Free Purchase Order Software for Amazon Sellers in 2022

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    Good purchase order software will ensure that your business receives the inventory it requires from suppliers quickly and easily. It simplifies the procurement process and allows you to rest assured that your business will receive the products it needs later.

    There are many purchase order software options. Which software should your company choose? Before we get into the list, let’s first understand what purchase order software is.

    What is a Purchase Order?

    A purchase order (PO) is a legally binding document created by a buyer and given to a seller. A purchase order, similar to your “cart” on an e-commerce site, is a list of the products you wish to buy. It contains all the order details, including the quantity and type of products that the buyer requires, payment terms, and delivery details.

    A purchase requisition is different from a purchase order—the latter acts as a contract between buyer and seller. The buyer commits to purchase goods or services at the agreed amount by submitting an order. A purchase order provides insurance for the seller against non-payment because the order is completed before the buyer receives the bill.

    How does a Purchase Order work?

    Small businesses that order large quantities of goods often use purchase orders. A pet shop might need to order large quantities of different types of dog food, so it may have to purchase several kinds from the supplier. This is how a pet shop owner would order the goods:

    • The shop owner creates an order to purchase from the supplier.
    • If the supplier has enough inventory, they will accept the purchase order, fulfill it and deliver the goods on the due date.
    • The supplier will send you a bill or sales invoice for the items purchased.
    • The buyer pays the item, and the transaction is completed through the seller’s point-of-sale system.

    Buyers have the option to place special orders for large shipments and recurring purchases. A standing order allows buyers to purchase the exact same product multiple times using the same PO number.

    blanket order allows two parties to agree on multiple deliveries within a specified time frame and at a fixed price. Blanket orders are usually used by companies that have a strong relationship. They may include discounts or other incentives.

    What is the difference between a purchase order and an invoice?

    person holding white printer paper
    What is the difference between a purchase order and an invoice?

    It’s not surprising that purchase orders and invoices, which are legally binding documents that are sent between buyers and sellers, are often confused. They are often linked because purchase orders can be used to create invoices, which refer to goods purchased and their respective prices. Each document is used at a different stage of the buying process and sometimes by different people.

    There are some differences between purchase orders, invoices, and purchase orders.

    Purchase Order

    • Created by the buyer
    • Created Before purchase
    • Layout the goods required
    • Includes proposed payment details


    • Created by the seller
    • Created after purchase
    • Confirms goods delivered
    • Requires payment by a particular date

    When to use a purchase order vs. an invoice

    A buyer can use a Purchase Order to order. It is issued prior to delivery. After delivery, a seller issues an invoice. It identifies the amount due by the buyer for the goods purchased and the date that the buyer must pay.

    How to create a purchase order

    Online software is available to assist with purchase orders for business owners. However, you can also create your own order forms using a Word or Excel document.

    Here are the things you need to include

    • Issue date
    • The quantity and products required
    • Details about the product, including SKU numbers, model numbers, and brand names
    • Each product’s price per unit
    • Delivery date
    • Number of PO
    • Information about your business, including shipping and billing addresses, company name, and contact information
    • Payment terms, such as “paid on delivery” or specific payment dates options.

    5 Free Purchase order software for your Amazon business

    1. Paramount WorkPlace

    Purchase Order Software
    Paramount WorkPlace

    Paramount WorkPlace works best for automated processing.

    Paramount WorkPlace allows you to create and manage purchase orders easily. It gives employees and managers the tools to streamline the PO approval process and manage to spend efficiently.

    The modern interface is easy to use and accessible by all employees, regardless of their skill level. You can send approved requisitions for PO creation and create detailed audit logs automatically.

    Paramount Workplace allows seamless integration with ERP applications such as Sage-ERP and Sage Intacct. This will enhance the user experience.

    Paramount WorkPlace offers Punchout Capabilities, which allows you to keep information regarding guided buying catalogs with large or changing catalogs. This allows organizations to reduce the time required for maintenance and catalog management. Punchout Capabilities are able to speed up the ordering process, lower procurement costs, and give organizations more control over their purchasing.

    Vendors can also use the self-service portal to send their invoices electronically, which simplifies the PO process. Users can also easily access quotes from multiple vendors to find the best match and then choose the one that suits them best.


    • Automated PO creation
    • Electronically submit invoices to vendors
    • Facilitate the management of multiple quotes simultaneously
    • Unlimitable approval and Routing Rules
    • Spend Control
    • Integrations of ERP systems seamlessly and in real-time out-of-the-box
    • Catalog and Punchout Capabilities

    Verdict Paramount WorkPlace is a great tool that simplifies the PO process for vendors and businesses. It’s very simple to set up and use. If you are looking to reduce your PO processing costs by nearly half, we recommend this tool.

    2. KissFlow

    Purchase Order Software

    KissFlow is a fantastic purchase order software. Its robust PO processing function is one of the main reasons for this. This software allows users to use a paperless solution, which allows for efficient execution and management of all PO documentation.

