10 Sureshot Ways to Get Free Products

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    Amazon is the biggest online retailer, but this doesn’t mean there are not some freebies you can grab. It’s just a matter of being aware of where to search. Although finding a fantastic bargain is always exciting, but there’s something about the ability to combine these savings with world-class shipping and the variety of products that makes your blood flow. There’s no need to coupon birthday offers, birthday gifts or a plethora of survey websites to score the free products on amazon that you’re entitled to. Take your credit card off and look at our advice for how to earn free products on Amazon to assist you on your journey to financial freedom.

    Why Are There free products on Amazon ?

    To receive free products on Amazon, it is essential to know the mindset of Amazon sellers. Their aim is to generate the most sales they can use so that they can make a good amount of money.

    To accomplish this, they have to:

    Show up high on Amazon’s search results pages

    Whether using a laptop or using the Amazon app, most shoppers will only see the top page in the results. So, sellers stuck at the bottom of the page, whether on a computer or an app, are eager to climb the ranks. To get higher rankings, sellers must meet Amazon’s algorithm. The two main factors that determine Amazon’s ranking are reviews and sales.

    Create more sales

    In order to increase profits, Amazon sellers must appear credible and show proof that they’re selling a worthy product. While product descriptions and photos are helpful, however, the only way buyers can determine the authenticity of a seller is by reading reviews. If the Amazon seller isn’t rated, it will be difficult to generate sales. Amazon sellers are also looking for authentic positive reviews, not fake reviews.

    Garner as many 5-star reviews as they can.

    Free Product
    Garner as many 5-star reviews as they can.

    As we’ve discussed previously, customers who shop online rely on reviews when making buying choices. However, it isn’t possible to receive reviews if your business hasn’t made any sales until now. Therefore, Amazon sellers get caught in a trap: they can’t achieve sales without reviews, and they’re not able to receive reviews without sales.

    10 Methods to Get Free Products on Amazon

    1. Becoming a Vine reviewer

    Have you had the opportunity to experience Amazon Vine? It’s the Vine program gives customers free items on Amazon to reward them for honest reviews of the product. The products they offer are typically ones that aren’t yet released (which can be why they find them on numerous review websites) that require some support from consumers to begin.

    You are able to become a Vine Voice through invitation. You will be recognized by those who are interested through earning a name for yourself on the Amazon page as somebody who is fair and honest reviews of products. When the “reviewer rank” is high enough in a particular subject, like pets, food or gardening tools, then you might receive an invitation to write a review for a free product. Below are some suggestions for increasing your Amazon ranking to be a Vine reviewer. Or, simply click here to learn more about Vine. It is one of the most popular way of getting free products on amazon.

    2. Facebook Is Your Friend

    A lot of sellers are so keen to hear reviews of their products that they ask for reviews on Facebook.

    A lot of Facebook groups have been created to help facilitate these deals. These groups let Amazon sellers post links to their product listings and give away free items to customers in exchange for reviews. It is also very common way for getting free products on amazon

    To locate the groups, look for them on Facebook in search of “Amazon Hacks,” “Amazon Freebies,” ” Amazon Promo Codes,” and so on. It is also possible to look through this useful listing of Facebook groups from AMZFinder.

    Additional Reasons Why Sellers May Offer Free Products

    Reviews aren’t the only reason sellers must give away part of their inventory at no cost.

    The other motives include:

    Increasing their sale: Some sellers have an established sales goal for each week and month or the entire year. If they offer a few free products, they could get back to their sales goal if they’re not meeting their target.

    Eliminating unwanted inventory: Similar to retail stores, there are times when an Amazon seller would like to clean off their shelves. It is more expensive than offering them at no cost because of storage and listing costs. Additionally, they might offer the item for free, with a significant discount or even for no cost.

    3. Join for Amazon Music Free

    black tablet computer beside round white portable speaker
    Amazon Music for Free

    Did you know that Amazon has an enormous collection of free music and podcasts? By free, we mean actually free, not Spotify membership-free. There’s no secret to this one, unlike an initial trial offer that is turned into a monthly bill that is unexpected. You must log in using the Amazon account. However, you don’t have to sign up for Amazon Prime, and you don’t require a credit card. 

    There are many options, but they are less extensive than Amazon Music Unlimited as the music section operates much like an actual radio station rather than a playlist that you can create; however, it’s still free! It’s the bait for Amazon Music Unlimited’s Amazon Music Unlimited hook.

