Good News for businesses amidst Covid 19! Amazon lifted inbound FBA restrictions

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    Less than two weeks ago, Fulfillment by Amazon announced a freeze until April 5 on receiving “non-essential” inventory. However, we have confirmed from a large number of FBA Sellers that the restrictions are lifted, though there’s no official announcement from Amazon yet. [Update: Amazon has announced officially now] Sample anecdotes are below:

    Earlier, FBA was accepting only these categories: Baby, Health & Household, Beauty & Personal Care, Grocery, Industrial & Scientific, and Pet Supplies. FBA has turned away inbound deliveries of non-essential goods, leaving sellers to fend for themselves.

    Moreover, many sellers with non-essential FBA inventory have seen customer deliveries pushed up to a month. Amazon is struggling to fulfill the spike of orders, even hiring 100,000 workers. But Amazon could extend delays and restrictions; the virus has hit workers in at least 13 of its U.S. warehouses as of Saturday, March 29. 

    Ship your stuff to FBA now and drive sales !!

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