Free YouTube Intro Makers – Create YouTube Video Intros in 2022

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    Promo videos and intro videos for YouTube can do wonders for your brand. Our research shows that 87% of marketers now use YouTube to promote businesses. It’s essential to make a professional-looking video to be competitive. If done well, your intro video will help you build brand awareness and familiarity.

    In this blog, we will highlight the need and importance of YouTube intro makers and list top software to create an impressive intro for your YouTube videos.

    Why consider an online YouTube Intro Maker?

    Video editing is an essential part of creating online content. It is, in short, the bread and butter of this field of work. Your video will reflect your hard work and efforts. It is essential that your video looks professional for your subscribers and followers.

    Online Youtube intro Maker is an excellent alternative, especially for people just starting YouTube. It’s also free and simple to use. After using it for some time, you will be able to get the hang of it. Intro makers have many great features that will help you create an engaging intro for your videos.

    11 Free YouTube Intro Maker tools YouTube Intro Maker offers high-quality video clips, royalty-free audio, customizable templates, and many other features. They are primarily focused on creating promotional videos and ads for YouTube and Facebook. Although the platform costs a monthly or an annual subscription, Promo is free. You also get two months free if you choose an annual plan. YouTube Intro Maker makes it easy to create custom intros for your videos. You can upload professional footage or edit your own. Add text, music, and your company logo. All in just minutes. offers many YouTube intro templates. also believes that you can add an extra touch to your marketing videos by using a creative YouTube video ending screen template that completes your message perfectly.

    Rederforest YouTube Intro Maker

    Renderforest allows you to create a variety of online videos, design logos, and design websites. A few clicks can be all it takes to create a professional introduction video. You can customize more than 50K templates to create professional intro videos.

    With the free plan, you get 500MB storage and can create unlimited 360p videos up to 3 minutes in length. All videos will be watermarked. However, you can remove this watermark by changing it to a $9.99/month plan. This is the best YouTube video intro maker and was recognized by G2 as one of the 100 most valuable software companies in 2019.

    youtube intro maker
    Free YouTube Intro Makers - Create YouTube Video Intros in 2022 11

    Filmora YouTube Intro Maker

    Filmora9 is a professional video editor you can download to your computer. This is a drawback. It is easy to use and has a clean interface, making it great for professional video editing. Fimora9 allows you to create YouTube video intros of high quality in just a few seconds.

    It is available for download free of charge, and you can start using it immediately. The watermark is present on all videos made with the free version. You can remove it by upgrading to a paid plan. This software is not the most intuitive, as it is a professional-level editor. To fully understand its interface, you’ll need to consult its guide.

    youtube intro maker
    Free YouTube Intro Makers - Create YouTube Video Intros in 2022 12

    Biteable YouTube Intro Maker

    Biteable can create high-quality, studio-quality videos. The interface is easy to use and allows you to create professional-quality intro videos right from scratch. There are many intro and outro templates. You can choose a template and edit it. Then save it.

    To create and edit stunning intro videos, you can either use Biteable’s app or it online. It is free to use, and you can create up to 10 videos. Watermarks can be removed by upgrading to a paid subscription. With the free version, you have access to more than 800K premium clips. There are many significant assets that you can use to personalize and tweak your intro video.

    youtube intro maker
    Free YouTube Intro Makers - Create YouTube Video Intros in 2022 13

    Flixpress YouTube Intro Maker

    Flixpress specializes in creating intro videos. This online tool allows you to create multi-layout editable templates. This tool is rich in features and supports 3D objects. It also has a variety of 3D assets, including photos, animated videos, and text. Access to thousands of royalty-free stock videos will be available. It also has a VideoFX library, which is difficult to find in other intro videos makers. You can create up to two minutes of video with the free plan, which is enough for an intro video. It will be 360p in resolution and have Flixpress branding.

    youtube intro maker
    Free YouTube Intro Makers - Create YouTube Video Intros in 2022 14

    Ivipid YouTube Intro Maker 

    Ivipid makes an easy and simple intro video that is suitable for bloggers, startups, and local businesses. However, the video quality is not professional-grade but acceptable. This tool makes it easy to create an intro video. You only need to select a template, then customize it.

    Although Ivipid is not accessible, the starting price of Ivipid is $1.99. This is the equivalent of free. What’s more; you can make a decent-quality intro video for your YouTube channel for less than $2. To get 1080p quality videos, you can switch to a higher plan for $6.99. You can create an intro video using Ivipid if you’re just getting started in video marketing.

    youtube intro maker
    Free YouTube Intro Makers - Create YouTube Video Intros in 2022 15

    Crello YouTube Intro Maker

    Crello can do a lot of different things. You can create animated videos, posters, graphics, logos, social media content, and intros to YouTube videos. The interface is intuitive and powerful, making it easy for beginners. It is easy to get started without any help. You can choose from among 25K+ templates for your intro and outro, modify it, add animations and tweak the background.

