12 Best Free Instagram Story Viewers Online

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    One of Instagram’s most well-known features is the possibility to post videos and photos in stories that last 24 hours. The user uploads their story, and it is immediately available to all who have seen the story. There are many legitimate reasons one might wish to know about another user’s account, but they must ensure that their name isn’t revealed to that specific person.

    There are tools available to remain anonymous when looking through Instagram stories or even getting access to private profiles in the event of a dispute. These online solutions, commonly known as Instagram Story Viewers, can assist you in navigating Instagram and the many profiles of users it has in total anonymity.

    In this post, we’ll examine some of the top Instagram Story Viewer platforms. Then, we can recommend these tools from our positive personal experiences with each.

    List of 12 Free Instagram Story Viewers

    These are the most famous 12 Instagram story viewers available online

    1. Insta Stories (best Instagram story viewer)

    instagram story viewer
    Insta Stories

    Insta stories is an extremely famous Anonyme Instagram story viewer. It lets you view and save Instagram stories, posts, and highlights anonymously. The most appealing aspect of this app is that you don’t have to sign in, and it’s free. Simply type in your username or URL for your profile in your search box. The drawback to this Instagram story viewer is that it cannot use private accounts to access the content. Therefore, you can only access content on public accounts.

    2. Qoob Stories (Recommended)

    instagram story viewer
    Qoob Stories

    Qoob Stories – Ideal for big Downloaders of Instagram’s content.

    Qoob Stories is an extremely effective Instagram Story viewer and a mass downloader of all content shared via the Instagram social network. It allows the download of the majority of content posted on Instagram. This includes photos, stories, and videos. Additionally, it is possible to do this via private and public Instagram accounts.

    Qoob Stories only require you to create a username for the account you would like to access. Qoob Stories immediately gives you the capability to view their stories in privacy. You can also download images and videos in high-quality using metadata from Instagram accounts.

    3. Storiesig (online Instagram story viewer)

    Unlike the other options to access Instagram Stories in anonymity, Storiesig cannot be accessed through an app for Android or iPhone. Therefore, this is the most suitable option for those who want to view Stories completely anonymously on your desktop!

    It functions very similarly to most apps we’ve talked about to date. However, it’s also not necessarily the ability to link your Instagram account to the site. Instead, you just need to search for your username to access the Stories that you’ve shared.

    4. Dumpor

    instagram story viewer

    You can search for anything and everything with Dumpor, an Instagram stories viewer. Dumpor provides an internet-based platform that permits users to browse Instagram content without revealing their identity regardless of Instagram stories highlights, posts, reels, publications, etc. It doesn’t require sign-up. Additionally, you can download the content directly to your phone or desktop. You can also browse and search popular hashtags as well as posts that are associated with these hashtags.

    5. Cocospy

    Cocospy – Best for Full Instagram.

    Cocospy is a reliable phone surveillance app that allows you to look at the Instagram stories on its installed phones. After the app has been configured, it will provide you with an overview of the Instagram account being actively utilized on the device you want to target.

    You’ll be able to look through all posts and stores and follow the sent and received messages in Instagram’s chat area. Instagram does not make itself known since it operates in complete secret mode. Therefore, you can be sure that there’s nothing for targeted users to be aware that their Instagram is being monitored.

    6. Blindstory

    instagram story viewer

    The app was specifically designed to aid users in viewing Instagram Stories without having to let anyone else be aware; it provides the possibility of searching any user’s profile to view their posts. On the other hand, the app’s capabilities are very restricted with the free version; therefore, you’ll need an account with a premium price to download and view the content without restrictions.

    The benefit of not being a cost-free application is that it guarantees that the Stories can be downloaded with excellent quality. This means that it’s a great way to repost content without compromising the original quality of the content!

    7. Insta Stalker

    Insta stalker can be described as an Instagram story viewer that lets you download and view Instagram stories. It requires registration. Insta stalker gives a full report of the profile you search for, including its followers, followers and story views, and more. If you’re facing one of your competitors that is fierce, look up the profile and collect all the information you require to defeat them. You can utilize Insta Stalker for free, but the premium version is also available online, with additional features and bonuses.

    8. mSpy

    instagram story viewer

    Microsoft Spy is the best choice for monitoring social media and monitoring.

    mSpy is a phone tracking tool and monitoring tool that can be used for parental control. Its Instagram tracker allows parents to keep track of their children’s Instagram. All Instagram conversations and links shared can be seen. It will assist you in tracking the most popular messengers. It does not display any icon for apps on your phone, and it will remain completely hidden.

    9. Anon IG Viewer

    instagram story viewer
    Anon IG Viewer

    Anon IG Viewer is an extremely intuitive and user-friendly Instagram stories viewer. With this tool, you are able to look through Instagram stories in privacy without registration or login. Additionally, Anon IG Viewer is free for anyone who uses it. All you need to do is enter your Instagram username and hit the Search option. One drawback of this program is that you are only able to browse the account and not download any files.

    10. IGMassViewing

    The IGMassViewing service is among the services that specialize in Instagram story-viewing services. All you have for is to link your Instagram account to the app, and it will show the stories of accounts you have targeted to put your profile at the top of their list. In addition to viewing stories, the app is also able to be engaged and vote on thousands of surveys, quizzes, sliders, and boxes for questions.

    11. Ingramer

    Ideal for the Instagram tool for marketing to the market.

    If you look at all the other tools in the list above, Ingramer distinguishes itself as an entirely different beast. It’s an effective advertising tool on social networks with the ability to allow companies to tap into Instagram’s massive users to draw attention to their services and products.

    Like a standard Instagram, Story Viewer lets you download images and videos from Instagram. These can be used for entertainment or marketing reasons. The features for viewing accounts are designed to provide details about competitors, clients, and other influencers using the service.

    12. Mass Poller

    instagram story viewer
    Mass Poller

    Mass Poller regards itself as the best service in the field of large-scale story watching. Through this service, you can simulate watching thousands of stories without actually doing it. Mass Poller is an automation robot that can view stories and aid you in growing your profile by letting your profile be recognized.


    Since the Instagram algorithm gets smarter at the detection of spam, marketers are searching for more obscure ways they could increase the number of followers on their accounts without being blocked.

    The ability to view stories is among the ways you can engage without worrying about getting blocked since it’s less than invasive to nature. With the aid of mass-story viewers, you can watch stories in large numbers and reap its benefits by getting visitors to your website and gaining followers.

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