Google Calendar features you did not know about [Updated 2022]

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    You most likely don’t have a lot of time on Google Calendar or obsess over the latest Google Calendar features.

    This is a good thing. Calendars help you plan your schedule, not consume your time. However, Google Calendar does get new features frequently, and there’s a good chance you didn’t see a lot over the last couple of years.

    What is Google Calendar?

    Google Calendar is Google’s free calendar software available along with Google Workspace Gmail. It syncs automatically with all of your other Google tools, and you can also integrate it into other systems, for instance, your software for managing projects. It is accessible via your browser on the web or via using the Google Calendar mobile app.

    Benefits of Google Calendar

    These are the major benefits of using Google Calendar.

    • Streamlined meetings planning: With Google Calendar, you can publish your plan to anyone. It is also possible to invite other group members to your meetings and automatically generate video conference links. In addition, you can specify your hours of operation and meeting availability and compare them to others. These features will significantly increase the efficiency of your meeting planning.
    • Reminders for meetings: It’s easy to be late for meetings or deadlines when there are lots of things going on. Google Calendar can send you reminders to ensure you don’t miss important occasions. These notifications can be received through your web browser, on your desktop, or through the mobile app on your device.
    • Calendars with daily agendas Google Calendar can send you an email with a daily plan before the start of each work day. So, you’ll begin your day knowing exactly what’s going on and have all your ducks in a row earlier instead of later.
    • Task scheduling With the help of Tasks, users can use Google Calendar as a task management tool. But, apps created for productivity management could be more suitable for this function. Unfortunately, Google Calendar lacks these apps as well as other essential features.

    How to Share Your Calendar

    Go to Here, you will locate your Google Calendar, which is one of the services offered by Google Calendar. It is a part of the features that come with your Google account. In addition, it can be linked to other services such as Google Drive, your Gmail, and Google Drive.

    Choose the calendar you’d like to share; this is to the left of your display. For example, you might have multiple Google calendars made with different themes such as personal, work, special occasions, and children.

    Next, select the menu item that reads “Share this calendar.”

    Enter your email address to the individual with whom you want to share

    Utilize your dropdown menu located on the right-hand side of your screen to select the appropriate level of permission for the person.

    Then, click from the dropdown menu that reads “Add Person,” and click “Save.”

    How to schedule a Google Meet in Google Calendar on mobile

    google calendar
    Source- Android central
    • Launch your Google Calendar app on your tablet or smartphone.
    • Click the multicolored button located at the bottom right of your screen.
    • Tap on Event.
    • Scroll down and then tap Add Conferencing.
    • Tap Google Meet.
      • Set a date, add participants, and create reminders for notifications.

    How to schedule a Google Meet in Google Calendar in the browser    

    • Start up Google Calendar in your browser on the internet.
    • Hit the Create + button at the top left corner.
    • When you’ve created an event, you can click on Add Google Meet video conferencing.
    google calendar how to share
    • Begin to add participants for the gathering. You can click the View guest availability or suggested times to select a meeting time that will work for everyone, as long as their calendars are current.
    shared google calendar

    If you wish to add notes, create the invitation a second time or set up private meeting rooms by clicking on the More choices. The button is located at the lower right of the email.

    Google Calendar features you did not know about [Updated 2022] 6
    • After you’re done when you are done, then click Save.
    • The pop-up will ask whether you would like to email an invitation to the guests. Click Send.

    Google Calendar Apps: IOS , For Android Users, its always installed on your phone, you don’t have to download separatel

    How to use Google calendar?

    1. Implement a custom view.

    When you first create your calendar, You’ll be able to look at it as a day, week, or the following 4 days, or even as a plan. The “4 days” option? You can choose to switch it out by adjusting the interval of the “Custom view” options.

    How to view your coworker’s Calendars

    If you’re employed at a large or mid-sized organization, there are chances that you will meet with a variety of people frequently. Therefore, it’s crucial that you can access your coworkers’ Google Calendar to book meetings in a way that works for all parties.

    Open Google Calendar

    On the left side, add your colleague’s email in the box beneath “Add calendar.”

    You’ll have to ask permission to access their calendar. Then, after it’s been accepted, you’ll be able to see your coworkers’ calendars.

    2. Quick shortcuts can help you find an exact time or go back to the present time.

    Instead of manually scrolling through every month to find an event that is far off from the present instead, type”G” instead of manually scrolling through each month “G” when you’re on your Google Calendar to quickly find an upcoming date.

    3. Set Event Auto Reminders

    If you schedule an event on your calendar months ahead of time, You may want to create a reminder before it happens. It can be useful when you need to finish some tasks before the date. To set up an event’s auto-reminder on your Google Calendar, follow these steps:

    • Sign-in
    • Click on the “Setting menus” gear and then click Settings.
    • Click on “Settings for my calendars” and click on your calendar.
    • Scroll down until you reach “Event notifications.”
    • You can decide the amount of notice you require for events in minutes, hours, days, and weeks.
    • Select whether you’d prefer to receive a notice or an email
    • Tap Add notification 

    4. Set appointment times.

    To create the personal Appointment slots, begin by clicking any place in your calendar to make an appointment. If the event options are displayed, select “Appointment slots,” as in the screenshot below at the top of the page. Next, choose the dates for the slots that you’d like to be open for appointments, and also, the length of each appointment will be in default, next to “Slots with duration.”

    If you’d like to have more control over the appointment times, you can click “More Options,” and you’ll be brought to the next window. You can click “This calendar’s appointment page” to access the link you can send to those you’d like to schedule appointments with.

    5. Adding Facebook Events to Google Calendar

    This tool for managing your time does not only help you schedule occasions for work. You can include personal events as well. From celebrating a loved one’s birthday to commemorating your anniversary, you can include your Facebook events in Google Calendar. Google Calendar.

    6. Explore more in the year view

    Google Calendar has a year view. Likely, you didn’t know the addition at first, but they did. You can make use of it.

    Use the View menu in the upper right corner and choose the year (or click "Y" using the keyboard) to view the entire year in one glance. Dates and events aren’t highlighted. However, the user can select a specific date to look at all the events scheduled in the form of a popover. Double-clicking a date will reveal it up in Day view.

    7. Show World Clock

    If you’re a business owner or digital nomad who frequently travels overseas, You might want to include the World Clock in your Google Calendar. The best part with World Clock is that it lets you plan events across different time zones while still giving others the ability to see it in their local time zone. It’s pretty simple too:

    • Log in to your calendar
    • Go to “Settings” under the “Settings menu” gear
    • Scroll to World Clock
    • Look to see if you can tick the “Show world clock” box.

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