13 Best Free Automatic Background Remover Tools

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    A background remover tool is essential to create professional, high-quality images for your company regardless of whether you’re using it for your social media or website campaigns.

    Removing a background image can bring many benefits, such as easy integration across all the sales channels, greater interest in your product, and enhanced SEO optimization of images. However, you may not know how to get rid of image backgrounds by yourself.

    There are online photo editors for free and other more scalable options that don’t require editing expertise to use. Here are 12 top tools for removing the background.

    Top Free Automatic Background Remover Tools

    1. PicWish free background remover tool

    background remover

    You’re on the right road when you use PicWish, the easiest online background remover. All you need to do is upload your photo and allow PicWish to complete the rest.

    Equipped with an advanced AI technology, it lets you remove image background in seconds. Its algorithm can precisely cut out the subject from the background automatically. Additionally, you can use it for free and the final output has no watermark!

    PicWish is perfect for editing product photos for eCommerce sites and online selling platforms. Plus, it can also change the background with a solid color, template, or a customized background. Aside from that, PicWish offers a pro version that supports bulk removal.

    2. Wondershare PixCut free background remover tool

    background remover
    Wondershare PixCut

    You’re on the right road when you use Wondershare PixCut, the most amazing online background removal tool. All you need to do is upload your photo and allow PixCut to complete the rest.

    It can select the object automatically and then transfer the image’s background to transparent, with flawless edges. PixCut also provides outstanding tools to eliminate unwanted objects from photos and expand an image without losing quality.

    PixCut has a powerful API that can be customized by your specific requirements and used as an excellent addition to your products.

    3. Canva pro background remover

    background remover

    Canva Pro is a premium, user-friendly design software that allows you to create stunning visuals in moments. It is equipped with an easy-to-use Background Removal that allows you to create transparent background images in a matter of minutes and alter backgrounds to create a uniquely distinctive style.

    Canva Pro is a subscription service that is a paid subscription service; however, you can test it without cost for a month and a half using this longer Canva Pro Free Trial today!

    4. Removal.AI (AI background remover)

    background remover

    Removal.AI is an ingenious Artificial Intelligence technology used to remove background from photos. Removal.AI’s team Removal.AI is a reputable photo processing company with skilled photo editors and retouchers.

    In addition, if you require professional results, Removal.AI also offers manual background removal that lets you upload your photos and allow our experienced editors to edit your photos manually. Clients can enjoy a speedy turnaround time using this service. It can be as fast as up to 24 hours.

    5. Leawo Photo BG Remover

    background remover

    Utilizing a clever algorithm, the Leawo Photo Background Remover is a user-friendly professionally-designed photo background eraser. It can be used for manual or automatic background removal of photos so that you can remove unneeded regions and save desired ones in the manner you want. Alongside fur and hair, It can also accurately remove background images from transparent objects with ease.

    Furthermore, Leawo Photo BG Remover offers various tools to alter and modify background images. For instance, you can alter the background of your photo to transparent, solid color or any other image and blur the background or apply other features to the foreground or background.

    6. Pixlr X remove background from image

    background remover
    Pixlr X

    Pixlr X can be described as a website application that allows online background removal apps to enhance or edit your photos by cutting or cropping images, eliminating backgrounds, or changing the brightness, color, and many more. It can even shrink or increase the photo size or trim the image’s elements. In addition, Pixlr is a great tool with a wide range of filters and presets.

    7. VISME Background Remover

    background remover

    Get rid of background images with just one click using Visme, an intuitive image editor with an easy and automatic background removal function in the design tool. You can also modify your photos to transform them into beautiful designs using the templates, images, and graphic elements. And the best part? It’s free!

    8. remove background online

    background remover

    Cutout. pro is a visual AI platform that individuals, businesses, and developers can utilize. It has a range of tools, including background removal photo retouch, Photo Colorizer, Enhancer for Photos, Enhancer, Cheerful Video, etc.

    Its algorithm has been ranked Top 1 in The Alpha Matting Evaluation. It offers the most secure privacy protection you can trust and the most reliable service by using AWS servers and fast customer assistance.

    It’s an application that lets you eliminate background in batches, but you can also access it via the internet. It’s free to register and easy. It is possible to download results of small size for free and will receive two credits on your account when you sign-up. The tool comes with all the other options, such as offering a transparent background, various backgrounds, and the ability to change colors.

    9. Remove.Bg

    background remover
    Remove.Bg is an effective tool that grants you the power to remove the background with one click. Removing your background image from the screen is as easy as moving the image onto the site’s homepage, and it will automatically create a new image with a clear background.

    And’s ability to accurately determine what areas of the image are significant and which ones are background images (to remove) is quite impressive. Moreover, it is almost always exactly. This makes it one of the most efficient and precise automatic background removal tools.

    10. PicMonkey

    background remover

    PicMonkey , a different photo editing tool, can help you create stunning visuals. In addition to basic editing, you can also retouch photos and remove backgrounds and frames, add textures and remove background with a single click, or even effects on layers and fantastic filters. PicMonkey auto background removal software supports more than 6,000 images, icons, fonts, templates, and other elements. It also comes with a collage maker, as and graphic tool to edit videos and backgrounds of images, and others.

    11. Shutterstock ai editor

    background remover
    a i background remover

    Shutterstock editor is a straightforward tool for editing images quickly and includes an amazing tool to remove background that AI powers. It is ideal for utilizing Shutterstock images but also allows you to upload your own photos as well. It’s also absolutely free for you.

    12. Icons8

    background remover

    Icons8 has unveiled a free background tool that is part of its amazing design elements platform that is designed for designers and marketers. It is possible to use any images available for download on Icons8’s platform in the background removal application. It is very effective in testing and has a magnifying tool to see the before and post the image with great to the smallest detail.

    The tool is free to use; however, you’ll have to sign up to receive more than three free images.

    13. InPixio Remove Background

    background remover

    With the aid of the InPixio to remove background, it is easy to choose any area of your photo to erase it for free. Installing any program on your computer is unnecessary since you can access the tool via the internet. InPixio has a simple-to-use interface.

    To erase the background, you must upload any image and select undesirable areas with a red paintbrush. This tool is resized to provide greater convenience. It’s not necessary to work with the brush in precision since it suffices to click on any color of the background you’d like to get out, and everything else will be handled by software only.

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