Free Instagram Followers: 12 tips to grow your audience

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    Instagram is a highly targetable visual marketing app for your business and a chance to create a loyal and growing audience with your company.

    In reality, more than 500 million Instagram users use it every day on the app, and it has one of the largest and most active and engaged communities around.

    Like any other social media platform, there are good ways to utilize the Instagram profile, wrong ways to use your Instagram profile, incorrect methods, and even clever strategies.

    There’s not a step-by-step guide to get Instagram follower growth. But certain best techniques can enable you to reach a wider public and attract new followers.

    These are 12 ways to gain many more Instagram followers.

    1. Optimize your bio  

    Instagram Followers
    1. Optimize your bio  

    Utilize the maximum amount of 150 characters. Your Instagram bio will inform potential customers what you’re about, what you’re all about, and what actions you’d like them to decide to take following a visit to your profile.

    A bio for your Instagram should contain:

    • A clear explanation of your work
    • Your personality is reflected in your touches
    • A call to action (shop or learn more, get in touch, and so on.)
    • A link

    Your bio is your one-click link only on Instagram, So make sure you use it responsibly. Some companies include a basic hyperlink to their site, and others alter it frequently to reflect posts of recent times. However, if you’d like to make it easier for you, use tools for linking into bios, such as Shop Gridthat can transform a single link into a catalog of hyperlinks.

    Think about including a branded hashtag and

    2. Find your best time to post to grow Instagram followers

    What do you think we missed when we said that you should find the best moment to post on Instagram? In reality, there isn’t a universally accepted answer to the best time to post on Instagram for the greatest amount of people. However, there are methods to determine the best time that will benefit you to post to your followers.

    Utilize Instagram Insights to determine what times your audience is active on Instagram. First, click on the “Insights” button from your Instagram business profile, then scroll down until “Your Audience,” then tap “See All.” From there, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the most active times for your followers.

    It is also important to consider when your content is likely to be the most useful. For instance, a step-by-step recipe video could be more effective during non-work hours since people cook. On the other hand, coffee shop posts could be a good idea between 2 and 3 p.m. when people are going through a slump at the end of the afternoon—test different times to post and keep track of the response.

    3. Post consistently to grow Instagram followers  

    In the context of the algorithmic timeline of Instagram, it is important to maintain consistency as the most important factor to get your posts noticed. Therefore, when your content is posted regularly and generates an impressive amount of engagement, the algorithm of Instagram will likely show your content at the top of your follower’s feeds.

    Of course, the quality of content is much more crucial than volume. A greater frequency of posting doesn’t always mean higher engagement. Concentrate on creating content that is resonant with your audience. You can read more about this in section 9: Connect with your target audience.

    4. Learn how the Instagram algorithm works  

    Instagram followers
    Instagram algorithm works  

    Many Instagram users were initially worried about the transition from chronological feeds to a chronological timeline that is ranked. But, as of the date the switch has taken place, posts are being seen by a higher percentage of users than before.

    Six elements decide what appears on every person’s timeline: curiosity timing, timeliness, relationship, the frequency of their following, and the frequency of use.

    1. Interest: How much Instagram thinks that a user will enjoy the post, based on prior activities
    2. Timelines: How recent the post is
    3. Relations: the accounts that one interacts with regularly
    4. Frequency: How often does a person utilize Instagram? Instagram app
    5. following: Posts from the accounts that a person follows
    6. Use: How much time an individual spends on Instagram

    Instagram’s algorithm is designed to present the most relevant content for every user. Thus, even though six different elements may sound like a lot to be concerned about, the most important way to go about it is to make sure you are consistently creating high-quality content.

    5. Experiment with different content types to grow Instagram followers  

    The algorithm analyzes the level of interest and tries to present users with the content types they interact with the most often. So, for example, if one user is a fan of and tends to comment frequently on Instagram Reels more often than other types of posts, They’re likely to get more Reels on the Instagram feed. But, if a different person engages more often with carousel-related posts, then they’ll see more of the kind of content on their timeline.

    Every kind of content type has advantages. In this case, Instagram Reels have an advantage because they’re the most recent type of content, and Instagram constantly introduces new features.

    Since the introduction of Instagram Reels in 2020, The application has relocated its Reels buttons to the middle location in the menu bar. It also created Reels that appear bigger than photos posted on Instagram’s Explore page. When you consider that 200 million people visit the Explore page each day,, this additional visual space could significantly impact how many people you connect with.

    Instagram TV (IGTV) videos are also four times larger than images displayed on Explore. Also, IGTV videos can run longer than 60 minutes. This kind of content is great for a long-form video.

    Carousel posts, which are a sequence of up to 10 photos or videos in one post–have the highest engagement rates of all types of posts. Consider carousels as a teaser or mini-story for a larger information item, like blogs. It is possible to use text images or videos, images, or a combination of all three in one theme-based blog post.

