GoDaddy Reviews: Should You Use It In 2023 ?

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    GoDaddy is among the largest Domain registrars. They also offer Web hosting and many additional services like:

    This article provides a complete listing of all the products and services GoDaddy provides.

    The American company is traded on the stock exchanges and was established in 1997. It has since increased to become the most web-based registrar accredited by the ICANN and – in recent times – the world’s biggest web host.

    GoDaddy is among the top websites for conducting a DNS search; in addition to Rebrandly, customers can purchase an account through GoDaddy and then connect the domain with our tools. 

    What services does GoDaddy offer?

    If you are planning to launch your website, the first step is to choose and register your website’s domain name. You will see a domain name on the bar that displays your internet browser (e.g., GoDaddy and

    GoDaddy is a domain registrar, the company that sells, manages as well as registers domains. It is an accredited registrar of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the governing body for domain registration and a preferred option for domain registration services.

    Beyond domain registrations for standard domains, GoDaddy also offers several other services related to domain registration:

    domain registration
    • Bulk Domain Search If you’re looking to buy multiple domains in one go, GoDaddy offers a bulk domain purchase option to help you save money.
    • New domain extensions If you’re looking for an extension that isn’t the traditional “.com,” “.org,” or “.net” options, GoDaddy will help you choose the most appropriate of any of the latest extensions that are available. Presently the new domain extensions are “.monster,” “.shop,” “.vip,” and several more.
    • Domain Broker If you desire to purchase one particular domain name. Still, someone else has already owned the domain name; GoDaddy offers broker services where the company will attempt to bargain the sale of the domain’s name for you.
    • Domain Name Generator If you’re a little confused about which domain name to pick, GoDaddy offers an online domain name generator that will help. Just type certain words into the tool, and it’ll give you some ideas.
    • Domain investing – GoDaddy provides various domain investment tools that can assist anyone interested in purchasing and selling domains to make an income.
    • Domain Back Order As part of its tool for domain investors, GoDaddy offers domain backorders. For example, should the domain become available if you discover an appealing domain, but it is owned by someone else, and you want to put yourself on a waitlist?
    • Domain Transfer If you’ve already registered your website’s domain name with another registration service (e.g., Namecheap or Doteasy) and want the domain name to GoDaddy, then you can use GoDaddy’s domain name transfer.


    Web Hosting:

    GoDaddy’s simplest hosting plan begins at $5.99 per month. Not as inexpensive as some other hosts that are beginner-friendly, but it’s still quite affordable and perfect for start-up websites looking to establish their business’s online profile.

    godaddy hosting

    WordPress Hosting:

    WordPress hosting is designed specifically for WordPress users in terms of speed and access. WordPress plans begin at $6.99 for hosting with basic perks, which include 30 GB of storage as well as the option of a domain for free as well as a free business email, and a free SSL certificate. This plan is ideal if your website hits the 25,000-visitor mark. With three more WordPress plans, the price will only improve as you spend per month.

    WordPress Ecommerce Hosting:

    GoDaddy offers e-commerce hosting solutions, beginning at $15.99 per month, and WooCommerce free extensions. After you’ve signed up to one of the WooCommerce levels, you’ll be able to download and install WordPress and WooCommerce together and be up and running quickly.

    Business Hosting:

    A business hosting package comes with more dedicated resources; however, it comes with a simpler control panel, meaning you don’t require a complete IT department to run your website. For shared hosting, plans begin at $5.99 per month, and you can upgrade later when your site expands.

    VPS Hosting:

    GoDaddy’s self-managed Virtual Private Hosting package is one of the best deals due to how cheap it is for developers and administrators who want an easier approach to their websites, with various options to customize. Plans start as low as $4.99 per month. It has a CPU Core, one hundred GB of RAM, and 100GB of SSD storage. This is affordable when you compare it to the price other sites cost to offer similar VPS hosting plans.

    Windows Hosting:

    Another excellent GoDaddy choice for Windows enthusiasts begins at $5.99 per month. It includes a free domain with 100 GB of storage and an Office365 email free for the first year. If you already use Windows software, this could be an excellent option to incorporate into your existing functioning.

    Reseller Hosting:

    Do you work as a reseller searching for reliable hosting resales options? GoDaddy allows you to use its servers to create your own hosting company, beginning at $39.99 monthly. If you’re in a situation where you require more options in hosting, you’ll need to contact GoDaddy to discuss a plan with their sales staff.

    Dedicated Server:

    GoDaddy has more than eight strong, dedicated server plans to pick from, each with its own set of independent resources. This is great for developers of systems and agencies who require rapid and reliable server features.

    Plans can begin at $129.99 per month. If you’re an amateur at creating a website on your first attempt, these plans aren’t required to build and develop your site. However, it’s important to benefit from high-quality dedicated servers in case you need them soon.

    Website Builder

    godaddy support

    Are you unsure of how to build your website but want an easy-to-use tool to build your website? GoDaddy offers that too. To assist you in getting to where you want to be, GoDaddy’s website builder provides a variety of templates you can pick. After you have selected the template, this user-friendly platform will allow you to add your content, modify the design, and finally publish your website when it’s completed.

    Check out TRUiC’s Review of the GoDaddy Website Builder or read about how it ranks against the best website builders.

