Instagram Video Downloader: Free Apps to download Instagram Videos in 2022

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    Looking for Instagram Video Downloaders? Instagram, which is among the most well-known social media platforms, many users spend a significant amount of time. For example, scrolling through the app and texting others on Instagram, The app offers the features you need.

    There are times when it could be that you find something interesting and you want to download it offline to access it even if you don’t have internet access. It may seem impossible since Instagram doesn’t have features that allow you to download videos from other users offline. But, there is a video downloader that is the answer.

    Instagram Downloader Tools are apps that allow you to download Instagram videos and photos. The following list is hand-picked of the best Instagram video downloader software online and includes equally open-source(free) and commercial(paid) programs. Instagram Photos Downloader is a program that lets you save any Instagram image to any device. You can download pictures and videos to devices like your iPhone, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

    Free Online Instagram Video Downloader

    1. Inflact Instagram Video Downloader

    instagram video downloader

    Inflact is an app that allows you to save any Instagram photo on various devices. The app online allows users to save videos and photos to their PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. Simply copy and paste the URL, and you’ll be able to download images or videos to your device.

    2. 4K Stogram Instagram Video Downloader

    Ideal to use for automatizing the download of existing and upcoming posts. 4K Stogram is an application to download Instagram videos, stories, images, videos, etc. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu platforms. You can follow your favorite Instagram profiles, and the tool can automatically download the existing and upcoming posts of that profile

    3. SocialDown Instagram Video Downloader

    instagram video downloader

    SocialDown is an application for downloading social media accessible online at no cost. It was created and designed to meet the needs of the majority of users on social media. It lets you save your Instagram profile photo as HD quality. This Insta downloader application allows you to post images and videos to Instagram.

    4. EaseUS Video Downloader

    The most efficient video downloader for Instagram is now available on Windows and Mac! With it, you can easily capture any public page with just one click.

    You’ll be able to save all kinds of videos – from short clips right up through Stories or Reels- in only a few minutes using this powerful program that’s been integrate into EaseUS Video Downloader.

    EaseUS Video Downloader
    Instagram Video Downloader: Free Apps to download Instagram Videos in 2022 8

    5. Saver Reposter

    Saver is an Android app that allows you take text or images, copy and save them or videos of Instagram posts to your phone or tablet. It’s one of the top downloaders for Instagram, which allows you to upload them to other applications. This Instagram video download application allows users to view a downloaded video on their phone’s gallery.

    6. Ingramer Instagram Video Downloader

    Ideal for simple and large downloading of content from Instagram. Ingramer boasts a simple interface, which aims to download any type of content on Instagram, regardless of whether the content is a video on IGTV or a photo, and even the Instagram account. It can download any content you want in just a few seconds.

    There aren’t any restrictions on its compatibility, either. The tool can be used to download any device that you wish anywhere on the globe. Moreover, the downloading process is easy enough to comprehend.

    7. VideoHunter

    instagram video downloader

    The best option for the batch download of Instagram footage in the original high-quality.

    VideoHunter is a full-featured video downloader that has high compatibility. It is currently capable of downloading any audio or video file from more than 1000 websites, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Niconico, Bilibili, and others.

    The downloader that is easy to use has been a trending topic among people who share their data because it searches for top-quality output that is always rewarded by providing amazing video playback offline. Its quality can go up to 1080p, 4K, or 8K.

    8. Instadownloader for Instagram: Photo & Video Saver

    instagram video downloader

    InstaDownloader on Instagram Android application lets you download images and videos using Instagram’s link. It’s among the most effective Instagram video downloader tools that instantly downloads the videos, and then you can save them onto your device.


    • Simple Interface
    • This Insta video download application can rapidly download videos and images directly to Instagram URLs.
    • You can browse or delete downloaded files via Facebook and Twitter.

    Instagram video downloader iPhone

    1. Insta Downloader for iPhone

    You can save videos and images from Instagram effortlessly. Copy the Link to Instagram to paste into the application, and then save it on your iPhone. It is possible to save Instagram images and videos to your iPhone. It costs you nothing. There are advertisements, but you can get them taken out.

    2. Saveig

    instagram video downloader

    The SaveIG app costs 0.99 and includes the widget that you can install, making it easy to get videos and pictures downloaded onto your smartphone. It is possible to download videos and images using this widget on the iOS widget or through the SaveIG application. It is easy to use and has a straightforward user interface that puts it among the top options for iOS users in terms of Instagram downloader applications.

    3. Save-Insta Download & Save Photos & Videos

    Save-Insta application costs $0.99 and is worth the cost for as long as you want to download the content on Instagram. It allows you to Paste the URL from Instagram into the Instagram app application, and it will help you download your photos and videos. It’s not an extremely heavy application. The app crashes when you attempt to download videos; however, overall, it does an excellent job.

    4. Regrammer

    instagram video downloader

    Regrammer is completely free, and although it allows ads, they’re not; therefore, you’ll need to stay clear of them. As with the other apps previously mentioned, you’ll require to know the address of an Instagram video you wish to download to make the app function. Launch the Regrammer application, copy the URL, and select Preview if you have it. On the next screen, you’ll be able to download the video to your device or repost it under your name.

    5. Save Pro for Instagram

    As the name suggests, you can directly save images and videos on Instagram to your phone’s gallery. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the video or image, then paste that URL into the app to download the exact picture or video. Additionally, it gives credit for the content to the image or video, so you won’t be in trouble regarding copyright issues of the creator. It’s a paid application.


    These were our top picks for which we found the best of Instagram’s video savers on the market. All of the apps included in this list are free and are adored by users. Therefore, you can choose any one of the options to benefit from features that can enhance your social media experience more enjoyable.

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