Solid Ways to Get Free YouTube Subscribers in 2022

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    Views are wonderful but don’t let us fool you. But if you’re hoping to establish a lively YouTube channel and stand apart as a thought-leader on the platform, you’ll require more than just views. You’ll need followers. In this post, we’ll provide actionable suggestions to help you acquire free YouTube subscribers to help you build your channel into a more engaged community.

    Why subscribers are important on YouTube

    Free YouTube Subscribers
    Solid Ways to Get Free YouTube Subscribers in 2022 5

    If you already see views, you might be wondering whether the number of subscribers is crucial to the overall success of the YouTube channel. Yes, they are—subscribers sign-up to view your YouTube videos on their feed. Your most faithful customers are the ones who will promote your YouTube content and increase your subscriber count.

    In addition, if you intend to make money from your channel on YouTube, you’ll need to increase the number of subscribers to generate more views and more revenue.

    The reason you should not purchase YouTube subscribers

    We are aware of the desire to buy YouTube subscribers. It’s not our intention to be snarky about it.

    We’ll dispel your illusions and tell you that it won’t work. The truth is that video makers behind the top-of-the-line YouTube channels don’t have money or time for unsavory growth strategies. They’re too busy making amazing videos.

    Let’s first look at how “free” YouTube subscriber services function. (While not forgetting that nothing is truly free. According to the old saying, when you don’t pay to purchase the item, you have purchased, not the customer.)

    You can earn “free” subscribers by subscribing to other channels and liking them according to the service’s instructions. However, most of them require you to subscribe to 20 channels and to like the same amount of YouTube videos. In exchange, ten channels will be subscribed to your channel.

    How to Get 1,000 free YouTube Subscribers

    Are you eager to expand the reach of your YouTube channel? Our advice boils down to 10 suggestions, covering various ways to create content, draw viewers and convince them to sign up.

    1. Divide 1,000-Subscriber Goal Into Small sub goals

    Free YouTube Subscribers

    Collecting a million of anything is difficult no matter what dollars, a pair of shoes, or even rare horror novels. You’re aware that it will take some time, but you’re not sure the exact length, which can be stressful.

    Here’s how to cut the amount into manageable chunks instead of saying that you’d like 1000 YouTube subscribers.

    Through the year, remind yourself that you would like to improve:

    • 100 subscribers in March
    • 250 subscribers are expected to join by June
    • 500 subscribers to be added by August
    • There will be 750 subscribers by the end of October
    • 1,000 subscribers in December

    It’s unlikely that you’ll hit these exact numbers every single month. However, it’s much less stressful (and more motivating) to hit a goal that’s a little smaller instead of focusing on an unattainable goal.

    2. Add Subscribe Button to Your Videos

    This is a quick and easy way to get subscribers for every upload. First, create or download a picture that reads “subscribe,” then go to the YouTube Studio and upload it as a videos watermark. Then, when people view your videos, they will (hopefully) click on the image to join your channel.

    Here’s how to put a button to subscribe to YouTube videos:

    • Go to the YouTube Studio.
    • Select Customization on the navigation menu on the left.
    • Choose on the brand tab.
    • Click down until and then to the video Watermark section, and upload your image.
    • Select a display time for the image: at the time of the end of the video, the whole video, or a customized timespan.
    • Click publish at the top right-hand corner at the top of your page.

    3. Find which videos is Attracting  your most subscribers

    Free YouTube Subscribers
    Find which videos is Attracting  your most subscribers

    If you’ve got thirty or more video clips on your YouTube channel, why don’t you check which ones have attracted the most followers?

    The correct word for this measurement is viewers by videos. You can find this information in your YouTube analysis, particularly in your YouTube Subscriber count graph.

    4. Place a Subscribe Link in Video Descriptions

    The purpose of explaining your video isn’t the only thing your description boxes are useful for. You can also include the links you want to include, for example, affiliate links, links to websites, or the social networks you use. In addition, by putting in the subscription links, users join your community with just two clicks.

    Here’s how to make an email subscription link for your channel:

    Begin by establishing your channel’s normal URL. You can find this in the address bar once you’re on your channel’s homepage.

    Add the following to at the top of the URL for your channel.

    Input the whole thing into the description box of your video together with a short message inviting viewers to sign up. Then, let the new subscribers start to come in!

    5. Do a YouTube Collabration to Reach New Viewers

    Creators are putting a lot of effort into video collaborations. They seek out partners who share their interests and brainstorm ideas for collab collaboration and then create various videos. However, after all the hard work, both creators reap an unbeatable reward by sharing their audiences that overlap.

    This is how it is done. Certain viewers may not have ever heard of creator A for each collab, and the same is true with creator B. However, if all goes as planned, a significant portion of these new viewers will likely become new customers to both creators.

    Video collabs are an essential method to gain YouTube subscribers, regardless of how big your YouTube channel is. Here are six suggestions for securing your first collaborations.

    6. Create Types of Videos that People Love

    There are plenty of YouTube video ideas to attract more subscribers. The trick is to find those that will draw viewers back to your channel and Subscribe.

    With time, we’ve discovered that four videos don’t get old on YouTube:

    • Reaction videos
    • How-to videos
    • Versus videos
    • Videos with a lyric

    7. Take Keywords, Thumbnails, and Titles Seriously

    Free YouTube Subscribers
    Take Keywords, Thumbnails, and Titles Seriously

    Every day, we repeat that: YouTube keywords are the basis of every great channel and are the most effective method to gain traffic for new creators. The addition of relevant terms to your video titles and descriptions will assist in the growth of your videos rankings quickly.

