Free Business Name Generator Tools in 2022

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    The first step in starting a business is to find and choose the right brand name and business name generators can be really helpful in this process. Names should be memorable, simple to remember, and distinctive. It should convey everything about your company.

    Unique and unique names will help increase brand engagement with potential customers. They are key to helping you stand out from the crowd. These are the top eight free tools that will help you create a business name.

    In this article, we will share the top business name generator tools to help Amazon sellers to create a unique and creative brand name for this products.

    What Makes a Good Brand Name?

    There is no one right way to create a brand, but some common characteristics can make it easier to remember and use. You want it to be:

    Meaningful It communicates the essence of your brand, conjures up an image, and fosters a positive emotional connection.

    Different: It is distinctive, memorable, and stands out among your competitors.

    Accessible People can easily understand it, spell it or spell it. It doesn’t matter if your name is unusual or outlandish; it should be easily understood.

    Protectable You can trademark it and get the domain to “own” it legally and in the general consciousness.

    Future-proof It can grow with the company, maintain relevance, and even modify new products or brand extensions.

    Visual: You can translate/communicate it through design, including icons, logos, colors, etc.

    These are valuable criteria for vet names. However, there is only one question that will determine if a name is successful. (Note: We didn’t say “good” nor “bad.” It is only essential that the name resonates with people.

    Business Name Generator

    How to Choose the Right Brand Name

    Step 1 – Articulate your Brand Heart

    Before you can name yourself, it is essential to know who you are and your goals. This is done by articulating your Brand Heart. This includes:

    Why do you exist?

    Vision What future do you want? What is the future?

    Mission: What are you here for? What can you do to create your future?

    Values What principles guide your behaviour

    These elements, when combined, can influence everything you do.

    Step 2 – Look at Your Differentiators

    Finding a brand name is all about understanding what makes your brand special. While your Brand Heart is a crucial element that makes you distinctive, there are many other aspects that make you stand out. These are the key differentiators that you need to remember as you go through the naming process. Don’t forget: A great name is not all that you are looking for. You are looking for a name that you will love.

    Step 3 – Brainstorm

    This is the exciting (and sometimes terrifying) part. Organize a brainstorming session with your creatives and stakeholders. Although it is fun to let everyone have their way, giving them some guidelines or constraints is more productive. These discussions may be initiated with specific prompts or exercises. You might try this example:

    Write down all adjectives that describe your product/service. Write down what you want customers to feel when using your product/service. Make a free association of words about the product/service.

    You can also brainstorm by thinking about the various categories of brand names. These are, as Alina Wheeler explains in Designing a Brand Identity:

    Founder A name based upon a fictional or real person such as Betty Crocker, Warby Parker, Ben & Jerry’s, or Warby Parker.

    Descriptive A name that describes your work or hobbies, such as General Motors.

    Fabricated a completely invented name or words such as Kodak or Xerox, or TiVo.

    Metaphor: Images-heavy, mythical or foreign things, people, animals, or processes like Nike and Patagonia.

    An acronym for A name includes initials or abbreviations, such as DKNY or GE (General Electric).

    Magic spell: Name is either a portmanteau of two words joined together or a real word but with a fake spelling such as FaceBook and Flickr.

    Your team should come up with names for each category. You will likely notice a preference or trend for one type of name over another. Try to think of 15-20 names.

    Step 4 – Vet your Brand Name

    This is the hardest part. You don’t want to test anything you haven’t already tried, so make sure you vet your frontrunners.

    Next, narrow your brainstormed list to team favorites (ideally 15-20), and then search the United States Patent and Trademark Office database for registered trademarks.

    If all of them are taken, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. You will be able to narrow down your list with this exercise. If you are a genius and have found 20 names that aren’t registered on your first attempt, then narrow down your list to three.

    Notice: A name that appears to be available should be checked by a legal team.

    Step 5 – Test

    After you have cleared the legal hurdle, the fun part begins. Your mockups will be created (think logos and product packaging), and you can also test your top three names. It may surprise you to see what people respond to.

    Here’s a simple, easy way to test your knowledge:

    1. Each name should have a unique landing page. Copy the identical copy, with only minor changes
    2. Logo/Brand name
    3. For a week, run a targeted FB ad targeting your customers.
    4. Check out which page had the most conversions.

    After you have completed this exercise, you will now have a top-ranking candidate. If two names are tied in conversions, your brand team should make the final decision.

