30 Proven Ways to get free books online in 2022

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    If you’re like us, you’re going through books quickly. Sometimes, it’s an addiction that’s impossible to keep up with. If there’s one thing that anyone who reads can inform you, it’s the fact that this habit could quickly cost you a lot of money.

    The savvy user knows that there are plenty of sites online where you can legally get free books online  without spending any money. In this article, we’ll give you 21 of the most effective sites to download books for free to help you get rid of even the most destructive of book-related addictions without guilt.

    13 Websites to get free books online

    While there are some real-world methods to find free books, the web is the best option in terms of selection and availability. The websites listed below are a few of my favorite sites:

    1. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

    free books
    Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

    We all know that Dolly Parton has a fantastic singing voice, still you may not know that she also manages an organization that is a non-profit called the Imagination Library, which promotes childhood literacy by distributing free books to children to age five. You can easily get free books online

    Simply sign up at to get your child on the list to receive a free book every single month.

    The service is accessible across the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

    2. Library thing

    It is mostly the site for book reviews, So how can you get free books online ? Visit the website and browse for a book you like. Then, you can join the list of review requests.

    While there is no guarantee of getting a book since they are usually limited, you can improve the chances of getting a book by submitting reviews to multiple books.

    3. GoodReads

    This website is essential for those who love books as it is packed with reviews and book recommendations. There is also a useful “Giveaways” section where authors give away copies of their books for reviews. So you can get free books online by reviewing.

    Although it’s not mandatory to write a review after you’ve received a book for free, It is undoubtedly the proper action to do.

    4. NetGalley

    NetGalley was developed to assist authors in promoting their books since this can be difficult for authors who do not have an author or traditional publisher. Many authors will give the books in advance as a condition for reviews.

    All you have to do is sign up as a member, and it’s free of cost. Then, you can search for books that you like.

    5. Jiffy Recipe Book

    free books
    Jiffy Recipe Book

    You’ve heard of Jiffy Mix and, the makers of the brand have come up with a recipe book that you can download at no cost.

    Visit the website and fill out the form. After that, you can select either the version available online and the printed copies (or both, if you prefer).

    Of course, you can get both the physical book and eBook, If you want to!

    As you can imagine, good freebies are in high demand. If you truly would like to try your luck on books for free, You’ll probably need to check the site often.

    6. Craigslist

    One of the most well-known advertising websites, Craigslist, features freebie items along with items to sell.

    While you won’t get the most extensive collection of free books on Craigslist, It’s worth looking. You might just be lucky and get free books online here.

    7. EPA Activity Books

    The Environmental Protection Agency is committed to informing people about the importance of protecting the planet. Additionally, it provides free activity books for children via post.

    Visit the website and browse through books by title or school year to get free books online for your child.

    8. Lola’s Blog Tours

    A well-known book blog site, Lola’s Blog Tours features occasional giveaways for reviewing for review purposes. Unfortunately, the free books are few and far between. However, persistence usually pays off.

    9. Enchanted Book Reviews

    Another book review blog,, allows you to request a book to review.

    Don’t be expecting to find a lot of free books in the first few days; however, keep at it, and you’ll be able to grab an offer in the end.

    10. Fresh Fiction

    This site for book reviews includes over 250 choices, including children’s and nonfiction for adults and adult novels.

    It’s best to begin by filling out the Reviewer Application form. If you’re successful, begin to look through for books to review and read. One of the easy place to get free books online

    11. Cashbackbase

    free books

    If you are looking for artistic books, check out this website and type in keywords for books, and you’ll find all the coloring books for free adults. It’s a bargain website that offers books and all sorts of free products available on Amazon.

    Even though you must register for an account and complete the necessary procedures, there is no charge to purchase the books.

    Simply visit the website and join its newsletter to notify any updates about free books.

    12. Reader Service

    Popular for romance and suspense novellas, Reader Service will send two books free of charge, including shipping. Go to the site and then go to the section ‘how it works, to select your free book.

    After you’ve received your books, make sure to unsubscribe from your membership; otherwise, you’ll be receiving additional books, which you’ll be charged for. Easiest place to get free books online

    13. Braille Books

    American individuals who have a disability or suffer from vision problems can apply for free braille literature from their American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults.

    There are many titles to choose from, and you’ll be required to fill out your application online to join as an associate.

    10 Websites to Download Free eBooks

    The web has plenty to offer, including the ability to download several great books at no cost.

    If you’re looking for a classic book to read or a digital copy that can be downloaded directly to your Kindle, there are numerous websites to choose from.

    14. Project Gutenberg

    The site boasts 57,000 free ebooks available to choose from. They charge zero fees and do not require any custom applications. One of the popular places to get free books online. Do not expect the latest blockbusters; however, a wide selection of classics and modern films is available.