    You can also get a free 30-day trial for Amazon Prime to access more free downloads.

    4. Explore free Kindle ebooks

    If you’re a voracious reader but on a limited spending budget, the search for free books to read can be a challenge. It’s not a problem; Amazon has a variety of free Kindle ebooks available on the internet. The list is filled with new freebies or two each day. Be sure to often check the list for new releases. There are many free ebooks. Ebooks is also a way of free products on amazon. If you don’t own a Kindle, then you can browse the current Black Friday Kindle bargains to get the biggest deals.

    Although some ebooks are perpetually free, the majority are only available for a short time period by new and emerging authors. It is possible to exchange one free book for another in the event that you aren’t satisfied with the content you’re reading. That’s the great thing about free.

    5. Free cloud storage

    Do you require a method to backup the most important documents? Amazon Drive will give you 5GB of storage completely cost-free. Upload photos, files and videos to Amazon Drive to ensure that you don’t lose the most important documents.

    In the event that you’re an Amazon Prime Member, You will also get unlimited storage for photos, along with 5GB of storage that is free, another way of having free products on amazon. There are other websites that offer cloud storage for free, but Amazon will surely outlast other sites.

    6. Download apps for free

    black iPad
    free apps

    While there aren’t many no-cost products coming out of the Amazon accounts, There are a lot of apps for free that are available. There are all kinds of games and classic apps by looking up “apps” and sorting the listing by price. The majority of apps will want you to pay after you’ve downloaded the application. However, you are able to stay away from microtransactions! We trust you.

    There is no need to give up your soul to download software for free. Check the following list of top free apps for iOS to find more options.

    7. Sign up for an Audible free trial  

    There’s nothing better than a relaxing small nook and reading a hard copy of the book you love. This is if you have time to do so, of course. Personal relationships, work and adult responsibilities are involved more frequently than they need to be. It’s a great method to stay up-to-date with your favourite stories travelling.

    You can sign up for a complimentary 30-day test of Audible on Amazon and also two audiobooks for free to help you get going (only one book is free even if you’re not a prime member). If you decide to cancel your subscription after the trial has ended, you can keep the book! However, after you’ve benefited from this promotion, it’s difficult to return to reading using your eyes.

    8. Sign up to receive the Amazon Prime student free trial

    Do you have an email address for a student? If yes, you may join Amazon Prime Student free for six months with no coupon codes or promo codes needed. It includes free shipping and access to hundreds of free movies and TV shows, and discounts on college tuition. Free shipping is pretty much the cheapest thing you can get on Amazon If you are thinking about it. You are able to cancel the subscription anytime at any point or pay only $6.49 each month after your trial expires. It’s worthwhile to keep it for the entire year.

    This trial for free is perfect to shop for the holidays or for an unhealthy 6-month binge of your most cherished movies and TV shows.

    9. Watch free movies and TV shows. 

    turned-on flat screen television
    free movies and tv shows

    Suppose you’re an Amazon Prime member or have a 30-day trial and can access hundreds of free films or TV programs. Enjoy original content such as “The Tick,” new films, and a variety of classic movies that you can’t get the same at Walmart.

    You can stream unlimited and more through Amazon Instant Video. If you’re not keen to join for all the services Amazon offers you, it’s perfectly fine.

    10. Become a Pro Reviewer

    Pro reviewers provide product reviews and demos via their channels on social media. Their YouTube and other content on social media may be free; however, due to their huge following and collaborations with brands, they are able to eventually make money from their channels and transform into businesses that are successful. This is also beneficial for sellers on Amazon, which are scrutinized by influential creators of content and attract interest from new viewers. This is also getting popular as famous personality getting free products on amazon.

    To become a professional reviewer, you’ll require:

    • A solid social media presence via YouTube, Instagram or other channels
    • The desire to put time and effort into creating content, and maintaining the interest in your audience
    • The patience to offer demonstrations of products at no cost
    • The attention of businesses and sellers who will give you freebies in exchange for demonstrations and reviews


    You can get some free items on Amazon in the event that you’re willing to spend the time you spend writing informative reviews, when you sign up to become an active member of Amazon Vine and continue to receive free items from Amazon. If you’re a free-time person and would like to help users choose the right product, this could be a choice to consider. There are other methods to obtain things on Amazon for no cost. However, it’s crucial to understand that you’re not receiving free items for free.

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