8 Best Free Voice Recorder App for Clear & Crisp Recording

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    If you’re looking to write an instant memo, take notes during a lecture, or simply want to listen back to your band’s practice, There are plenty of opportunities to capture audio using your smartphone. We at AP believe that you shouldn’t need to search through a sea of cleverly named “voice recorder” apps to find the right one for you, however.

    There’s no shortage of high-quality audio recording software available at this moment. Many have features such as enhancing the sound, skipping silence, or real-time transcription. It’s not difficult to understand why these amazing applications might replace the built-in recorder in no time.

    Best Free Voice Recorder app for 2022

    1. ASR Voice Recorder

    voice recorder
    8 Best Free Voice Recorder App for Clear & Crisp Recording 9

    Price: Free

    The ASR voice recorder app is among the most effective voice recorder software applications. It records in various formats, including the most popular formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, and M4A. The program also has cloud integration to make downloading files to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other services easy. There are various small features, such as control of playback speed and the ability to remove silent portions of the recording and gain control, with compatibility with Bluetooth devices. It’s a remarkable product at a price.

    2. Easy Voice Recorder

    voice recorder
    8 Best Free Voice Recorder App for Clear & Crisp Recording 10

    Easy Voice Recorder will automatically make your recordings cleaner for you. 

    Easy Voice Recorder makes recording audio easily using each Android or iOS. The fundamentals are similar and available on both platforms; however, there are some differences. The iOS application allows transcription; for instance, it costs $2. The iPhone app allows you to trim clips at no cost. However, it requires a Pro upgrade ($4) for Android.

    No matter what platform you are using and what extras you wish to buy, The core function that is the core feature of Easy Voice Recorder is what is appealing. With the recording button open. You just press the icon in red to initiate and end the recording.

    We like how the app lets you know how much recording time remains on your device, and you have several options for audio compression to choose from so that you can lower the quality of your recordings to be smaller in size. The app can also try to minimize background noise if you wish to.

    Easy Voice Recorder is free, with in-app purchases available for Android and iOS.

    3. Dolby On

    voice recorder
    8 Best Free Voice Recorder App for Clear & Crisp Recording 11

    Price: Free

    Dolby On is one of the latest voice recorder apps available. It can record more using it; however, the tools can help you record voices too. The application comes with various enhancements and filters that can improve audio quality. In addition, it comes with an excellent audio editor for when the recording is finished if you require something like that. Some filters are Noise reduction, de-essing, and even an in-and-out fade effect. This is primarily a tool musicians use, but it’s also great for voice memos and other similar things. In addition, it’s free and has no ads, making it among the excellent voice recorder applications that are free.

    4. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

    voice recorder
    voice recorder app free

    Pick Voice Recorder & Audio Editor for its vintage interface. 

    Voice Recorder & Audio Editor come with an attractive retro design with a picture of the tape player on the screen that records. The fundamental functions of this app for only iOS users are completely free, and a $5 upgrade includes extra features like automatic recording, transcription, and the possibility of adding notes to your recordings.

    Click on the button for the microphone to access the recording screen. You can identify your recording before you start. Then, utilize the large Rec and Stop buttons at the bottom of the screen to record audio. You can also use the button to play button allows you to review the audio you recorded. This is it if you’re searching for a dictation program with a distinctive interface.

    It is possible to start recording straight on your iPhone home screen. Hold and tap the icon of the app and then select to record. Sending recordings to other applications or the cloud is simple, and you can also keep your videos organized into separate folders.

    The Voice recorder and Audio Editor are available for free by purchasing in-app purchases on iOS.

    5. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

    voice recorder
    8 Best Free Voice Recorder App for Clear & Crisp Recording 12

    Price:Free / $3.49

    Hi-Q is among the most capable voice recorder apps there. It records audio in MP3 format. This makes the audio files compatible with almost anything. In addition, you can also have it uploaded immediately to Dropbox after the recording is complete. It also comes with Widget support and the capability to select which microphone for your particular device you would like to utilize (assuming there are multiple mics) and Wi-Fi support transfers, control of gain, and many more. The paid version comes with some additional features too. The only issue is that it doesn’t allow recording calls on the phone.

    6. Otter

    voice recorder
    8 Best Free Voice Recorder App for Clear & Crisp Recording 13

    Otter is a powerful voice recorder focused on efficiency. It records using real-time transcription and can convert video and audio files imported from the internet. Although most of its best features are available only with the subscription model, you can still access up to 10 hours’ worth of transcribed recordings each month, which can be exported to a TXT file for no cost. If you decide that the membership is worth it, however, you’ll receive an even larger amount of transcription time per month and the option of exporting these as DOCX or PDF files and even transcribing Dropbox uploads. If you’re trying to make notes from video or audio, Otter is the app you’ll need. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer audio quality options; if you’re converting an audio file into text, that isn’t too much of a problem.

    Price : free / IAPs ranging from $12.99 to $99.99

    7. Rev

    voice recorder
    8 Best Free Voice Recorder App for Clear & Crisp Recording 14

    Rev offers a transcription company that also provides an application for recording on iOS and Android. If you’d like to have your recording transcribed, you can place an order right in the app and let real people transcribe your recording at a cost per minute with an accuracy of 99%.

    8. Tape-a-Talk

    voice recorder
    8 Best Free Voice Recorder App for Clear & Crisp Recording 15

    For Android users, Tape-a-Talk is a no-cost and helpful recording application that allows you to record directly from your desktop and save the recordings to a range of cloud storage.

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