    SSL Certificates

    Although SSL certificates might appear to be a bit complicated, all website owners must be aware of their importance. If you’ve been around, you might have visited websites with URLs that begin in “https ://” or “https ://.” The website that begins by using “https://” typically shows an icon of a padlock right ahead of its website address in a browser’s search bar. This indicates that the site has obtained and then activated an SSL certificate to provide an additional degree of security. GoDaddy provides SSL Certificates for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.

    Website Design

    If you prefer to leave the design of your website to experts, GoDaddy offers professional web design services. The Google-friendly design options include the services of a dedicated account manager as well as the capability to request updates whenever you require they are required.

    Additional Services

    Apart from its primary website hosting, design, and domain registration, GoDaddy also offers various services that will benefit people and companies. These other services include:

    • Microsoft Office 365 software packages
    • WordPress Hosting
    • Business Email
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing Services
    • Website Security
    • Website Backup

    GoDaddy Pricing Quick Summary

    • Shared Hosting starts at $6.99/month.
    • WordPress hosting starts at $8.99/month.
    • Web Hosting plus starting at $21.99/month.
    • VPS Hosting starts at $5.99/month.
    • Hosting with dedicated servers starting at $149.99/month.

    Who is Godaddy best for?

    GoDaddy is ideal for new site owners looking for an affordable and easy beginning for their sites with ample storage. GoDaddy also offers 24-hour monitoring of your website’s security. However, other features, such as SSL certificates, are added-one that you’ll need to buy in addition to the standard features.

    This is the reason it’s a fantastic hosting solution for websites that are small and novices operating on a budget that doesn’t require numerous robust web hosting solutions.

    Pros and cons of GoDaddy

    Pros of GoDaddy

    1. The costs are quite affordable.

    There are numerous discounts available through GoDaddy, which can allow you to begin and maintain a website. Domain registration offers are available, which allow you to sign up for just $0.99. If you opt for the economic hosting plan, it can cost just 4 dollars per month. There are coupons as well as other discounts offered regularly.

    2. Choose a website with an excellent track record.

    GoDaddy has earned a reputable reputation for providing domain registration and web hosting. You can access your account via an easy-to-use web-based dashboard or contact customer service promptly if something needs to come up and still have the liberty to design a website that aligns with your business’s image.

    3. There is a single-click available WordPress installation.

    If you want your website to run quickly, GoDaddy provides an automated solution you can set up in just a single click. It’s ideal for people who aren’t familiar with website creation or uploading content yet would like to learn things


    4. GoDaddy accepts numerous payment options.

    Most major currencies are accepted as payment options when you select GoDaddy to host your website provider. This lets you easily utilize your existing payment processors or digital buttons provided by PayPal.

    5. There are numerous benefits available to sign up.

    GoDaddy offers a variety of advertising credits to new accounts who are registering for hosting on the web. The credits include the $100 credit for Google AdWords and $50 in exchange for Bing or Facebook, as well as other credits designed to increase visitors to your site.


    1. Basic plan with limited features 

    GoDaddy’s Basic Plan is only that basic. It’s not offering anything that can impress you or offer a lot in terms of extra features or bonuses. It’s a good start location to expand your site, but initially, it’s not providing something that other providers don’t. Also, it’s not as low as other web hosting plans offered by other companies like Hostinger.

    2. Loaded with upsells 

    Some freebies come with Hosting plans; what GoDaddy gives you the most value is the upsells. Many features are accessible when you sign up with GoDaddy as your hosting provider however, they all cost a fee.

    You might be confused by your checkout process, which will try to sell you many different items and, sometimes, automatically add certain items to your shopping cart. While these may be fantastic options, we do not like being added to your shopping cart without authorization. Many people don’t realize they have additional charges until they’ve completed the purchase.

    3. Higher Renewal Rates 

    While this is the case with most hosting providers, GoDaddy is an exception when comparing their initial rates to rates after the first year.

    What exactly does the GoDaddy control panel’s design look like?

    In addition to the standard user interface, GoDaddy is still a faithful partner to cPanel’s advanced tasks related to managing websites. It uses the standard version of cPanel, which means you can locate all the primary management modules like email accounts, file manager domains, software, and databases.


    However, if we already have a site, does it ever require us to utilize cPanel? Again, it’s your choice, but it’s important to know that cPanel comes with additional “advanced” tools, such as:

    • Installation – if you do not want to utilize WordPress or you want to create another website, go to the. Installatron is a single-click installation library similar to Softaculous and QuickInstall. It comes with hundreds of applications that you can build your website with.
    • Email accounts You can set up an email address for professional use with your domain name here at no cost. It’s as easy as filling out the details, like the mailbox name and password. Remember that this option is only suitable for occasional use since every email client is in a state of disrepair and is hosted on the same server that hosts your website.
    • Additional domains If you own a domain hosted by an alternative domain name registration company, but you would like to make use of it on your GoDaddy website, then go to the next step and add it. Be sure to redirect the domain to GoDaddy.
    • Backup You can manually back up your entire cPanel (with database and files). This tool is used as a protection or to facilitate the migration of websites. It could save you in the event that you do damage to your site or you decide to relocate it.

    Overall, GoDaddy is easy to use and functional. I was impressed by the option to install WordPress in the initial installation and also select a data center. In addition, CPanel is a great tool for running your website.

    What are some other options?

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