    8 Free Business Name Generator Tools

    1. Wix Business Name Generator

    Business Name Generator
    Free Business Name Generator Tools in 2022 10

    Wix allows you to create a website and offers a tool to suggests names for your business. Here’s a link to the Wix Business Generator Tool. Enter a few words about your business. It also provides industry-specific names, in addition to ones based on keywords. You can choose from up to 100 names and then narrow down the three best for your business.

    Wix can help you to register domain extensions such,.org,.net, and other top-level domains. Wix allows you to start building your website as soon as you have chosen a name.

    2. Logo Business Name Generator

    Business Name Generator
    Free Business Name Generator Tools in 2022 11

    Logo allows you to generate business names using words, syllables, and letters. You can also specify how many syllables you want for your brand name and even add rhymes if necessary.

    Logo business name generator can be used to suggest names. You can add a variety of elements such as common words, Latin prefixes, or Greek prefixes. There are 24 to 816 options to choose from. You can attach an extension such to the name to make it a website.

    3. Anadea Business Name Generator

    Business Name Generator
    Free Business Name Generator Tools in 2022 12

    Anadea is an online tool that generates name ideas for free. It can help you to find great titles for your startup or company.

    Just enter some keywords that are relevant to your business, and you’ll get name suggestions. Even better, you can get ideas for the names of your website or mobile apps.

    4. Shopify Business Name Generator

    Business Name Generator
    Free Business Name Generator Tools in 2022 13

    Shopify is another great tool that allows you to find hundreds of unique business names quickly. Shopify shows only business name suggestions with available domains. This makes it easy to establish an online presence.

    Shopify business name generator offers an additional feature that allows users to suggest a brand name in a matter of seconds, if not faster. After choosing your business name, you can sign up for Shopify to start selling products on Shopify’s online store.

    5. NameSnack Business Name Generator

    Business Name Generator
    Free Business Name Generator Tools in 2022 14

    NameSnack is another domain generator and a business name generator. The search results can be registered as an domain at any time. This site uses artificial intelligence and multiple methods to help you find the best brand name for your company.

    NameSnack allows you to search for unique names for any product, podcast, blog, or app. In just a few mouse clicks, you can instantly create a logo for any brand.

    6. Namelix Business Name Generator

    Business Name Generator
    Free Business Name Generator Tools in 2022 15

    Namelix, an AI-based brand generator, offers many options to its users. After you have entered the keyword you want to search for a company name, Namelix will ask you to select the length and style you desire for the name.

    You will also find ready-to-use samples that help you visualize the various styles of your name.

    Namelix can also be connected to a domain registrar, so the names that are generated can be used for domain names. The site generates catchy and short names. It also uses algorithms to analyze your selections to provide better recommendations for further searches.

    7. Novanym Business Name Generator

    Business Name Generator
    Free Business Name Generator Tools in 2022 16

    With AI-based Novanym, you can get your potential business name in less than 30 seconds. The software will give you hundreds of options once you have entered a keyword.

    Novanym is different from other business name generators because it meets three criteria:

    Each name suggestion comes with three possible logos. You don’t even need an external website to create your logo.

    The generated name does not contain your keyword, but it generates a name appropriate for the industry and specified keyword.

    Novanym already has domain you selected, and you can buy the same with associated logos to your brand.

    You can choose a different extension to modify your name, such, if you want to pay the full price.

    8. WebHostingGeeks Business Name Generator

    Business Name Generator
    Free Business Name Generator Tools in 2022 17

    WebHostingGeeks is a handy tool for brand name research. It asks you to enter the most relevant word to your business and then specify the type of domain you want.

    You will also need to indicate where the keywords should appear in your domain. You can also choose to place the keyword at or near the beginning, middle, or end of your domain name.

    Tips for choosing a winning business name

    It’s important to keep these things in mind when you are considering a business name. This will help you choose the right name for your company and prevent any potential problems. These are our top tips.

    • Avoid difficult names.
    • For online presence, secure the domain name ‘.com’ (or any other extensions).
    • Choose smaller names – up to seven letters is recommended.
    • Be sure to check legal considerations as the rules for name registration are different in each country.
    • Verify that the name isn’t already in use.
    • To find out what names your competitors are using, research the market.
    • Consider a name that provides information about your products or services.


    The first step to building a memorable brand is your brand name. You need to think strategically and thoughtfully about everything related to your brand, from your name to your messaging to your visual identity.

    Above all, branding is a crucial task that requires dedication. Consider bringing in someone to help you if you are stuck at any stage or don’t have enough time.

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