7 Free Calorie Calculators – How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight in 2022

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    As the world continues to advance in technology and technology, if there’s something that is the most affected, then it’s our fitness. While you might already be well-informed but the majority of people don’t. The process isn’t as straightforward as it may sound, if you’re aware. Whatever class you belong to, one of the best ways to begin is to keep track of the calories you consume every day. To accomplish this, it is best to use the advancements in technology that you carry around with you, such as your smartphone. So, without further delay, we present an overview of the 7 most effective calorie calculator apps available for Android and iPhone

    Factors affecting calories burned.

    The amount of calories that a person consumes when performing a task is based on various factors. The majority of estimates (including the ones offered by our tool) calculate three main variables: body mass, the duration of the task, and an estimate of the metabolism of the activity (MET). The MET of different activities has been studied extensively, and our calculator calculates calories burned using data obtained from these studies.

    Best Free Calorie Calculator

    1. Fitbit Calorie Calculator App

    calorie calculator
    calorie calculator to lose weight

    As the fitness tracker tracks your steps and activity, The Fitbit app allows you to track your food intake to the highest level. Enter food items either manually or through the barcode scanner. An everyday breakdown of your protein, carbs, and fat consumption allows you to better understand the effects of your food choices on the overall well-being of your body. In addition, the app provides Fitbit users with detailed information on their heart rate and sleep quality and many more. You don’t need to have a Fitbit device to utilize the app. It can also be integrated with your smartphone to monitor the number of steps.

    Benefits include calories consumed and in, calculation of macronutrients, simple and quick recipes, and videos.

    Download for iOS and Android.

    2. Cronometer Calorie Calculator

    Cronometer allows you to easily keep track of your exercise routine, diet, and weight.

    It has precise serving sizes as well as an exercise database. So if you’re nursing or pregnant, or lactating, you can choose an individual profile based on the need for calories with a higher amount.

    Cronometer can also inform you that you’re following a certain diet, such as those who follow the paleo lifestyle, low carb diet, or low-fat vegetarian diet. This alters the macronutrient guidelines.

    Website :

    3. FatSecret Calorie Calculator

    calorie calculator
    food calorie calculator

    If you’re looking to dig more deeply into your progress, navigate to “Reports,” which is the “Reports” tab that shows you a graph of your calories consumed together with macros and nutritional information. FatSecret lets you communicate your performance with experts like your trainer, dietitian, or physician. In addition, you can join your account with Google Fit and utilize Fitbit to keep track of calories burned and steps you take throughout the day. It is also possible to save your journal to a PDF file; this is something that other apps also offer with their paid versions.

    Install: Android, iOS (Free)

    4. MyFitnessPal Calorie Calculator

    With more than 200 million users, and more than 11 million food items on the database, some nutritionists consider MyFitnessPal the best fitness tracker and diet. The app makes it easy to track the food you consume, and you don’t have to spend time doing the math for matters like portion sizes and the content of proteins. 

    The app can scan barcodes and remember the food you consume, which means that the next Tuesday, Taco Night, you don’t have to enter the ingredients for your guac recipe. In addition, it can calculate the calories of recipes that are uploaded on other sites. The premium membership costs $50 per year and includes add-ons including a deeper analysis of your food habits and VIP support, as well as an experience that is free of banners. If this isn’t within your spending budget, this app provides various features at no cost.

    Benefits vast database of food and exercise & User-friendly interface

    Pros: foods aren’t always exact because users create them

    Download for iOS and Android.

    5. Lose It Calorie Calculator

    calorie calculator
    calorie intake calculator

    Like the food diary entries that are available in similar apps, in this app, you can add the food items you consume during the day and the exercises you perform. The app fills in the calories according to your preferences. A further feature you can avail yourself of with Lose It! is an analysis of calories per meal. This means you’ll be able to see the number of calories you consume for every meal. The suggested calories for other meals will be adjusted each time you type in the food item you want to eat in any meal.

    Install: Android, iOS (Free, Premium at $39.99/year)

    6. ControlMyWeight Calorie Calculator

    There aren’t many Calorie counter applications that are both free and good to download and use. ControlMyWeight is one of the few completely free apps and has an array of options to help you monitor your calorie intake and shed excess weight. The application starts by asking you for basic data like your height, weight, and age. Then, it uses BMI calculations to provide you with an approximate weight range that is good for your overall health. You can choose that range as your desired goal or create the range by yourself. The last step is to include the anticipated exercise data you will be able to track each day.

    After you have entered all the required information, It will give you the number of calories you must consume to shed weight. The number will vary based on the amount of exercise each day and weight-tracking. The app makes it easy to record your calories. Simply click the big plus button and enter your daily food consumption. The app has a vast selection of food items with calorie data, allowing you to input information on calories accurately. The app even comes with the ability to scan barcodes that can be used to scan the food packaging and then enter the information automatically.

    Install: iOS (Free)

    7. (Walking calorie calculator)

    calorie calculator
    calorie intake calculator

    It’s a completely free online calculator for calories. It’s extremely simple to use and has a smooth interface. You just need to input your weight, distance, and speed. Then, it will tell you the number of calories you’ve burned. It’s the most simple tool I’ve ever had to use.


    What is the way to select the best app for calorie counting

    Here are a few features users looking for an app that can count calories might want to think about:

    • Pricing: Many calorie counter apps are free to download however some require users to purchase an upgrade to gain access to additional features. Certain offer multiple subscription plans, so it’s important to determine which one is the best for them.
    • Reviews: People can read customer reviews on the App Store and determine whether other users have discovered the app to be efficient. These reviews can assist users in determining whether or not the app is appropriate for them.
    • Food loggings: A person should check which application they’re interested in, requiring them to keep track of the food they consume. Many apps have scanners to allow users to scan barcodes on packaged foods to make it easy to log their food.
    • Support: Most apps work on Android and Apple devices. Some apps also work with fitness trackers.


    Nutrient counters and calorie counters can be very useful when trying to shed, maintain, or add weight. They also can help you make adjustments to your diet, like taking in more protein or fewer carbs. There isn’t a requirement to monitor your intake every day. Instead, do it now and then for a couple of weeks or days to gain an unbiased view of your eating habits.

    This way, you’ll know exactly how to adjust your plan to reach your goals.

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