Guide To Google maps : Unbelievable Feature You Didn’t Know About

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    Google Maps has transformed the way we travel around the globe. The mobile and desktop apps are no longer an alternative to getting from A to B using public transportation, a car, or walking. Google is everywhere. Google service also functions as an online geospatial search engine that can be used to find the entire world.

    Google continues to update and enhance its Maps product; however, there are plenty of custom-made tools and hidden functions already integrated inside Google Maps that you may not have heard of, like Incognito Mode. Learn more about Google Maps, how to utilize it, what it can do for businesses, and ways to get the most out of the potential of Google Maps power.

    How Google maps can benefit businesses

    Higher credibility

    If your business is noticeable on different search terms, the credibility of your business increases substantially. If people see that your business’s name is visible prominently on Google Maps along with the results of the SERP, you don’t need to be concerned about promoting your company through paid-for channels. Enhancing your company’s profile for Google Maps and GMB improves the reputation of your business and attracts more customers.

    Your business images

    Before, companies were required to invest money in marketing their office spaces through advertising their locations and images in business directories and other sites. This was a waste of time and money to advertise a business because the cost per client acquisition was significantly higher. But, Google My Business, which is completely free, makes it much simpler to add images of your business to your profile. Then, people can view them directly via their mobiles.

    Traffic to website

    Google Maps is the ultimate source for increasing traffic to your site that is focused and offers you the chance to sell more. The traffic through the google search engine is a great opportunity for upselling. The Google search engine comprises those who are looking to buy and those who are looking for details. On the other hand, If the traffic comes from. Google Maps, then the user has initially searched for services, then came to your page, and then visited your site. This simply means that they are seeking out the intention of purchasing something.

    How to measure distance on Google Maps on an iPhone or Android

    google maps
    open google maps

    1. Start the Google Maps application on your smartphone.

    2. Tap and hold the location on the map that you’d like to begin taking measurements. Red pins will fall.

    Tap and hold your map to release an icon. 

    3. Tap the pop-up at the end of the screen to display the dropped pin.

    4. Tap Measure distance.

    Select Measure distance from the pin’s description page. 

    5. When the pop-up disappears, the map is moved until the desired location is over the new position you’d like to measure. (Note it’s not moving your map but the actual point.) Then, click the Add Point button at the lower right of the screen. The distance will appear to the left lower of the screen.

    6. If you want to gauge the length of a more complicated or longer route, you may continue adding points. Drag the map and notice that an additional line segment is created with a brand new destination. If you’re happy with the place, press “Add point” again. Following each new point, you’ll observe the distance increase.

    Find the distance between all locations on the map located at the lower right on the page. Dave Johnson

    7. When you’re done then, press the back arrow in the upper left corner of the screen.

    Find info on the map.

    Use the search feature to find the map currently displayed by using the search bar located in the upper right corner of your screen. A few tips for using this feature are provided in the following sections of the article.

    Clicking the Directions click will bring up the Directions interface. Learn more about getting directions using Google Maps.

    Its button for traffic button will show the current conditions for traffic. For computers, this appears located in the overlay below the search bar. However, on mobile devices, it’s within the menu.

    Select a location by clicking any place on the maps. Information regarding the place that you have selected will appear as an overlay. For example, if there’s a business or public facility located at this location, the details shown include the location, address, hours of operation, photos, and reviews.

    Street View will show your current chosen location from a ‘first-person’ perspective. The picture in Street View in the information overlay is only a preview you can select to go into the full Street View mode. The user can move and pan the camera, which allows you to view the area from the perspective of a person standing at that point.

    Some Exceptional Google Maps tips

    1. Remember your parking

    google maps
    Remember your parking

    Open Maps on the iPhone or Android phone and tap on the small blue dot representing the current residence place. It will reveal an obscure menu that has useful options, including the option to save the current location of your parking. You can even add your notes or images and even set a reminder to remind you to move your vehicle.

    Everything you need to remember about where you parked is available in the Maps mobile application.

    If you’re ready to go back to your parking spot, check for the saved parking alert on your phone, start Maps and click on the “Parking location” card at the lower right of your screen.

    2. Check Streets Look Like

    Google Maps Street View utilizes Google’s 360 imaging technology and allows users to upload photos with panoramic views, which give a personal touch to the experience of mapping. In addition, it saves photos in time, allowing users to see how a street changed over time. It’s also great if you want to find an alternative route before driving.

    If you post images on the Street View section, Google Maps automatically moves and rotates the photos. It then creates slideshows of the images for a particular place. After the photos are added, others can view the street in the years to come.

    3. Share your location, even as you move

    Do you need someone to help you locate yourself, or maybe you just have a sense of the exact location of your current location? Then, look at Maps, an easy system of real-time location sharing.

    For a test, try it, simply open Maps on your phone. Then tap the blue dot exactly like the first method; however, this time, you’ll be able to select “Share your location.” You can decide on a time to end the sharing of your location or choose to continue sharing until you disable it. You can choose any contacts you want to share your location with or obtain an encrypted web link that you can paste anywhere you like.

    You can also use the sharing feature when you’re within the middle of a Maps navigation by tapping upwards on the bar with white background at the bottom of the screen and then choosing “Share trip progress.” This will let you share your location with anyone you want until you get to your desired destination.

    4. Customize the Directions Arrow

    Since the beginning of Google Maps, you may have been led by the blue arrow on the screen that points to the destinations you have set. It might be well-intentioned, but it’s an extremely boring visual.

    To make it more enjoyable when the pointer is pointed, Google Maps lets you alter how the pointer is displayed. For example, it is possible to replace the dull blue arrow that appears on Google Maps with an expensive new model for your car.

    5. Use Map Offline

    google maps
    google my maps

    Google Maps allows you to download entire areas where you’re planning to take an excursion. This means that you won’t lose directions if you do not have internet access or use up your data plan when traveling. On the other hand, if you’re just going around the town, this feature could help you stay on track.

    Here’s how you can save a specific place on Google Maps to use when offline:

    • First, start your Google Maps app.
    • Next, press onto three lines horizontally located in the upper-left corner.
    • Find offline maps via the menu.
    • Click the Select Map option on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
    • Zoom out that the box completely covers the location you want to utilize offline.
    • Click on the Download button after you’ve completed choosing.

    6. Check how busy businesses are

    Have you ever had plans to go to dinner or lunch at the last minute? It could be difficult to find a table when the restaurant is constantly busy.

    With Google Maps’ crowdsourcing, you can pinpoint the busiest times for any company. If you know the least busy times, you can head to the theater, shopping malls, and other places with many people during quieter hours and avoid waiting in line.

    Alternatives to Google Maps

    We’ve spent a great deal of time discussing Google Maps, but there are various other mapping tools you could utilize in lieu. Some of them may come pre-installed on your PC or other mobile devices. If you’re not sure what mapping service you should use, We suggest trying several to determine which one you like.

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