Free Business Card Maker: Create Your Own Business Cards in 2022

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    A business card is the continuation of your brand personality and a free Business Card maker tool helps you amplify the same. A smart business card can speak volumes about your company and help it stand out in a competitive market. Especially for amazon sellers, it’s little embracing to open amazon show your brand, instead can give a business card, it’s still relatable. To craft a card, you’re welcome to draw inspiration from the trends outlined in this article. At the same time, make sure your design stays elegant and clean.  

    In this article, we will explain the importance of business cards, how to design a business card along a few tools to help you create your next business card for free.

    Why business cards are still important in the digital age

    Good quality cardstock business cards have been a magnet for many years. They help to secure contracts, make connections, and win new customers. Even though there has been some snub in the business world for paper products, business cards will not disappear anytime soon. Here are four reasons business cards still matter in today’s digital age.

    Super Convenient

    A strong relationship with the right person can help a company achieve success. Even though a lot of business is done online, it’s still essential to have a personal approach.

    When we travel in public places and at events, we meet potential clients and leads. A warm greeting with a business card exchange and a friendly face-to-face greeting is more convenient than grabbing a pen and paper to write down your details. 

    Add a personal touch.

    While most businesses will take the time to get to know potential leads or customers, it is still possible to feel impersonal when conversing online. It’s easy to lose an email address or phone number in a crowded inbox or phone book.

    A card adds an extra human touch to the relationship. Your approach and personality can seal a business deal. The quality of the cardstock you use and the design of your card can make a good impression on your business.

    Help build trust.

    Customers need to trust a brand in this competitive market to be loyal. A business card can help. A business card can be used to build trust and establish a lasting impression of your company or yourself.

    It’s easy to forget the name of someone you’ve never met, even though you only emailed them. However, a business card can spark a memory and serve as a reminder to anyone who could take positive action by reaching out via that medium.

    In certain cultures, business cards are necessary and appropriate.

    In many cultures, business cards are viewed as a sign that you value your culture. In Hong Kong, the Chinese have a custom of exchanging a business card before any business transactions can proceed. When exchanging Chinese business cards, it is polite to stand up.

    The Japanese believe that exchanging business cards is an essential part of any business deal. The quality of the business cardstock is used to decide how you view the person and how you conduct yourself around them. These cards are convenient, especially since many Japanese businesspeople will have one side printed in English. It is important to remember that you should always use your right hand to give your card.

    How to design a business card?

     Be aware of the context before you start designing your card. You will be giving it to someone. Who will receive it? What are you hoping the recipient will do with it? These questions will help you decide what to include and which items to prioritize in your design. This information will allow you to create a list of what you would like to include on your business cards. Keep in mind that space is limited. You don’t need to write a complete bio. You can use a tagline or a shorter description elsewhere.

    Some business cards include a URL for a website, while others have a QR code that directs consumers to an eCommerce site or landing page. You might choose to do one or both. Employees and solopreneurs might include their names, job titles, phone numbers, and even a headshot.

    Once you have a list of elements, it is time to decide where to place them on your card. Business cards typically measure 3.5 by 2 inches. While traditional business cards are landscape-oriented, some businesses prefer a portrait format. Your business card can be either one-sided or two-sided. Once you have placed all of your elements on the card, add design touches such as fonts, colors, and logos. Your company’s overall visual branding should coordinate with everything.

    Best free business card makers for Amazon sellers

    1. Shopify Free Business Card Maker

    Free Business Cards Maker from Shopify takes your contact information and your logo and converts them into a printable business card. You can instantly print your design in a matter of seconds. Our business card maker application is also available for download on your Android device.

    Free Business Card maker
    Free Business Card Maker: Create Your Own Business Cards in 2022 7

    2. PsPrint Business Card maker

    PsPrint allows you to create highly customized online business cards. Although it takes longer to create business cards with this tool, you can easily add text, images, and objects.

    Free Business Card maker
    Free Business Card Maker: Create Your Own Business Cards in 2022 8

    3. Jukebox Business Card maker

    Jukebox allows you to create your own business cards or choose from one of many templates. Each template can be modified to include your contact information and brand colors.

    Free Business Card maker
    Free Business Card Maker: Create Your Own Business Cards in 2022 9

    4. Business Card Star Business Card maker

    Business card star is a great business card maker. It offers many business card layouts. The layouts can be customized with branding and contact information.

    5. Business Card maker is a one-page maker of business cards. You can select which lines of text you want to bold or enlarge, and you can preview the design while you edit.