    To ensure that PO’s are compliant with established policies, users can use rule-based customizable workflows. It ensures that there are no mistakes in the creation of PO’s. This allows for unregistered vendor enrollment to be done in a flexible manner.

    Management has access to real-time, actionable insights that can be used to reduce waste and save money on procurement.


    • Attractive UI
    • Flexible PO processing
    • Compliance with the enhanced policy
    • Real-time insights into spend

    Verdict KissFlow is one of the most intuitive purchase order processing solutions on the market today. It’s great for vendor management and easy PO approvals. It’s a great tool that allows large and mid-sized enterprises to manage their purchasing system.

    3. Planergy Purchase  Control

    Purchase Order Software
    Planergy Purchase  Control

    Planergy’s Purchase Control offers its clients a simple, user-friendly PO processing solution that is perfect for small businesses. It is a cloud-based PO management solution that works well for small businesses.

    It allows users to manage purchase orders, requests, and spending, create invoices, and streamline the whole PO process. It has a powerful reporting feature that provides managers with the information they need to improve their performance.


    • Manage PO’s, purchase orders, and create them
    • Management of spending
    • Robust filtering of reports
    • Processing centrally of POs

    Verdict Purchase Control seamlessly connects small businesses’ entire software environment to provide a seamless and seamless PO processing experience. For a more efficient procurement process, the software is focused on reducing waste and increasing productivity.

    4. O2b Technologies

    Purchase Order Software
    O2b Technologies

    The best for multilevel and single-level PO authorization workflows.

    O2b technology offers purchase management software that greatly simplifies the PO process. It automates and streamlines the creation, tracking, and management of PO’s, as well as purchase requests, to make it less chaotic.

    The software focuses on creating agile POs that users can complete in just a few clicks. The software allows seamless integration of other applications. These integrations allow for efficient vendor relationship management and accounting as well as customer relationship management and inventory management.

    The software is capable of executing single-level or multilevel PO authorization workflows. It also offers a comprehensive audit track mechanism that allows you to keep a detailed record of all approved and rejected PO’s.


    • Multi-application integration
    • Management and creation of POs
    • Workflow for single- and multilevel PO authorization
    • Complete audit trail of all PO’s approved and rejected

    VerdictO2b is a purchase management system that streamlines and automates all aspects of the PO process. This software is perfect for you if you want to create, maintain, and track purchase orders and requests.

    5. WorkflowMax

    Purchase Order Software

    Best for controlled Po processing.

    WorkflowMax is an all-in-one project management software. It also offers a fantastic PO processing solution. It provides companies with an easy-to-use, visually appealing, and user-friendly tool.

    This tool automates and streamlines the PO process. It allows bulk purchase orders to be processed, spending management can be improved, and crucial data can be entered without errors. It integrates seamlessly into Xero, allowing managers to push bills through without delay and reduce double handling.

    The software gives you the tools to track your purchase order and keep track of the order details. This software ensures that invoices are paid on time and vendors are not surprised at the end of the month.


    • Seamless integration of Xero
    • Elimination of double-handling
    • Real-time tracking and analysis of PO’s throughout the processing chain
    • Bulk processing of PO’s

    Verdict WorkflowMax is a winner because of its simplified approach to bulk PO processing. The biggest selling point is its seamless integration with Xero, which automatically pushes bills. It is very affordable and easy to use.

    Methodology to Choose Purchase Order Software

    There are many factors to consider when choosing purchase order software.

    We reviewed three factors that we considered most important when selecting a PO software.


    A good purchase order software must have automated features like invoicing and billing. Notifications to all stakeholders are also important.

    This is the “set-it-and-forget-it” method of ordering inventory from vendors. The process is quick and easy. It will be easy to facilitate the relationship between buyer and vendor.

    The software will allow you to place a purchase request and automatically send it to the appropriate stakeholder for approval. It automatically goes to the vendor once it is approved.

    There’s no need to follow up with people to verify that it was indeed sent. Automation is the best!

    Comprehensive catalogs

    You will need a purchase order software to meet the needs of your employees and team. A purchase order software that has a complete catalog of products is essential to achieve this end. This will give your team an easy and quick way to order office supplies or tech products. These can be supplied by suppliers or managed on-site by a procurement team. You want to have access to the items you need, regardless of what you do.


    Good purchase order software should not break the bank. This means that the price should not be too high, but also that the software should help your business remain within your budget. There are many ways to do this. Most people use a budgeting tool that is customized to their business goals and needs.

    The tool should allow you to adjust the budget dollar amount and should also be capable of working with different types of budgets. Your business may not have one budget that covers everything. It is like subdividing your company by projects, teams, or divisions. This should be possible with your purchase order software.


    The best PO management software will allow you to create PO’s without errors, track purchases, and improve your relationship with vendors. It will also help you fulfill orders promptly. So choose wisely

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