Free QR Code Generators: Create QR code in 4 steps

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    QR codes are increasingly popular as consumers learn how to use them. Retail businesses, consultants, and restaurants all want to know how to create QR codes that get noticed and generate sales. Anyone can create a QR Code today if they have access to the internet. We have listed the best QR code generators and a list of free QR code generators.

    What is a QR code?

    A QR code is a barcode type that provides more information than standard ones. QR codes are also unique. QR codes are not just bars and numbers, like the one on a can full of vegetables. They come in a familiar square shape with angled markers and more squares within. A QR code can hold up to 4296 characters, enough to store a URL, web address, and email address.

    QR stands for “quick reply,” meaning that people can quickly access URLs and other information embedded in the code after scanning it. Anyone can scan QR codes on a smartphone to access a website address and other information.

    Denso Wave Incorporated is a Toyota supplier. In 1994, the QR Code was created for the Japanese automotive industry. Denso Wave Incorporated is the registered trademark for the phrase “QR Code.” Today, however, the phrase is used to describe this unique barcode type.

    How Do QR Codes Work?

    QR codes work by having a party generate a code, and then the user scans that code with a QR reader. This is most often a mobile phone.

    Although QR codes might seem complicated, it isn’t necessary to comprehend the technology behind them. You need to know that QR codes have two parts: first, someone must generate the code, and then the code must be scanned by the user to read it. Let’s take these two pieces one step further.

    QR Code Generators

    To share information with customers and prospects, a business must first create a QR code. A restaurant might place a QR code on its direct mail postcard linking to an online ordering menu. A QR code generator is required to create a QR Code. A QR code generator software app allows you to create your unique QR code image.

    There are many generators online that can create a QR code. You can choose from a list of free QR code generators or pay for advanced capabilities. In the fields, enter the information that you wish to transmit. Click a button.

    Voila! You can then download the QR code image file. The image can then create marketing materials, such as a banner for tradeshows, a sign, or an email.

    Scanning a QR Code

    The second aspect of a QR code is that the intended recipient must scan the QR code to “read” the information. The intended user could be a potential customer who is sent a postcard with a QR code on it.

    The intended recipient uses the QR code scanner or reader app. Today, a camera app on a mobile phone can do QR code scans. This functionality is available on much newer Android and iPhone smartphones. Users can also download QR code scanning apps from the appropriate app store to their smartphones or other devices, such as tablets and laptops.

    The camera app allows the user to point a smartphone at the QR code. The app “reads” the code and gives access to the information.

    How to create a QR code

    How to create a QR code
    How to create a QR code

    1. Decide how you plan to use a QR code

    Step 1: Create a QR code. Choose how you want to use it. Keep the end in your mind. What are your goals? What information would you like to share?

    Many QR code applications are related to marketing. It is possible to provide more information than can be fit in a small space, such as an advertisement. To do this, you will place a QR code that scans quickly. The user might be directed to landing pages by scanning the code or prompted to take another action. These are just a few examples of use cases:

    To allow guests to join your WiFi network, create a WiFi QR code using a static code. Learn QR codes for WiFi. You can add a QR code for cards to your business cards. The QR code content allows you to instantly download the recipient’s name, phone number, and email address.

    To send people to your website address, create a QR code. This will allow them to like your Facebook page, LinkedIn, or other social media profiles. Although people may not be able to physically enter a website URL, they will scan QR codes quickly.

    What about storing your crypto address or bitcoin in a QR code. A QR code can be created that directs users to Google Maps directions to the showroom or office. The code can then be placed in flyers and print ads. You can get QR codes to send SMS messages to customers with a coupon code, plain text instructions, or both.

    2. Locate a QR Code Generator

    Finding a QR code generator is the second step in creating QR codes. Easy to use QR code generator apps. Simply enter the information and press the button to instantly receive a strange-looking QR code in the form of an image. The image can then be copied or inserted into promotional materials, business cards, or postcards.

