Email Accounts: 12 Free Email Services for Business and Personal Use

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    It’s not easy to find an free email account service free of charge to balance the appropriate features and usability. So to make your search easier, we’ve put together an inventory of the various kinds of email accounts that you can establish and then the top email service providers to set up your account with today for no cost.

    Types of Email Accounts

    There are two primary kinds that email providers offer you can select among Email clients and Webmail.

    Let’s look at these various kinds of services.

    Email client

    Email clients are programs installed on your PC to handle the emails you receive and send. The software communicates with an email server located in another to access the emails.

    The email clients you’ve probably encountered comprise Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, along with iCloud mail.


    Webmail is a type of email that you can access only via the internet and thus is predominantly on the cloud instead of your personal computer. Instead of an installed program downloading your email and managing your inbox, you can manage your email directly from your web browser.

    Webmail providers are a few examples. Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail.

    Take a look at the seven top online email providers (and five of the top email accounts to protect your security) that you can get the best today -including email and webmail clients as well. In addition, we’ve highlighted an exclusive feature for each email provider that will help you choose the perfect match.

    Best Free Email Accounts

    1. Gmail: Best for Offline Accessibility

    Unique Feature: Native File Collaboration

    Type of email Type of email: Webmail

    Who should be using the app: Everyone who is a fan of and enjoys the other of Google’s services.

    Email Account

    It may seem like an obvious choice; however, Gmail is just too diverse to not be worthy of our top slot. Furthermore, as per Litmus Labs, Gmail has the second-highest percentage of the market (behind Apple iPhone’s native email application).

    Gmail is so well-known because of the many possibilities for communication in your inbox, which don’t require an email.

    As with many other email accounts in the present, Gmail also has an intuitive calendar feature that allows you to create reminders and meetings.

    With a massive 15GB of free storage for emails, Gmail does everything it can to keep your inbox from becoming messy, with the latest filters, which will automatically put mail into folders that are separated as they arrive. None of this cost a cent.


    • You can un-send email messages
    • 15GB of free storage for email
    • Accessible from any device connected to the internet
    • 99.9 percent protection from spam and suspicious emails
    • Text suggestions that can help you write faster emails

    2. AOL: Best for Interface Organization

    Type of email Type of email: Webmail

    Who should be using this service: Anyone who uses email for their primary communications.

    Email Account

    America Online (I feel nostalgic as I type these words) has been able to keep up with the current standards of the best user experience. As a result, it is one of the top free email accounts available to users.

    The company was acquired from Verizon at the end of 2015 by Verizon; AOL sends your mail from its old-fashioned news-driven homepage. It is equipped with modern antivirus and spam filters that you would expect from your email service. It also lets you communicate via text or immediate messages via certain windows within the email box.


    • Unlimited storage
    • Highly customizable
    • It provides a spellchecker that helps reduce mistakes.

    3. Outlook: Best for Multiple App Integrations

    Unique Feature: Multiple App Integrations

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    Type of email Client for email

    Who should be using this: Anybody who uses various platforms to connect with other people.

    Email Account

    If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable at the look of a “” email address, you can blame Outlook for its outdated domain name.

    However, there’s some good news: Microsoft has reinvented its long-running email service, and your no-cost email address comes with a variety of advanced features that are waiting for you.

    It boasts an integrated calendar and message filter like Gmail, and Outlook also integrates with other popular apps for communication.

    You can, for instance, join Skype, Facebook, PowerPoint, PayPal, and even software for managing tasks like Trello, which makes it easy to connect and collaborate with users who aren’t Outlook users without having to leave your inbox.

    Outlook provides 15GB of storage free for every user, as well as an ultra-clean and simple interface.


    • As with Excel or Word, it is possible to make use of Add-ins for Outlook
    • Access to all other Microsoft applications like Skype
    • Offers aliases that provide anonymity to your email
    • Fantastic email management
    • Fantastic search feature

    4. Yahoo! Mail:

    Unique feature History of attachments and media

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    Type of email Type of email: Webmail

    Email Account
    Yahoo! Mail

    Who should benefit from it: Creatives and anyone who receives or sends attachments often via email.

    Yahoo! mail is another popular platform, lies just behind AOL in storage space, offering an impressive 1 TB (that’s one Terabyte) for no cost, and comes with some important features for social networks.

    You can create customized backgrounds and look up important information using Yahoo! Mail in your mailbox.


    • It seamlessly integrates to Yahoo Calendar
    • Excellent email company
    • Themes that can be customized
    • Instant notification of new emails
    • A good level of security to ensure your account is secure and safe

    5. iCloud Mail: Great for Data Encryption

    Unique Feature: Label senders as VIPs

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    Type of email Type of email: Webmail

    Email Account

    Who should be using it: those who have a Mac and need everything on one computer.

    If you’re a Mac person, you might think about using iCloud mail as your email service. The free account for email includes 5GB of storage space that allows you to sync your files, photos, and emails.

    It’s also crucial to keep in mind that storage is shared across all your apps and devices. So, even if you’re taking many pictures on your iPhone, it could cut the storage space of your email for the month. Plans that upgrade begins at $0.99/month and increase to $9.99/month.


    • Search function
    • Ability to mark individuals as VIPs to automatically sort important messages and save time.
    • Single-click “Unsubscribe” feature
    • 5GB of free email storage

    6. Mozilla Thunderbird: Best for Managing Multiple Accounts

    Type of email Clients for email

    Who can benefit from it: Anyone looking for an easy but flexible email inbox.

    Email Account

    Thunderbird is a free email program by Mozilla popular for Firefox provides a simple email inbox setup and an easy-to-use user interface.

