Google Flights: Find the Cheapest Flights to Your Destination in 2022

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    If you’re looking to purchase tickets for an airplane, most likely, you’ll be searching for them online. Numerous websites are specifically designed for booking travel; however, they can be difficult to navigate and overloaded with advertisements and other details. You might prefer to test a tool you’re already acquainted with, such as Google. If you don’t use Google often, however, you may not realize you can make use of it to find and evaluate flights.

    What is Google Flights?

    Google Flights
    travel google flights

    Google’s search engine for airfares is known as Google flights. As with all search tools, that allows you to look up flights by location or dates. Like Google’s search engine or image search, it also includes numerous tools to help you filter the results and pinpoint the exact flight you’re looking for. For example, you can sort your results by the pricedeparture or arrival timeand the number of stops, as well as others. The filters are easy to locate and alter.

    Advantages of Google Flights

    Google Flights can be a straightforward, efficient, fast, and quick tool to find the most efficient flights for your preferred dates.

    Flexible search for flights: You can use this interface on the internet to find a round trip, one-way and multi-destination flights. Or make use of its price graph and calendar to find the most competitive prices for dates that are flexible.

    Filtering Google Flights additionally provides an unbeatable number of filtering options, making searching for the flight you’re seeking easier than ever before. You can filter on items like a class of cabin, the number of stops, airline, baggage allowances, arrival and departure times, connections to airports, and more.

    Other useful features: Google Flights also comes with a range of helpful tools that help plan a trip that is well-rounded with hotel prices, price alerts activities, holiday rentals, and much more.

    Complete flight search: With over 300 partner airlines and travel agencies, Google Flights offers its users the most extensive flight search experience.

    How Google Flights Can Save You Money

    The first thing you’ll be able to notice is that Google Flights isn’t as glamorous as the travel sites such as Expedia, Priceline, and Orbitz. Do not be concerned. It’s still an effective search engine that offers plenty of possibilities!

    Search for Multiple Cities

    Begin by entering your basic search terms the same way you do on other sites. Google Flights lets you perform multiple searches simultaneously that can include as many as seven departures and seven destinations within your search bar! This will save you a lot of time while conducting a flexible search.

    The results list will show options covering all cities you’ve added to the search. For example, the case below shows that the most affordable flight is a direct flight between New York (JFK) to Paris (CDG).

    If you’re flexible regarding your travel plans or aren’t sure about the destination you’re looking for, Google Flights can save hours by combining several searches into one. For example, you can enter as many as seven departure cities as well as seven cities to be visited in one search to find, swiftly and quickly, what the most affordable alternative is.

    Search for different Dates

    Now that you know how to look up multiple departure and arrival destinations, how do you determine the most affordable rates for flying?

    After entering your cities of departure and arrival, Check the dates on the right of your search field. By clicking the calendar icon, you will show a calendar that displays prices for the entire month. Days with lower prices are shown in green. As you’ll see, most dates on this route between October and September have prices for business class shown in green.

    How to use Google Flights

    How to Start Using Google Flights

    This is the simple part. Start your flight search by visiting Google Flights at

    Google Flights
    google flights calendar

    Although other Google applications are abundant, there is no Google Flights application. You can use it with a mobile web browser; however, we believe that using the computer version would be better.

    The site is user-friendly and gives you instant updates based on your choices regarding the place of departure and dates, travel destination, and more.

    Google Flights
    google flights search anywhere

     The Menu: The top left corner (three lines )  gives an easy way to Search Flights, Google Flights Explore, and Tracked Prices (where you can track Prices). You can access your travel information to plan your next trip, Google Trips, and   Even search for hotels.    In addition, this is the place to change your language, country of origin, and currency – a useful feature, depending on your country. 

    Google Flights
    google flights map
    • Flight Search is where you provide information to begin your search for flights in the center of the homepage. You can input any of the following information:
    • departure airport: You can choose up to seven departure locations to search for cheap flights
    • destination: You can enter up to seven destinations to fly to, as well
    • Dates of Travel
    • The type of trip: One way, Round Trip, One-way as well Multi-City
    • Passengers’ Numbers: Adults, children, seat-bound infants, and infants on laps
    • Airline Class: Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class & First Class. It is important to note that there isn’t a “Basic Economy” filter to eliminate those hefty prices from your search results. However, you could apply this method to eliminate the majority of Basic Economy fares from your search.

    Utilize filters in Google Flights to find your ideal flight

    A single among Google Flights’ most powerful features is the capability to create a variety of filters that will ensure you only see results you’re interested in.

    Google Flights
    Use filters

    They include:

    • Number of Stops
    • Layover duration
    • connecting airports   
    • Price ceiling
    • Flight times
    • Which airline(s) or airline alliance(s)
    • Total travel Time   

    Use Google flights booking

    Google Flights
    google flights manage booking

    If you’ve found an airline, you would like to purchase, click “Select Flight” for the return and departure dates you are looking for.

    You’ll then be directed to choose the best fare option. For instance, a Delta flight may offer options between basic economy or Delta Comfort+.

    Select the option you’d like to use (your price will change in the display if the upgrade is made) and then click “Select” to book with the airline.

    Booking Flights Directly using Airlines Utilizing Google Flights.

    This is among the primary reasons we are so impressed by Google’s flight search capabilities: Instead of making a reservation through a different website that handles your reservation, you can bypass any middleman by booking your flights directly with your airline.

    Contrary to an online travel agency or a third-party search engine, such as Kayak, Expedia, or Priceline, You can book directly via the airline Google Flights. On the last page, you’ll be able to book directly on the airline’s site – together with other websites which may offer fares.

    Simply click “Select,” and Google will direct you to the offer you discovered through Google Flights to book directly with your airline. It’s that easy.

    Refunds for flights booked via Google Flights

    Since Google Flights is a search engine and flights are reserved directly for the airline company, the refunds can be made according to each airline’s policy.

    Within the United States, the Department of Transportation’s ” 24-hour rule” guarantees that you can change your travel plans within 24 hours of purchase and receive a full refund. This rule applies to all flights departing from the US if the ticket was directly booked through the airline and the ticket was purchased at least seven days before departure.

    Alternatives to Google Flights

    We believe that Google Flights is the best alternative; there are others that can also perform admirably. We’ve provided guides to use all of them.

    Google Flights

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