    If your requirements are straightforward and you only need one QR code, then free QR code generators can be a great place to start. Paid platforms are better if you have a special design or feature requirements or if you plan multiple campaigns with codes. Take your needs into consideration as you browse our selection of top QR code generators.

    3. Choose between static or dynamic QR codes

    It is important to be familiar with the main types of QR codes before you start creating one.

    Static QR codes

    Static QR codes are fixed. This means that the data stored in them cannot be modified after the code has been generated. This QR code type can be used to create a VCard that contains your contact information for a digital business card. Because the contact information that you share is rarely updated, static information is fine for this type of QR code.

    Dynamic QR codes

    A dynamic QR code can be changed. This can be done by using a redirect URL. The website URL is where the content is stored, not in the QR code. These are some attributes of dynamic QR codes. You can modify the URL redirection or the content of the destination website address if you have any questions.

    You can also capture and measure scan statistics using a dynamic QR code. You can even do automatic downloads. You can create PDF files that automatically download when the user scans them. It is important that the PDF file size isn’t too large as it will be saved on the user’s smartphone.

    To use dynamic QR codes, users must have internet access. The user will be directed on the web to a URL with a call-to-action. For marketing purposes, dynamic QR codes are most popular. Many marketers will use dynamic codes.

    4. Fill in the information and personalize the QR Code

    Next, enter data and personalize your QR code. However, you must choose a QR generator that allows you to create the design options you desire. You won’t find all services that allow you to create QR code designs.

    You can be creative and go beyond the standard black-and-white QR code. To increase brand awareness, add a logo. Your logo or favicon will appear in the middle of a code. You can customize your brand colors by using a color other than white and black. You can even add music, animation, or a map.

    To ensure that your QR code is functioning correctly and sending users to the correct destination, test it. To test the QR code, you can usually scan the preview using a scanner. A static code cannot be edited, so testing is particularly important. If you have printed business cards using a static code, you will need to reprint them to correct any typos.

    5. Get Your QR Code

    Step 5: Download the QR code that you have created to your computer. You can save QR images to different formats on the best generator platforms. The format you choose must be compatible with the location where you intend to use the QR code. For example, print requires higher quality formats.

    ONLINE If you plan to use QR codes in a webpage, then an HTML, gif, or jpeg format, jpg, BMP, png, or it will work. A png format has the advantage of being able to preserve all color information and transparency and opacity with high resolution.

    PRINT You need print quality that is crisp and clear for when you print the code. You can use SVG or eps files or a vector graphic in pdf. You can easily resize them without losing quality. This is essential to preserve the integrity of your QR code. Print can also be printed with a high-resolution png file.

    The QR code must be legible, digitally, or printed. Because QR code readers work differently depending on the operating system or camera of the mobile device, this is important. Both the Android and iOS operating systems, as well as BlackBerry, have different reading abilities. Once you have downloaded your QR code, you can share it on promotional materials, on your site, and in other places. Your QR code should be prominently visible. This is the ultimate goal.

    QR Code Benefits

    QR codes are becoming more popular. One of the main selling points of businesses is their convenience and ease of use. Customers simply need to point their phones at the QR code and scan it with their smartphones. Here are seven ways that QR codes can benefit small businesses:

    Low-cost – Reduce the cost of printing brochures, instructions for product purchases, and marketing materials.

    Green – Less waste for the environment by reducing printing materials

    High Conversions – Increase conversions using QR Codes. People will take more action if it is easy for them to do so without typing anything in.

    Engaging- Use QR codes for customers to interact with your company. For example, they can enter a contest or take part in a survey to provide feedback.

    Customer Satisfaction- QR codes on packaging and tags can be used to provide instructions for product care or installation. This will increase customer satisfaction. Packaging will not be cluttered, and customers will have the product information on their mobile devices so they can find it later. This is in contrast to printing instructions that might get lost.

    Trackable-Use dynamic QR codes to keep track of how often your code is being scanned and other performance metrics. A QR code creator app is required to support QR code management. This will allow you to access analytics and download statistics.