    6. Find your brand voice and create unique content to grow Instagram followers  

    People on social media don’t follow your business because they can see sales ads. They are following your brand because they love your personality and the content that you produce.

    What is successful for one company may not work for your brand, even when you’re in the same industry.

    Consider your company account as an individual. Develop a persona for your account and develop the guidelines for branding that are in line with yours. Guidelines for branding must include specifics about tone, style, and the values of the colors and fonts of your brand.

    7. Write great captions to grow Instagram followers  

    Instagram followers
    Write great captions  

    Good photos attract attention. Great Instagram captions make the attention. Captions allow you to give more information about the picture or video you’re posting. Additionally, including keywords in your captions can help you rank higher in search results in the app.

    Instagram captions can have as long as 2,200 characters. Of course, every caption doesn’t need to be written like the content of a blog post. Try different lengths. Some photos are great with an easy, short caption, accompanied by a few emojis. Other photos might be better off with something longer and more reflective.

    The duration of Instagram captions is growing; however, most brands do not exceed the 2200 character limit.

    When do you extend your reach, and when should you stick to a simple approach? There’s no absolute guideline. Similar to the types of content available, it’s better to play around with it.

    8. Research and use hashtags to grow Instagram followers  

    Instagram followers
    Research and use hashtags  

    We’ve examined hashtags many times on this blog, and it’s clear that on no social platform are they as crucial as on Instagram. The use of the right hashtags can bring your content to be huge and specific viewers, as Instagram users don’t appear to suffer from hashtag fatigue in the same way as they do on other platforms.

    Begin by looking for hashtags that appeal to your viewers. The free Instagram tools such as Display Purposes and AutoHash aid you in finding the most appropriate hashtags for your Instagram posts. For example, with Display Purposes, you just write a few lines about your photo, and it will recommend the most popular hashtags to make use of.

    If you’re looking to get more Instagram followers, hashtags are crucial. Hashtags can make your content easily searchable or filterable when users click on the same hashtag in another post. You can also follow their most popular hashtags to ensure that the most popular content that has that hashtag will be displayed on the Instagram timeline.

    9. Engage with your audience to grow Instagram followers  

    Engagement is essential for the growth of Instagram. Unfortunately, many companies mistake focusing solely on comments and likes without taking into account the people who are behind these metrics. If you desire to increase the number of Instagram followers, you must engage your followers in a discussion.

    Be aware that just because someone can see your blog post, it does not mean they follow you. If you’re offered the chance to engage with a potential follower, you should make the most of the opportunity to engage with them.

    Every comment can be an opportunity to attract new followers (or keep one that is already there). Make sure you reply to each feedback you receive. Do not fret when your fingers are cramping from clicking away on your smartphone, do not fret.

    Don’t sit around waiting for your followers to begin the conversation. Create engagement opportunities. Utilize Instagram stickers, such as open-ended polls, and have open-ended questions on Instagram Stories. Include questions in your picture captions. Encourage users to tag their acquaintances in their comments by using suggestions like “Tag your BFF who you’d invite on this cruise!” or “Tag your wine-loving friend who you’d do this wine tasting with.”

    10. Collaborate with others to grow Instagram followers  

    Another way to increase Instagram fans is to work with other companies by forming partnerships or launching influencer campaigns.

    Influencer marketing is a different way to increase your Instagram followers. Suppose you’ve got the money to pay content creators to advertise your brand. However, if you’re trying to simplify things (and be budget-friendly), micro-influencers (1,000-10,000 followers) are extremely effective. Content from micro-influencers is more engaging than posts from bigger accounts. It is possible to find micro-influencers to collaborate with or share content users have created (UGC).

    Are you aware of the hashtags we discussed in Section 1, Optimizing your bio? Simply tap your branded hashtag, and you’ll have an entire collection of content you can choose from.

    Collaborations can also be a way to display your character and values by allying. The companies and individuals that you collaborate with and support will reflect on the brand you represent. Partnerships can be extremely effective for local businesses as well. You might want to consider partnering with neighbors to get your message to a specific market.

    Instagram followers
    Link to your Instagram from elsewhere  

    Make it easy for your followers to locate your Instagram. There is no need to go through the pages on your site to locate the account on Instagram.

    Add your Instagram account link to:

    • Email footers
    • The footer or sidebar of your site’s website
    • Bios on social media platforms
    • Social media posts by team members

    12. Analyze your results  

    One method to determine ways to increase your fans on Instagram is to study the kind of comments your current followers respond to. You can check a range of Instagram metrics right in the app using Instagram Insights or third-party analytics tools, such as Buffer.

    Do not obsess about superficial metrics like comments and likes. Instead, consider what these metrics can tell you. For instance, if trying out a trending hashtag, metrics like the number of followers you have and their reach reveal more about the worth of the hashtag than just likes from your existing followers.

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