    You can use more than 30K animations and 140 million stock images to create a memorable video intro. You can also upload your own fonts or images. With the free plan, you can create stunning video intros. You can also switch to Crello’sCrello’s paid plan for $7.99 per month. Crello can be used to create personalized animations and graphics for your video intro. This will enhance your video.

    youtube intro maker
    Free YouTube Intro Makers - Create YouTube Video Intros in 2022 16

    Panzoid YouTube Intro Maker

    Panzoid offers free tools to create custom content. It is free to use, and there are many other users who can customize templates. There are tons of editable YouTube video intro templates. To edit a template, open Clipmaker. Personalize your Clipmaker template by adding your own graphics, images, and music.

    If you’re starting from scratch, you will need to upload your objects and assets. You should choose a template to modify. It is not easy to use the interface if you aren’t familiar with video makers. However, there are many tutorials and guides that can be found on YouTube and Panzoid websites. These guides can be beneficial.

    youtube intro maker
    Free YouTube Intro Makers - Create YouTube Video Intros in 2022 17

    IntroCave YouTube Intro Maker

    IntroCave allows you to create a particular video intro. It’s totally free. In just 5 minutes, you can create a professional YouTube intro. There are many templates to choose from. You can select a template and edit it. Your introduction will be available in HD quality within 2 hours.

    IntroCave makes it easy to create short intro videos in no time. IntroCave offers minimal customization options. Although you can upload your files, such as audio, logos and images, the layout of the video cannot be altered. This is ideal for bloggers, YouTubers and vloggers, as well as local businesses.

    youtube intro maker
    Free YouTube Intro Makers - Create YouTube Video Intros in 2022 18

    VideoCreek YouTube Intro Maker

    VideoCreek – Another free YouTube video introduction tool for beginners. There are many video intro templates that you can choose from. These can be edited in just three steps: Change the image, change the audio and add customization. Video layouts can’t be changed.

    VideoCreek doesn’t allow for customization. There is no interface to edit the video. The only options you have are to change the audio and image as well as fonts. Although the video quality is excellent, you won’t be able to create a unique and professional video intro for YouTube.

    youtube intro maker
    Free YouTube Intro Makers - Create YouTube Video Intros in 2022 19

    Offeo YouTube Intro Maker

    Offeo is a fully-featured online video maker with an intuitive and beginner-friendly interface. To get started, you can choose from the Intro, Outro, or Logo categories. Modify the template using built-in assets, which include 100K+ images and 1000+ graphics. You can also add commercially licensed music. In no time, you’ll have a professional-looking video intro.

    With the free plan, you can create a 30-second-long video. The free users have unlimited asset access. The offer’s free plan is unique because videos aren’t watermarked. This makes it an excellent free YouTube video intro maker.

    youtube intro maker
    Free YouTube Intro Makers - Create YouTube Video Intros in 2022 20

    Benefits of Using a YouTube Intro Maker

    Exceptional quality

    To win over your audience, you must create engaging and unique content. To meet users’ expectations, you need to have great YouTube videos with stunning effects. Quality is the most important thing when it comes to video content. No one wants to see low-quality videos with disturbing impact and noise.


    What could be better than a video maker which not only produces high-quality content but also helps you save your hard-earned cash? There are many video editors that you can use to create professional-quality videos and let you personalize the content according to your needs. Access to a variety of templates and easy features, as well as high-quality video content. YouTube’sYouTube’s intro maker is your best option when it comes down to user reactions and saving money.

    Establish your identity

    Nothing is more important in digital marketing than building your brand. This can only happen when you have a trusted video maker on your side. YouTube intro makers are so important that they can help you create a unique brand image by helping your brand stand out from others.


    It is important to maintain consistency in your video content. Many people prefer staying within their comfort zones and choosing the most familiar thing. People will be more loyal if they can make a connection with something familiar. Video experts recommend using the same name and displaying pictures on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter to maintain consistency and acceptance. This is because our brain responds to familiar things. After all, there is less fear of harming ourselves or getting out of sync.

    A guide to making a good video intro

    There are many YouTube intro maker services online. If you plan on going this route, there are several steps you will need to follow that include:

    • Choose a template
    • Upload your logo
    • Include other visual elements like social media handles
    • Decide which font you want to use
    • Use the effects and transitions available on your YouTube intro maker service of voice
    • Pick the music that represents your brand identity
    • Export your final product

    Even if you don’t have experience in video editing, it will be fairly easy for you to create your own intro because most services are user-friendly.


    No matter which intro maker software you use, ensure that it allows you to create an intro that reflects your company’s personality and your brand values. You can take your YouTube videos to new heights with all of these tools!

    You can find more inspiration if you are a YouTube creator and want to see more content like these YouTube ideas or how to advertise on YouTube.

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