

    Any seller can sell on the internet; However, Google listings for products can make you credible and trustworthy. People view information on Google as trustworthy and reliable. For example, if a product page has 50 five-star reviews, it will hold some weight with future buyers.

    3. Do a price study

    Google’s Price Competitiveness report offers information for free on the prices of similar products so that you can see how you compare to your competitors.

    4. Be noticed by others

    It’s difficult for small companies to stand out in a sea of competition, but Google’s even playing field can allow you to succeed. The trick is to make use of every optimization method available so that even when consumers do not recognize your brand but are curious to learn more. One example is the Google Shopping case studies that revealed how clothing retailer Alala had the ability to gain an edge over its other well-known competitors due to having the only product that had high consumer reviews.

    5. Capture buyers with high-purchase intent

    If you are in a storefront that is retail, it is possible to distinguish the visitors from the customers when they arrive at the entrance. In the same way, online product listings are targeted at people with a purchase intention. This is why Google Shopping Ads have a 30 percent more conversion rate than the text ads available on Google.

    How to setup a google merchant center account

    If you’re looking to learn how to create a Google Merchant Center account for your company, Follow these steps:

    1. Create an account

    First Sign in to Google Merchant Center. The account you create can be either a Gmail or Google Business Profile account. If you already have one of these, you may utilize that account to sign in to Google Merchant Center.

    2. Go to Google Merchant Center

    Login to Google Merchant Center website and select “Get Started” to set up your Merchant Center profile.

    3. Add your business details 

    Then, you’ll need to enter your company’s details. Enter information such as your company’s name, country and URL for your website. You’ll also need to add information about your contact personas, like your email address and name.

    4. Upload your products

    For you to be able to use Google Shopping ads and local inventory ads, You must upload your items first. You’ll need to create catalogs of the products you can select from to advertise on Google. You will need to set up an account on the Google Merchant Center feed to upload your products.

    It is the source of data Google utilizes to generate your advertisements. You can follow these instructions to include your products on Google:

    • Log in to the Google Merchant Center
    • Click on the “Products” category and click on “Feeds.”
    • Simply click on the “+” sign
    • Upload your catalog data in an .TXT or .CSV file (or manually input the catalog information)
    • Submit your feed

    You can upload all of your inventory into your feed. Google allows you to transfer your data from:

    • Google Sheets
    • Scheduled fetch
    • The file was uploaded

    If you upload your products, you’ll have to include important information like  ID, Title, Description, Price, etc.

    5. Display your product

    Once you’ve uploaded your products and started to showcase your products, in addition to Shopping Ads and local inventory ads, you can utilize Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center to help users find your product.

    How to add products to google merchant center


    1.) In the GMC account, navigate to Products, then select ‘All products.’

    2.) Click the plus button to add a new product.

    3.) Give all the necessary information about the product, and then save.

    One disadvantage of the manual method is that it can be slow if you have many products in your store. In addition, it requires regular manual updates. If you don’t refresh your data frequently, this could result in errors in data, Google disapproving of your products, and suspending or removing your Merchant Center account.

    Getting the Most Value out of Google Merchant Center

    To reap the maximum benefit from GMC and the other Google products, it is important to know how they are interconnected.

    google merchant center promotions

    Google Shopping customers searching for goods on Google will find a complete catalog of your company’s products and services.

    Google Adwords Join Merchant Center products to specific ads and use remarketing strategies to remind consumers of products they’ve previously seen.

    Google Business Profile: Linked to GMC, Your Google Business Profile will display local inventory ads of the items you offer at your locations for business.

    Google Analytics Analytics users can create a custom segment specifically just for Google Merchant Center hits, which separates its statistics from other Google Analytics hits.

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