    The app comes with flexible features that you can customize, like themes and extensions to enhance your experience with email. The app allows users to open multiple email accounts in tabs, much like how you open different websites in Firefox browsers.


    • It comes with a huge library of extensions
    • It integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar to make task and meeting scheduling much easier
    • Smart email organization helps reduce the size of the cluster

    7. Yandex Mail: Best for Translating Emails

    Type of email Type of email: Webmail

    Who should benefit from it: anyone who wants a free email address, with additional storage options.

    Email Account

    Yandex is a Russian web-based business that provides a worldwide email tool. You can sign up for a no-cost account through the tool, connect the account to one of your Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail accounts, and customize your inbox with emails.

    Like many other providers listed on this listing, Yandex’s inbox can be set up to sort or prioritize emails to ensure you get messages from actual people. It also detects the keywords in messages and subject lines and sorts mail into categorized inboxes. In addition, those who sign up to Yandex mail receive 10GB of cloud storage for free.


    • Auto-reminder for unreplied mails
    • In-built translator
    • Check receipts for emails sent to you
    • 10 GB cloud storage for free

    Best Free Email Accounts For Privacy

    8. Zoho

    Unique Feature: 25 Business Addresses

    Type of email Webmail

    Who can benefit from it: entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses.

    Email Account

    This is the very first of the free email accounts to ensure security is included on the list. However, it offers an abundance of potential for companies.

    One of the first things you’ll be able to notice the first thing you’ll notice about Zoho is its ease of use. From its integration into Google Drive, Box, and other cloud-based file management systems and its own tasks manager, the email application provides a straightforward method to complete all of your everyday tasks.


    • Don’t check your email to find ads
    • Emails are encrypted in format.
    • Notifies you if your messages don’t deliver
    • It is easy to integrate with Zoho’s CRM

    9. ProtonMail

    Unique Feature: Encrypted email

    Type of email Type of email: Webmail

    Who should be using this: Anybody who transmits and receives sensitive data.

    Email Account

    ProtonMail provides just 500MB of space free However, you can make a worthwhile deal of secure email, which allows you to send messages that only you can view and disappear after one month.

    The tool also provides quick colored labels that aid you in determining which emails require the greatest attention and security.


    • There is no need to provide personal information to establish an account.
    • Integral with different email service providers
    • Optimized inbox for better productivity
    • End-to-end data encryption

    10. GMX Mail

    Unique Feature: Alias email addresses

    Type of email Type of email: Webmail

    Who should be using It: Everyone who wants to receive multiple emails from one inbox.

    Email Account

    Although you might not have ever heard about GMX Mail, it’s been on the market for quite some time (since 1997) (1997)) and comes with a variety of features that are worth a look.

    First of all, GMX provides 65GB of storage. That’s quite a lot of space for a free email service. In addition, they say that it can keep close to half a million messages within your inbox!

    Another thing worth mentioning is the possibility of sending large attachments. While many email services offer low limits for email attachments, GMX Mail allows you to send attachments up to 50MB. This is great if you’re sharing lots of images or presentations, as well as other large files through your account.


    • Spam filter to guard your inbox against spam messages
    • Easy-to-use inbox management templates
    • Mail collector to keep all your email (even emails from different service providers) in one location

    11. Trustifi

    Unique Feature: Data loss prevention

    Type of email Type of email: Webmail

    Who should benefit from it, anyone who doesn’t wish to choose between having an effective and safe inbox?

    Email Account

    Trustifi is a combination of secure and efficient email services in one location.

    With the whitelisting and blacklisting options, you’ll be able to select who can send your messages. Trustifi is also in compliance with HIPAA/HITECH and PII, GDPR FSA, FINRA, LGPD, CCPA, and other regulations, meaning you won’t need to be concerned whether you’ll lose your trust account within a few hours.

    You can also utilize the Trustifi add-on for adding an extra layer of security for the security of your Gmail as well as Outlook inbox.


    • Fraud detection and ransomware
    • Capability to specify expiry dates for the emails that are sent
    • Integration seamless into other mail systems or service providers.
    • End-to-end encryption for emails

    12. Mailfence

    Type of email Type of email: Webmail

    Who should benefit from it: Anyone searching for an email account with security that works for other applications.

    Email Account

    Mailfence is a safe mail service that uses a browser located in Belgium. Because of the laws in Belgium, the data you send is secured from third-party access.

    The free plan offers 500 MB of space for email. However, to truly experience the most from Mailfence, you’ll need to sign up for an upgrade plan for paid users that begins at EUR2.50/month.

    You’ll be able to create at least 10 additional aliases using the paid plan and get 5GB of email storage, along with other benefits.

    With Mailfence, it’s simple to plan your work and personal life as you’ll be able effortlessly to integrate your email account to your calendar, contacts as well as documents.


    • Fast integration with a range of tools
    • Real OpenPGP end-to-end encryption

    Tips for Choosing a Free Email Service

    If you are looking to sign up for an email service that is free, take note of certain characteristics that will assist you in choosing which one is most suitable for your needs. They differ in the amount of storage available, how the interface is like, the way you can customize the interface, and what kinds of advanced features are offered like messages, filters, and the capability to import other information.

    It’s also likely to be important to inform you know what your real contact information is. If your first option doesn’t provide you with the address you’re looking for, go to the next option that’s on your list—test different combinations and variants to locate one that’s already used. The user name generator is a clever method of coming up with something original.

    If you’re trying to sign up for a brand new email account since you don’t know the email address, it may be simpler to determine your address to avoid unintentionally creating a new one.

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