    Contactless- Visitors can use QR codes to make contactless payments and pick up orders. 

    Best QR Code Generators for Amazon sellers

    This is a list of the top QR Code generators, both premium and free. The QR code generator website can be accessed via traditional links. Because we wanted to show how simple it is to create a QR code, we have included QR codes that can be scanned to visit each site.


    QR Code Generator

    Visualead claims that branded codes and high-visual codes get up to 50% to 400% more scans. These QR codes can connect customers to your vCard via YouTube or other destinations. Visualead is used worldwide by top brands but also has a low price that small businesses can afford. The basic features are free. Visit Visualead, or use the QR code below.


    QR Code Generator

    Scanova, a QR code-generation platform, creates simple, undesigned codes for no cost. An API and QR SDK is also available, which can generate large volumes of static codes. You can also edit colors and patterns using the DIY design tool. Premium subscribers can add a logo, but only premium subscribers have this option. You can visit the site by clicking the URL, scanning the code, or clicking the URL.

    QR Code Generator

    QR-Code Generator was established in 2009 by Editor and is one of the first companies to offer the service online. This company provides non-URL-based codes that are completely free and never expire. You can customize your dynamic QR code to reflect your brand with the Pro level. Track when and where people scan your codes and export the data to CSV reports. You can also create a QR code for an image gallery. Visit You can also scan the QR code below.

    QR Code Generator, which offers a free QR code service, is a good choice. However, it only supports static QR codes. This company takes pride in encrypting your QR codes during transmission using TLS/SSL and not storing them. This protects both your privacy and the privacy of your users. You can also request dynamic QR codes service for a fee. Use the URL to visit the site or the QR code below.

    Web QR

    QR Code Generator
    Web OR

    Web QR is a JavaScript-based QR code scanner and generator is simple to use. The codes are displayed directly in your browser (Chrome Firefox Firefox Opera). It is easy to create a QR Code by simply entering your URL or text and then clicking create. You can grab a QR code by clicking on the link and dragging it to where you need it. You can visit this site with the QR URL or the following code.

    Tips for QR Code Creation

    You must ensure that QR codes created by you can be read by other devices. QR code readers can be complicated. It can be difficult to get it right. These are some best practices and tips to help you create a QR code.

    Make it Big Enough. The recommended size for a QR Code is one by one inch. You can make it smaller or larger, but clarity is what matters most.

    Pay attention to density: Limit the amount of data that you can put into a QR code regardless of its storage space. The denser the data, the greater its density. There is a greater chance of user error, as some users will only have low-quality mobile phone cameras that can detect specific shapes and markers.

    Advanced QR Generator Features to Consider: The more you plan on using your tool, the more valuable it will be for your marketing campaigns. Although free generators can be great for getting started, they have some limitations. You will need a premium account if you want to get serious about mobile marketing and have custom QR codes.

    Search for error correction: Choose a tool that supports error correction when creating QR codes. This is especially important when you are running a marketing campaign with high visibility.

    Use Contrast Pay attention to where the image is placed and choose a white background color. Contrast is important between the pixels of the QR code image.

    Add a Border: A sufficient plain margin or “quiet area” around the QR code will help distinguish it from background designs.

    View Image Version: Always save the QR code to a high-quality image. Print items should be printed in the appropriate graphic formats. A vector format such as SVG, eps, or SVG is better than jpg and png for print.

    Perform testing: Use your mobile device to test your QR code. You can do several scans and ask others to test your QR code with different mobile phones. Verify that the destination link is correct. You can lose time and money if you fail to test.

    Consider adding a text call-to-action below the QR code. It could be something like “scan to sign up for offers” or “scan to get more information.” This encourages people to take action.


    QR code creation is simple, quick, inexpensive, and efficient. Attention small business owners. You should try a code. QR codes have become a well-known technique after these QR code generators came. This is because American consumers finally understand them. It’s been twenty-five years since the QR code was first invented.

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