    15. Open Library

    A non-profit library exclusively online, Open Library allows users to browse and download a huge range of books for free. 3. Google eBookstore

    16. Google eBookstore

    free books
    Google eBookstore

    The avid reader will be spoiled for choices with Google’s book store that offers an extensive selection of modern and classic books.

    17. Amazon Free Kindle Books

    Amazon’s freebies offer amazing books written by well-known authors. All of them are available for download for free. Another place to get free books online.

    18. Internet Archive

    With over 15 million free download books and text files, The Internet Archive encourages its global community to share physical books and digital versions.

    19. ManyBooks

    You may have noticed it; this book contains various books that are free to browse and download using eReaders, Kindle, iPad, and Nooks.

    20. BookBoon

    It is the world’s largest publisher of educational material online, with over 1000 titles on the market.

    21. LibGen

    For those who are interested in science and technology, LibGen is a search engine that lets you download and locate free science-related books and texts.

    22. FreeBookSpot

    Explore more than 90 categories of books and then download the books for no cost.

    Last but not least, Free eBooks include thousands of free eBooks available on offer, including nonfiction, fiction, romance, sci-fi, romance self-help, business, and more.

    23. Natural Enquirer

    This popular newspaper and ezine will send you a free coloring book by mail.  Check out the newspaper or go online to order your free book.

    7 Ways to Get Free Books

    You might be shocked to find out that there is a myriad of ways to obtain the book for free when you are aware of where to go.

    If you’re trying to find free books, make sure you don’t get too specific; for instance, if seeking a particular book, you’ll need to work out for you to find the book for free.

    But, if you’re not too picky and just want books in specific genres, there are plenty of sites to look for books. Some of them include:

    24. Libraries

    A lot of libraries regularly give away old, shabby books to clear their shelves to store more.

    Visit the local library to find out whether they have a freebie bin if they don’t. Don’t be afraid to inquire with a staff member.

    25. Magazines

    Many of the popular magazines have review sections, and, in a lot of cases, they offer giveaways for the best book of the week or month.

    Look through magazines for women like Cosmopolitan and Vogue for giveaway contests.

    Alternately, you can opt to subscribe to a specific magazine for books. Some of my favorite include:

    Book Forum is available as a magazine in physical form and accessible online. Book Forum is a decent source for giveaways and competitions to win free books.

    free books
    Book Forum

    World Literature Today: is jam-packed with fantastic reviews, interviews, and articles, and sometimes a prize.

    Publishers Weekly Print or online versions and delight in a variety of exciting features, as well as contests to win books for free.

    Bookmarks Magazine: Available bi-monthly, Bookmarks Magazine showcases new books and authors and includes a variety of excellent articles as well as a plethora of giveaways and competitions.

    26. Thrift / Charity Shops

    The majority of charity shops have many books for the lowest price; many also have an assortment of books that they can offer to anyone who wants them.

    In certain cases, you’ll be able to get a book for free; however, some stores might require you to purchase your book.

    27. Social Media

    Find the local group on Facebook as a lot of booksellers will give away bundles of books in the event that you are in a position to gather the books yourself.

    Be cautious when you visit the home of someone you do not know when you’re reading books. Also, bring someone with you if possible.

    You can join book clubs on Facebook where members regularly trade books and also offer suggestions for books and book tips.

    If you join the book club, be sure to keep your membership active instead of just checking in and seeking freebies.

    28. eBay

    Like social media networks, it is not uncommon to find books on eBay at no cost or at a bargain in the event that you’ll need to get them yourself (your eBay account will feature your address, and you’ll be able to narrow your search by your location).

    29. Blogging

    If you’re passionate about reading, why not consider starting your own blog about book reviews?

    Start by creating your blog and then posting reviews of your most-loved books And make your posts interesting and as entertaining as you can to build an audience.

    The authors can then be reached via social media channels to request reviews of their latest books.

    This won’t only enable you to obtain numerous books for free, but you’ll also enjoy yourself by engaging in a new pastime.

    30. FreeCycle

    free books

    Like Craigslist, FreeCycle Similar to Craigslist, FreeCycleis an online marketplace where users can sell and buy many items. While it’s designed used for selling, you can discover the occasional freebie.

    Simply sign up to the site and then browse the groups to look for those who are offering books around your area.

    The next step is to communicate with the seller in order to set the time that you will get your books.


    If you’re an avid reader of ebooks, there are literally millions of free books there to get access to with no effort.

    Many authors want to make their name known by attracting as many readers as feasible. Therefore, after you’ve downloaded the book for free, make sure to make a point of leaving reviews.

    If you’re looking for books in physical format, You may need to do a bit more work, but there are plenty of choices available, as I’ve listed within this post.

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