Free Domain Name Generators – Best Website Name Suggestions for 2022

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    A website address should be memorable and meaningful, while also expressing the essence of your brand. Even if you have a catchy name that is worthy of your brand, it may be taken. This only makes it more difficult to get back on the drawing board. It doesn’t take too long to find a great domain name with these domain name generator tools.

    These top 15 domain generators are listed in no particular order to save you some time and hair-pulling.

    What is a Domain Name?

    You enter a URL into your web browser address box to search for a website. This address is also known by the domain name. Although computers have IP addresses, which are a string of numbers that uniquely identify them, they can be hard to remember. Because domain names are easier to remember and type, they were designed to be used in browsers.

    You should choose a domain name that is appealing to customers and will represent your company well over the years. It should include your company name in the web address. Keep it short so that it is easy to remember and top of mind when people search for your site and business. You can use any combination of numbers and letters or even a hyphen. You should avoid underscores or other characters that can be difficult to remember. They may cause confusion.

    Why are Domain Names Important?

    Your domain name will give your business credibility online and place you in the same market as your biggest competitors. It lets online shoppers and customers know that you are serious about business. It allows people to go to your website and learn more about you and then purchase your products or services.

    A domain that is right for you will help build your brand and create a strong image for the business. It can make all the difference between having a successful online presence and being lost in cyberspace. If you publish your site through an internet service provider (ISP), your web address could end up like (not very professional) as compared to Can you see the difference? Customers will notice the difference.

    Different types of domain names

    Once you have learned how you can register a domain, it is time to select the one that best suits your needs. You can choose from a variety of domain names to reflect the specific characteristics of your business. You can choose to have your domain name extend, but you also have the option of choosing domain extensions like or to distinguish your industry and identify your business. Customers can also use custom domain extensions to help them remember your business and locate your website.

    You can choose from top-level domains depending on your business’ nature. Many colleges and universities as an extension. Government agencies frequently in domain names. Information-based companies often to their domains. Some organizations use country codes such to refer to Australia to refer back to France.

    15 Best Domain Name Generators

    Lean Domain Search

    Domain name generator
    Lean Domain Search

    Begin with one keyword and then search for your domain options using the Lean domain name generator. You will see hundreds of possible domain names in your search results. All domain names are included in the search results. You can also use this tool to:

    • Filter alphabetically, according to length, or according to popularity
    • Register your favorite domain names
    • Keep track of your search history
    • Share your search results
    • Instantly search for your ideas to find out if they are available

    This tool is great if you already have a list of keywords that you want to use, but are looking for new ideas for a complete domain. Lean Domain Search is our first stop when trying to find domain name ideas.

    2 Shopify Business Name Generator

    Shopify Business Name Generator

    Shopify’s Business Name Generator is not just for creating business names. It actually offers domain name suggestions. It is one of the widely used domain name generators.

    You can start by selecting a keyword you would like your domain to include. There will be hundreds of suggestions. The site suggests that you create a Shopify store using the suggested domain name, but you can also purchase the address elsewhere. Use extension.

    3 HostPapa

    Domain name generator

    HostPapa is most well-known for its web hosting services. However, it also assists users in finding and transferring domains. Although it doesn’t offer a domain name generator, if you search for the desired domain name or keyword using their domain search, HostPapa can let you know if the domain is available. You’ll also be able to select from hundreds of other domain names (primary, country-specific, and premium), as well as different extensions.

    4 Bust a name

    Domain name generator
    Bust a name

    Bust a Name offers many filtering tools that will help you find the right domain name for your needs.

    First, filter for keywords. Next, choose options like “starts” and “ends” to match your keyword. Next, filter according to how natural you would like the domains to look and set a limit for characters. You can filter by extensions such to filter taken domains. You’ll find suggestions for keywords similar to your search at the bottom of this page.

    You can use the “Make A Random Domain” button to get ideas or grab a name that is available. You can save a domain you like or buy it through links to domain registrations such as GoDaddy or Namecheap. If the name you are interested in is not available, you can run a domain search.

    5 Nominee

    Domain name generator

    Nameboy will help you locate available domain names based on keywords that you select. Nameboy domain name generator will provide a list with suggested domain names as soon as you enter up to two keywords. These charts allow you to quickly determine which extensions have been taken and which ones are still available. may be taken but can still be purchased by other users

    It also allows you to see what domain names are available for sale, as well as allow hyphenated keywords and suggestions. This tool is great if you have an idea of the keywords you would like to use, but need suggestions for different versions.

