How to use Google Chat: Everything you need to know in 2022

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    While Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) provides various tools for companies and teams, something was missing in the communication aspect. Despite Hangouts Chat, teams opted to use a third-party application to meet their requirements. They mostly use tools that permit them to chat using features that can improve the quality of their conversations, like Slack and Skype.

    However, at the beginning of 2020, Google changed the name of Hangouts Chat to Google Chat within Google Workspace. Google Workspace enterprise. In addition, the app has changed to look fresh and has new tools that facilitate working between groups much more efficiently.

    This article will help you discover how to utilize Google Chat’s new interface and all of its options.

    What is Google Chat?

    google chat
    open google chat

    Google Chat is another chat platform offered by Google. You’re probably in a state of confusion at this point, considering that Google has a number of these apps, some of which are no longer available as of now.

    It is a chat-based service or software for communication. Google chat began life as a spin-off from Google Hangouts and was developed. It was launched as one of two applications to substitute for Google Hangouts. Google introduced Google Chat along with Google Meet. However, Google Meet seemingly managed to be more popular than Google Chat, at least it appears since Google did not release any official details.

    The service launched in 2017 is not as well-known as other messaging apps. However, it wasn’t just after the others and was began as a spin-off in a sense.

    How to use Google Chat

    Enable Google Chat.

    1. In any browser, open your Gmail inbox.

    2. The gear icon is located on the upper-right edge of your screen, select “See all settings.”

    3. Click on the “Chat and Meet” tab.

    4. Choose “Chat on.” If you have already chosen it, then Google Chat is already active. If you want to later remove Google Chat, switch this to “Chat off.”

    5. Select “Save Changes,” If you haven’t made any changes, go back to the inbox.

    If you disable Google Chat, you won’t be in a position to send message notifications or send messages. However, you will not be locked into chat. It means the Chat extensions you’ve got can still be used.

    Start a Google Chat  

    1. In the “Hangouts” tab on the left-hand edge of your Gmail inbox, click on the (+) icon. 

    2. Input the name, email address, or phone number of the individual you’d like to talk with. If you simply want to include a name, they’ll need to be added to your contacts. To initiate a group chat, you must select “New group” and enter the names of everyone you want to add to the group. The group can be named when you create it. If you select a person who hasn’t joined Google Chat, you’ll be asked to invite them to the application.

    3. Once you’ve set up the groups, you can begin the conversation by entering your message into the message box.

    4. You can include stickers or an emoji by clicking on the smiley face icon within the chat and selecting the sticker or emoji you’d like to add.

    5. You can upload a picture by clicking the photo icon within the chat. Choose a photo stored within Google Drive, in Google Drive, in Google Photos, or upload a brand new image from your computer or via the internet.

    6. Press the Enter or Return keys to broadcast your message.

    Create a space

    google chat
    google chat in gmail
    • On the internet, visit chat or click on the Space box located on the left side of Gmail and click the plus symbol. On the mobile app, click on the Spaces icon.
    • Choose “Create space.”
    • Create a space name and add the people you want to include. (If they’re not on your contact list, you can type in their email address.) Click “Create.” You’ll be taken into the new space.
    google chat
    google chat space
    • To send a message, simply type it in the box on the right side of your screen. Similar to chat, a set of icons to the right side of the field (on the internet) or the plus symbol (on mobile) allows you to insert emoticons, upload files or add an image to Google Drive, start an audio or video session (which is the same as the process of launching Google Meet), and plan an event.

    How to delete google chat    

    Regular users do not have the option of editing or deleting messages on Google Chat. But this isn’t the only thing. However, Google provided the option to delete or edit messages only for Google Workspace users. This is a pity; however, we’re guessing that “free” ultimately has an associated cost.

    You might see an “Edit option’ when hovering your mouse over a message in your Desktop Google Chat version. Google Chat. However, it does not operate for users at no cost. If you click the “Edit” icon, you’ll see the “Error while editing message” error at the bottom left-hand corner chat window.

    Delete your messages on Google Chat.

    It’s a simple two-step process. First, head on to the chat you want to delete and click the three-vertical-dots, then click the ‘Delete Conversation’ option.

    google chat
    google chat help

    You’ll get a confirmation message that you wish to erase the copy of your conversation. Select the delete option to erase your backup of chat messages Google Chat.

    google chat
    download google chat app

    How can you block someone’s access to Google Chat app

    Google’s latest offering, available to GSuite users, is the Chat application that lets you talk to all employees in your company. You can also invite non-Gsuite users to join the Chat application if you have an account for the enterprise. Let’s look at how to restrict a contact’s access to this new Google Chat app.

    For Mobile (Android as well as iOS)

    Start Google Chat. Open the Google Chat app on your smartphone and tap the conversation with the person you want to block.

    • Tap on the name of the contact on top of the screen.
    • Tap on ‘Block.’
    • After that
    • Finally, tap on “Block to confirm your selection.


    Once you’ve learned to use the new capabilities offered by Google Chat, how about trying it out in your group? If you’re using Google Workspace, it is worth trying the app to see if it can meet your expectations.

    It’s crucial to know that Google Chat is only available in Google Workspace, and for Google users, Hangouts Chat is not available. Google Hangouts Chat is working. Be aware that Hangouts Chat is a simple application and doesn’t include the features described in this article.

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