    6. Canva Business Card maker

    Canva is a tool that can be used to create social media photos. It can also be used to make business cards. You can choose from the available layouts or create your own. This tool is more time-consuming, but you can customize your business cards.

    Free Business Card maker
    Free Business Card Maker: Create Your Own Business Cards in 2022 10

    7. Free Logo Services Business Card maker

    FreeLogoServices provides a logo maker as well as a selection of business card templates. You can customize the templates, and they are sorted by industry so you can find the proper layout for your company. You can change or move any element of a business card.

    Free Business Card maker
    Free Business Card Maker: Create Your Own Business Cards in 2022 11

    8. Business Card Land

    Business card Land is a simple tool that allows you to create business cards in just a few easy steps. Select your layout. Next, fill out a form with your contact information. Finally, you can customize the colors of your template to match your brand.

    9. Design Mantic Business Card maker

    Design Mantic has a variety of modern templates available for you to choose from. After selecting a design, you can edit your personal information and upload your logo before printing.

    Free Business Card maker
    Free Business Card Maker: Create Your Own Business Cards in 2022 12

    10. Business card maker

    Business Card Maker provides a variety of colorful business card layouts. You can edit each one with just a few clicks. After uploading your logo, you can move the text boxes around and save your file.

    Things to know before designing a business card

    Keep the design simple.

    Your business card serves one purpose. It allows people to contact you. It will be more difficult for someone holding your card to find the information they need if your design is too complicated. Your card should be easy for them to read and find all the information they need.

    Use a single image

    A simple design uses only one image, usually your logo. Your brand should be clearly communicated by the image you choose. Any other picture is just another distraction.

    Remember important information

    While a business card should have a clean design, the contents are just as important. It is important to include any contact information and your name.

    Choose an easy-to-read font.

    Your font selection should be clear in order to communicate clearly. Although you may choose a larger font for your logo than others, the information such as your name, phone number and email address should still be easily readable, even for those with inferior vision.

    Invest in high-quality

    Your business card is essentially a miniature version of your business. People will assume that your business card is not high quality if it isn’t. No matter what, ensure you use a professional printer and a high-resolution version of your logo. Use the highest quality card stock that you can afford.

    Why it is important to carry the business card in 2021

    Brand Identity Marketing

    Your company’s business card is your brand. It not only contains essential contact information like name, title, and email address, but it also often represents the overall image of your business. For brand identity, the company logo is prominently displayed. The typefaces, colors, texture, and paper stock are used to convey a message about what industry is represented. You can use special printing techniques such as laminating, foil stamping, and thermography. The company’s business card is the first impression. It reflects its personality.

    Conveys Professionalism & Preparedness

    Image is everything. A business card gives professionalism and shows that you have planned. A business card is a good way to make a professional impression. You will project a polished image if you always have a stack of business cards in a card case.

    Quicker than passing digital information

    There are many apps that allow you to wirelessly transfer your contact information to your smartphone. However, the easiest and fastest way to do this is to use a paper business card. Numerous business cards can be distributed quickly at networking events rather than entering data. It is important to be efficient in the workplace.

    Many people still don’t have Smartphones

    Don’t rely on smartphones to transfer contact information. Some people don’t have digital devices or aren’t tech-savvy. Although the majority of people have an electronic device at home, others prefer to not rely on it. Even if both devices are connected, there may be compatibility issues. You can exchange business cards and send an email with your digital contact card to follow up.

    Essential in International business

    Doing business abroad is becoming more common with the increase in global work opportunities. Business cards are essential for international business. They are also used ceremonially. The business card is respected in most Asian countries. The business card should be presented with two hands and not thrown away. Once received, it should be placed in a holder and not put in a pocket.

    Japan considers business card exchanges a formal introduction. The exchange of business cards is a sign that a relationship has begun. India has a tradition of exchanging business cards even in non-business circumstances. They are presented face-up to the recipient with the text facing them. Protocol in the Middle East varies from one country to another. For example, in Bahrain, it is forbidden to exchange business cards with the left hand, and you should always inspect the business card before you put it away.


    A printed business card is still the most popular. There are many opportunities to make business connections at any event, including at a networking event or in a coffee shop. A lost client could be caused by not having a business card. Business cards can be exchanged to allow you to follow up and provide a way for you to get in touch with potential clients. It allows for a personal meeting between two people, which is a crucial element in establishing a business relationship. I hope it helps to create a great business card.

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