How to Join Google Local Guide Program & Get the Perks in 2022

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    Google Maps is an incredibly effective tool, but it wasn’t created in days. A program known as “Local Guides” plays a major role in Maps’ effectiveness and accuracy. You can be a part of this application if you would like to be part of it.

    What is a Local Guide Program?

    Google local guide program is an activity program that rewards them for frequent participation in Google Maps. People tend to be Android smartphone users because of the built-in Google access on their smartphones however, it is available to all users who have an active Google login and have access to Google Maps application.

    The idea is quite easy: each contribution (submitting photos or writing a review, answering a Q&A from a user, selecting an appropriate attribute for a location or business you’ve been to, or suggesting an update to the Google My Business profile, etc.) earns points.

    Google has launched its Local Guide program to enrich the quality of the information available through Google Maps so people looking for areas on Maps can get more important information about locations. If you’d like to help Maps and earn advantages in the process, then becoming an official Google Local Guide could be the right choice.

    Points, Levels & Badges

    Earn points by these contributions made in Google Maps:

    • Write a review 10 points
    • Write a 200+ word review 20 points
    • Give ratings  1 point
    • Upload a picture 5 points
    • Tag a photo 3 points
    • Uploading a video – 7 points
    • Respond to Q&As 3 points
    • Editing information 5 points
    • Add a place 15 points
    • Add a new road of 15 points
    • Find out a fact 1 point
    • Make an eligible list of 10 points
    • Write a description (in list) – 5 points

    You can achieve higher levels in the Local Guides program as you accumulate points.

    local guide program
    local guide level 10 benefits

    How do I join the Google Local Guide program?  

    It’s easy to join this Google Local Guides program. It’s so simple it’s possible to sign up within minutes.

    1. Log into your Google account and navigate the Local Guides sign-up page.

    local guide program

    If you’ve enabled location on your phone, you’ll notice that you will already populate your city. If not, you can enter your address, confirm that you’re at least 18, and accept to be notified by email.

    2. You’re now signed in and can start contributing to Google Maps. There’s an introduction video in your dashboard and an option to review one of your initial reviews.

    local guide program

    Simply search for the location you’d like to look over and then click on the “Contribute” button, and you’ll be earning badges, points, and other rewards.

    3. After you’ve put in details about the company you’d like to review After that, you’ll be asked to answer a set of questions from Google depending on the type of business being under review.

    local guide program

    When you review a place, for instance, you’ll need an overall rating and further details on the kind of travel (business holiday, vacation, solo family, friends, etc.) you went on. You can also give individual stars to each room or location and service and upload pictures.

    4. You can also begin making contributions directly on Google Maps. Go on Maps, and you can verify and confirm information that others have posted regarding nearby businesses to your address and edit inaccurate details.

    local guide program

    If you choose to turn on the history of your location, Google will also give you recommendations for places to check and review according to where you’ve been.

    What are the benefits of being a Google Local Guide?

    This program is primarily intended for people who travel or are awestruck by adventure. Anyone passionate about sharing their travel tales and experiences with others would be thrilled to become a Google Local Guide. There aren’t any financial benefits when you become a Google Local Guide, but there are plenty of advantages and benefits which you may wish to enjoy.

    You will receive a badge at each level you complete, which will also allow your content to reach an audience of many. Each time your videos or pictures reviews surpass a threshold; you will be notified via email. The first badge you earn is when you reach level 4.

    There are a few benefits of becoming a local Google Guide.

    • You will be recognized with the Google Guides special badge alongside your profile on Google.
    • You can be a part of special Google groups or hangouts. You can also participate in contests designed specifically for Google Guides.
    • Get an early look at new Google products and new features.
    • Make your own community with Google Guides and connect with them at any time.
    • It is also possible to plan an event at your place by organizing an event and adding it to Google Events Calendar. Google Events Calendar.

    Who is eligible to become the Google Local Guide?

    Anyone who has any Google account is eligible to be an official Google Local Guide provided that you meet the minimum age requirements of your nation. There are no requirements for eligibility, only an understanding of the subject and the desire to share that knowledge with others.

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