15 Top Sources for Free Books Online

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    Apart from being an ever-present companion for those who are lonely and as a source of nourishment for our minds by stimulating our imagination and sparking creativity. However, the expense of buying a brand every single time could cause a hole in your pocket. We have plenty of free online books available to download or read without spending a penny!

    On this listing of the top 12 websites, you’ll find an extensive selection of free online publications, ranging from classic books to computer technology books.

    15 top sources to find free books online

    1. Project Gutenberg

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    The name comes from the original printing press of the early 15th century (not the beloved main character from The Police Academy movies); Project Gutenberg is an initiative by volunteers to digitize and save books. Most of the books accessible on the site are in the public domain. This means they are not protected by copyright and may be distributed freely.

    2. Google Books

    The largest selection of books for free online is accessible at Google Books. If you choose a suitable book, you might discover several of the most inspiring book quotes to motivate you. Finding a book is similar to typing a query into Google, but, unfortunately, most books listed on Google Books are accessible for free. When you’ve found the book you want, go to “Search tools” and change “Any books” to “Free Google eBooks” to be sure you’re viewing the free content.

    3. The Online Books Page

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    best free books online

    If you don’t think that’s enough books that you’re looking for, The Online Books Page, run by the University of Pennsylvania, boasts an impressive collection of more than 3 million ebooks for free! In contrast to Project Gutenberg, they don’t provide any of the ebooks on their website but rather provide hyperlinks to the sites where you can download them. Their website looks like something straight from 1996. But amid these many available ebooks, is it fair to complain? It’s a fantastic resource for obscure and classic titles that provide deep dives into obscure topics, although some more recent books are found.

    4. The Library of Congress

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    If you’re searching for classics online and want to read them online, the Library of Congress is covered. It has more than 60 classics accessible via an intuitive interface. This is the best site to go to if you’ve got an upcoming classic that you want to go through. The archive also contains several of the most popular children’s books published, including Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella. After you’ve finished browsing this site, you should take a look at these amazing free audiobooks for children.

    5. Kindle Store

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    Offering free books is one of the most efficient methods to build a following. As the top book retailer, Amazon has become the location where many authors offer their books without cost. If you browse for “Free Books” on the Kindle store, you’ll get more than 80,000 results. Instead of having to slog through the entire list, begin by checking their bestsellers list to find the most popular 100 free books.

    6. Open Library

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    The Open Library‘s mission is to build a web page that contains every book ever written. This simple-to-navigate archive of websites has more than one million books, making it the perfect spot to read for free online. If you’re in search of an exact book to read you can use it to search. Once you’ve found the results, ensure you check the “Ebooks” box is checked to ensure that the results give you books that are free to read.

    7. Smashwords

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    Like Amazon, Smashwords has a page letting you browse through the entire catalog of books that authors have decided to offer to the public for free. With the option of browsing through categories like “newest,” “bestseller,” and “highest-rated,” as well as filtering the books’ length and genre This is a great method to find and download free books. (Just be sure to select “free” from the “free” category at the top of the page if you decide to search through genres!) The most appealing aspect of? The majority of novels are offered in a wide variety of formats, and you don’t need an account to download the stories.

    8. Waybackmachine

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    If you’re looking to find out-of-print titles in various formats and languages, you can visit this digital library, a non-profit. It’s called the Wayback machine and is a great source of academic and historical books such as the pocketbook of an electrical engineer from 1918 and cookbooks from all over the globe.

    9. BookBub

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    Exploring the Kindle Store for great free books is sometimes a bit of a gamble. The algorithms of Amazon are highly sophisticated, but they don’t necessarily provide you with the kinds of books that you’re searching for and especially when you are limited to their free bookstore. This is the point at which Booksbub or similar promotional services become relevant. If you sign up for a free account, you receive an email daily with links to free and recently discounted books that are selected based on your preferences.


    From mystery to romance and even education. This site is a reliable source for all kinds of ebooks for free. When making your selection, it is possible to read reviews and reviews for every book. If you’re searching for a website that offers a wide selection of books across different genres and can offer you the real law of attraction code, Blockchain Secrets, and spoken word poetry written in the Spoken Word at the same time, visit this website.

    11. BookYards

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    BookYards offers education-related materials, documents, information, reference materials, and other content accessible to everyone with access to the internet.

    12. International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL)

    If you’re having trouble finding a suitable children’s story among the many classics for free on the internet, you might be interested in the International Digital Children’s Library. There, you will discover award-winning titles that vary in reading level and length including Aesop’s fables and Tales of passed times by Mother Goose, with morals. There’s also a broad selection of languages, including anything between English to Farsi.

    13. Goodreads’ free shelves

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    Goodreads’ free shelves

    While many of the titles found on the following sites are classic and do not possess copyright, newer, more modern online books are available for download at Goodreads Free ebooks shelf (either in full and excerpts) or by using a ” free-online” tag.

    14. Internet Archive

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    Internet Archive

    Internet Archive offers more than 15 million free books and other text downloads. They also invite our worldwide community to donate physical items and upload digital files straight to the Internet Archive.

    15. GetFreeEBooks

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    GetFreeEBooks includes a variety of categories like Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Short Stories, Horror, and many more.

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