Free Ad Blockers – How to block annoying ads in 2022

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    Ad blockers are among the most effective ways to ensure your online privacy, minimize the amount of clutter on websites, and stay clear of spyware-infected ads. Although it’s possible to locate a paid advertising blocker, there’s no reason to pay for one. A majority of the top ad blockers are completely free. This list of the top free ad blockers offers the most effective tools that work with Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers.

    Why do people use ad blockers?

    The benefit of blocking ads is that it dramatically enhances your browsing experience by eliminating annoying advertisements, video ads, and other types of material that don’t appeal to you. But there are other advantages of using ad-blocking software:

    Security. Cybercriminals can utilize online advertisements to distribute malware. Therefore, if you block ads on websites, it can protect your device from infection;

    Privacy. The software can also block certain other trackers that are the third party. This means these advertisers will no longer gather information about your online habits. You can also employ ad blockers to prevent the tracking of emails;

    Speed. Websites load faster since they don’t have to load myriad ads, plugins, or third-party analyses. If you disable advertisements, you might see better performance.

    How do you choose the right ad blocker software?

    There is a vast selection of ad-blocking programs and browser extensions. There are several things to consider in deciding on the most appropriate one:

    Beware of scams with ad-blockers. Make sure you research the software you’re planning to install. A fake ad blocker program does not work properly and could gather your information for third parties or even infect your computer with malware.

    Different types of ads are various types of ads are blocked. Be sure that an ad-blocker blocks various ads, including banners, video ads, pop-ups, and more. ;

    Options for customization and functions. Make sure that an ad-blocker provides enough options for customization that allow you to whitelist certain types of ads, access websites and apply filters, etc. 

    Customer support. This is crucial in the event you have any issues;

    Certain ad blockers may be too strong and block relevant content.

    The best Free Ad Blockers

    The best option for blocking ads would be to set up a browser-based plugin or use a web browser with an inbuilt blocker. Browser plugins and built-in ad blockers can interact with websites you’re browsing more precisely than standalone programs running behind the scenes.

    1. Adblocker Ultimate

    ad blocker
    ad blocker ultimate

    Another open-source project, AdBlocker Ultimate, is good at eliminating the majority of ads you encounter. For example, it could block advertisements on YouTube as well as the majority of advertisements on other sites we tried. This ad blocker is also extensively used and is highly valued. It is rated 4.8 from 5 stars by Google Chrome users and has more than 800,000 installations.

    When we first looked at this tool, we struggled with a couple of ad kinds. In the years since, and following a retest of all tools listed, We’re inclined to give this one the highest score because of how much it’s enhanced its ability to block ads.

    2. AdGuard

    ad blocker
    Free Ad Blockers - How to block annoying ads in 2022 8

    Ideal option forGetting rid of trackers on the internet and advertisements while protecting your PC from malware.

    AdGuard offers different options for adblocking and secure browsing. It is available in the form of a browser extension or an app. Products are available designed for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

    There is also an in-home solution that secures all devices within your home and AdGuard DNS. It is a no-cost service and doesn’t require application installation. It operates by altering the DNS settings of any device.

    3. Stands Fair AdBlocker

    This ad blocker, only available for Chrome, is a low-impact program that does precisely what it’s designed to accomplish. You can block all advertisements with this plugin; however, the main limitation is that it’s available as an add-on for Chrome. The Stands Fair AdBlocker is not specifically designed to block ads in bulk; however, you could utilize it to block ads for wholesale use. The firm adheres to fair and ethical advertising practices and urges users to whitelist specific ads from different websites.

    Happily, Stands is able to live up to the promises of blocking advertisements. It also blocks the more aggressive ads in the Orlando Sentinel, as well as other advertisements, display ads, autoplay advertisements, and ads on YouTube.

    4. Adblock Plus

    ad blocker
    Free Ad Blockers - How to block annoying ads in 2022 9

    Ideal for blocking pop-ups and ads on websites.

    Pricing: Free to download and use by everyone.

    Adblock Plus is among the most well-known ad blockers on the market. It is compatible with almost all mobile and desktop browsers. In conjunction with AdBlock Plus, it is possible to build additional block lists and custom filters.

    They also have whitelisting capabilities that let you select sites that the pop-up blocker cannot work on. For example, the Acceptable Ads feature allows non-intrusive ads to run, but it’s easy to deactivate. Companies who want to be included on the Acceptable Ads whitelist may apply for inclusion by filling out an application form.

    5. Poper Blocker (Chrome)

    ad blocker
    ad blocker extensions

    It is not an all-in-one blocking solution. Instead, Poper Blocker (aka Pop Up Blocker For Chrome) is designed to be a complement to other adblockers.

    In this instance, Poper Blocker concentrates on blocking pop-unders, pop-up overlays, timed and scrolling pop-ups, and other forms of ads that could pass through other ad blocking extensions. Tiny notifications alert you that pop-ups have been blocked. You can also check your blocker stats; however, you’ll be able to continue to keep Poper Blocker operating in the background with no impact, along with other adblocker extensions.

    6. Ghostery

    Ideal for Making your internet browsing experience more efficient, clean, and secure.

    Price: Free

    Ghostery is an open-source free ad blocker. It employs a smart blocking system that improves your experience by blocking advertisements and preventing trackers. Their user-friendly interface lets users choose what they want to block and can also provide statistics.

    Ghostery is compatible alongside Cliqz, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Edge. Ghostery also has privacy browsers available for Android and iOS smartphones.

    7. uBlock Origin (Chrome, Firefox)

    ad blocker
    Ublock Origin

    Ublock Origin is a browser-based ad blocker focusing on simple, effective blocking with minimal resource usage. It comes with several filter lists of well-known sources of malware and advertising. It has additional filter lists accessible and the ability to read and build the filters you want to create using host files.

    8. Firefox Focus (Android, iOS)

    Firefox Focus is another addition to Mozilla’s browser family. This is a privacy-focused variant of Firefox which incorporates ad-blocking and anti-tracking in a simple and useful package. Firefox Focus blocks ads to improve browsing speed and incorporates privacy-friendly features such as automatic history and clearing cookies.

    Users can choose to stop ads, analytics content, and social trackers using simple toggles. They can also turn on the “stealth” mode and choose a preferred search engine.

    Our review of the top Android browsers provides more details on the different versions of Firefox.

    9. Fair AdBlocker

    ad blocker
    Free Ad Blockers - How to block annoying ads in 2022 10

    Fair AdBlocker plugin is among the most effective ad blockers available for Chrome, which stops advertisements (Facebook adverts, Webmail ads, Search ads) and pop-ups. This free adblocker extension offers the best ad blocker for Chrome and can help you guard against security threats, malware, and internet tracking. This extension can be used to enjoy speedier, safer, and private browsing. Additionally, you can add whitelisting (allow) websites or the kind of advertisements you enjoy.

    10. Comodo AdBlocker

    ad blocker
    ad blocker in chrome

    Comodo AdBlocker is one of the top Chrome ad blockers; an open-source advertising blocker used to prevent ads’ display. This chrome app provides Chrome’s most effective ads blocker and lets users block unwanted trackers and malware. It can help you increase the speed of your web browser by freeing your PC’s CPU power which is utilized by ads and cookies.

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