    Let’s say, for instance, you own a channel that covers the metaverse. Your search for keywords would be something like this:

    Metaverse channels are being scanned to find out the words they’re using.

    Use the autocomplete feature in YouTube’s YouTube search bar to view the most popular metaverse searches.

    Use the tools for keyword research from to determine the volume of metaverse searches.

    Don’t forget the importance of thumbnails on YouTube. They’re crucial for gaining views that will lead to an increase in YouTube subscribers.

    8. Promote Your Channel on the YouTube Community Tab

    Making posts to your channel’s Community tab is a simple method to advertise your channel. The social media platform is part of YouTube itself. It allows you to make use of it to post GIFs and polls and images, text posts, and videos.

    If you’re looking to increase your subscribers, ask engaging and relevant questions. Don’t just upload your latest video. Keep doing this over time, and you’ll be able to promote your channel to prospective viewers.

    9. Create Videos That Deliver on Their Promise

    Whether they realize it or not, each video on YouTube promises something subtle. The title lets you know what to expect within just the initial 30 seconds of watching. The thumbnail reveals the emotion of what’s experienced, whether that’s joy or complete devastation. All of it is a way to create anticipation.

    If your video does not meet the expectations, you didn’t fulfill the original promise. It’s difficult to get viewers if you continue to let viewers let them down.

    10. Never Stop Posting New Videos

    Certain creators don’t have any issues attracting subscribers. However, they have an inconsistency gap that hinders them from releasing sufficient content, which can influence their Youtube algorithm and grow their fan base.

    On YouTube, it’s a show. If you don’t publish videos for a prolonged period, it’s the same way as “Game of Thrones” (when it was happening) by putting off episodes for two weeks. Then, naturally, people leave and go to other shows.

    Working Tips to get Free Youtube Subscribers

    1. Make your Brand Homepage  

    Creating your company’s YouTube page is among the most important and initial methods to draw new customers. A beautiful YouTube channel design will allow you to inform new viewers of what your channel is about and how it is different from the rest.

    Other than that, Here’s what you can do make on the channel’s homepage:

    • Choose vibrant colors
    • Pick a memorable and distinctive channel name
    • Complete your About Page by providing a brief and concise description

    Check out this enticing YouTube homepage of the popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee.

    It is evident in the vibrant red color on the channel’s page. Additionally, he’s determined to create his brand, so it was his choice to use his name as the channel’s name. When it comes to the art of his channel, MKBHD stands for Marques K Brownlee High Definition, which is a reference to two things his brand name and his work.

    2. Be Consistent with the Upload Schedule

    Being consistent does not only reward you in the short run and also offers longer-term advantages. Becoming constant with your upload timetable will have a cumulative effect.

    In order to do that, you’ll need to make a great calendar of content. Once you are consistently consistent, YouTube will notice that and will realize that you are committed to content creation.

    3. Creating Irresistible Thumbnails

    A thumbnail can be described to videos as what a headline does to blogs. The majority of YouTubers who are new aren’t aware of this and are left with nothing.

    It is important to make an effort when creating your thumbnail as opposed to your content creation since your attractive thumbnail may cause people to click your video and then consume information. If they enjoy what you have to say, they’ll eventually sign up for your channel.

    It is important to master techniques for creating captivating thumbnails that viewers can’t miss. Here’s an example of a YouTuber who uses appealing thumbnails.

    4. Get your audience’s attention right from the beginning

    Your videos shouldn’t be boring. To appear boring because they will cause people to leave, and you’ll never have free subscribers. Make sure to hook them right at the beginning, design an appealing intro to your videos, and make them slide until they reach the end of your video.

    Finish your video by letting them end on a high note. Do this with a unique outro. have them take any move at the end of the video. Make sure to inject some imagination into the information you plan to impart to your viewers.

    Make your videos unique and make viewers feel awed by your videos. This will allow you to reach a large audience without paying an amount. Here’s a fun video from Casey Neistat:

    5. Enhance your Editing Skills

    With so many new and exciting videos uploaded daily on YouTube, it is essential to improve your editing skills for videos. You shouldn’t go into a video platform without having the ability to edit your video.

    Then, you must learn and make use of your imagination to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

    There are many free video editing tools that you can start with. However, if you are convinced that you want to upgrade, obviously, you are able to.

    One of the best tools, to begin with, is VideoPad It’s simple and user-friendly. After that, you can view videos to help you set up your foundation for editing videos.

    Beyond that, Don’t forget to think about SEO.

    6. Take SEO seriously 

    SEO is the backbone of YouTube because it is the primary factor in creating organic subscribers. Conducting thorough keyword research, and enhancing the text in the video’s description and headline as well as your thumbnail, can help the YouTube algorithm recognize the importance of your videos.

    Google will rank your keywords on Google, and more visitors are able to be directed toward your video. You don’t know what could be the outcome if you are working professionally and consistently.

    7. Learn from the most popular YouTube Channels in your niche

    Learning involves developing. It isn’t possible to be a star on YouTube within just one or ten videos uploaded, and it’s going to take. Take a look at the top YouTubers in your field and consider:

    What was the time it took them to reach the place they are now in? What is the structure of the content that they adhere to? Which is the most effective video, and which one is the most disappointing? What do their viewers talk about in their comments?

    Note down your answers and take notes such as these. This will allow you to develop a clear picture of what is happening on YouTube within your particular niche. Once you’ve got the idea you want to implement, begin working on the ideas and work towards making growth a reality.

    For instance, if required to begin with the beginning of our YouTube campaign, as we are in the marketing and social media industry, it is good to research some of the most prominent YouTubers in our industry, such as Kevin David Garyvee, or Neil Patel.

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