    6 NameStall

    Domain name generator

    NameStall has a number of tools that will help you with your domain search. You can start with their domain generator tool. This will allow you to search by keyword or other filters such as:

    • Parts of speech
    • Popular keywords
    • Basic English words
    • Industries

    You can also decide if your keyword should appear at the end or beginning of your domain, or if you would like a hyphen to be included in your website address. You can also choose the extensions that you want to filter. A list of available options will appear that is both registered and taken. To choose the one that interests you, click the “register” button beside it.

    NameStall offers a similar tool for domain name suggestions, as well as an instant search tool, brandable list, and high-paying keywords search tool.

    7 Network Solutions

    Domain name generator
    Network Solutions

    Network Solutions is a domain name generator that can help you find similar domain names to your keyword search. It suggests TLDs that are available at first. However, if you scroll down it will start suggesting similar names.

    Network Solutions displays the results using their infinite scrolling technique. You can scroll until you find the right option for you. The more you scroll, the more options it will show. This is a great way for you to search for a domain name, even if you aren’t sure where to begin. It will constantly display you various options.

    8 Domain Puzzler

    Domain name generator
    Domain Puzzler

    Domain Puzzler is an easy tool that offers many options. Start with the “easy” version and start typing your keywords. Next, select your domain extensions and search for ideas.

    This domain name generator has a cool feature: you can add multiple keywords to it, rather than just one or two as with the other tools. It will also combine keywords into different variations. You can add results to your favorites or do a more detailed search. The tool can be used to compare page ranks of different domain names.

    9 Domain Wheel

    Domain name generator
    Domain Wheel

    Domain Wheel makes it easy to search for good domain names. You can also combine your search with random ideas. Names that sound similar to what you are searching for, or rhyme with your search, will be available on the site.

    • This algorithm is very efficient and easily finds related topics to create domain names.
    • The search can be customized by users to include the extensions they want in it.
    • Only domains that are available for sale will be returned.
    • It doesn’t provide an easy way to check your social media presence.

    10 domains Bot

    Domain name generator
    Domains Bot

    Domains Bot can be used as both a domain search tool and a domain suggestion tool. You can start by searching for a keyword. Then, you will find ideas based on the keyword, combination keywords, or similar keywords.

    Search for the domain name that interests you. You can register it if it’s still available. There will also be suggestions for similar domain names. Filter by extension or language. You can also add synonyms, prefixes, or suffixes.

    11 Panabee

    Domain name generator

    Panabee can be used as a domain search tool, a domain name generator, and a domain generator. Start by entering two keywords and then search for suggestions for domain names. You can search for domain names that are not available on GoDaddy. There you will also find other extensions.

    Panabee can provide related terms that you can search for if you don’t like the results. Panabee not only shows available domain names but also tells you if the domain name you are interested in is being used for a social media username.

    12 Name Station

    Domain name generator
    Name Station

    Sign up now for Name Station to get started. You can use your Facebook or email account to create a free account. This tool will allow you to:

    • Domain name generators
    • Instant availability checker
    • Contests for public names
    • Keyword suggestions

    Filter by extension, name length, or other criteria. You can search by industry if you don’t already have keyword ideas. It’s well worth checking out.

    13 Instant Domain Search

    Domain name generator
    Instant Domain Search

    Instant Domain Search works best if you already have an idea for a domain name. Simply type in your idea and the tool will tell if it is available. If it’s taken, the tool will suggest alternative options.

    You’ll be notified when they are available for auction. To complete your purchase, you can use the links provided on the site to buy. You can use links to find out who owns the domain or hire an agent to assist you in making an offer.

    14 I Want My Name

    Domain name generator
    I Want My Name

    I Want My Name works in a similar way to Instant Domain Search. It is best to already have a name in your head. Enter the address and I Want My Name will tell you if it is available. They’ll let you know if it isn’t available and show you other options and their prices. Filtering can be done by hiding domains that are not available.

    15 Webhosting Geeks

    Domain name generator
    Webhosting Geeks

    Webhosting Geeks is an online name generator that will help you find the right name for your company. You can enter multiple keywords into the search bar, and you can also add filters to get more specific results.

    You can, for example, choose the location of your business name – in the middle, at the beginning, or at the end. You can also set a limit on the length of your domain (5-30 letters). Webhosting Geeks allows you to search available domain names,.net,.us,.ca,.au


    It is essential that any business has a strong domain name, regardless of its size or stage. The domain name will attract customers with a catchy slogan or unique title. It should also promote professionalism and satisfaction and distinguish your business from other businesses in your industry. It should be viewed as a decision on a company logo. Your domain name should reflect your brand. It should be simple and memorable.

    These 15 domain name generators will help you come up with unique domain names that best describe your business.

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